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Systems and methods are provided the autocentering, autofocusing, acquiring, decoding, aligning, analyzing and exchanging among various parties, images, where the images are of arrays of signals associated with ligand-receptor interactions, and more particularly, ligand-receptor interactions where a multitude of receptors are associated with microparticles or microbeads. The beads are encoded to indicate the identity of the receptor attached, and therefore, an assay image and a decoding image are aligned to effect the decoding. The images or data extracted from such images can be exchanged between de-centralized assay locations and a centralized location where the data are analyzed to indicate assay results. Access to data can be restricted to authorized parties in possession of certain coding information, so as to preserve confidentiality.

A method and apparatus for the manipulation of colloidal particulates and biomolecules at the interface between an insulating electrode such as silicon oxide and an electrolyte solution. Light-controlled electrokinetic assembly of particles near surfaces relics on the combination of three functional elements: the AC electric field-induced assembly of planar aggregates; the patterning of the electrolyte/silicon oxide/silicon interface to exert spatial control over the assembly process; and the real-time control of the assembly process via external illumination. The present invention provides a set of fundamental operations enabling interactive control over the creation and placement of planar arrays of several types of particles and biomolecules and the manipulation of array shape and size. The present invention enables sample preparation and handling for diagnostic assays and biochemical analysis in an array format, and the functional integration of these operations. In addition, the present invention provides a procedure for the creation of material surfaces with desired properties and for the fabrication of surface-mounted optical components.

Disclosed is a registry system, including member institutions, in which transfusion donors and recipients are registered following genotyping, which would typically take place in a member institution, or a member institution would have access to the genotyping information, if performed outside. The registry database can be accessed and searched by members seeking samples of particular type(s). Systems are disclosed for maintaining economic viability of genotyping in connection with transfusions, by maximizing the number of units placed with the minimal number of candidate donors typed. Genotyping of potential donors, and product supply, is matched to forecasted demand. Genotyping can also be limited to the more clinically relevant markers. The registry system can also be Integrated with one format of assay which generates an image for analysis, whereby the imaged results can be analyzed and redacted by experts in a central location, and then transmitted back to the patient or their representative.

The present invention provides a method for the generation of novel libraries of encoded magnetic particles from sub-libraries of by the generation of novel sub-libraries of magnetic nanoparticles and encoded particles. The sub-libraries are functionalized on demand are useful in the formation of arrays. The present invention is especially useful for performing multiplexed (parallel) assays for qualitative and/or quantitative analysis of binding interations of a number of analyte molecules in a sample.

The invention provides methods and processes for the identification of polymorphisms at one or more designated sites, without interference from non-designated sites located within proximity of such designated sites. Probes are provided capable of interrogation of such designated sites in order to determine the composition of each such designated site. By the methods of this invention, one or more mutations within the CFTR gene and the HLA gene complex can be identified.

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