Jakarta, Indonesia
Jakarta, Indonesia

Binus University, formerly Universitas Bina Nusantara, is a university located in Jakarta, Indonesia.The university was founded on October 21, 1974 as the "Modern Computer Course," a short-term computer training institute, and evolved into a full-scale university with undergraduate, graduate, and postgraduate degree programs. It was established as Bina Nusantara University on August 8, 1996. Wikipedia.

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Suhairi K.,Binus University | Gaol F.L.,Binus University
Journal of Networks | Year: 2013

The purpose of the Configuration Management process is carrying and all IT assets, status, configuration, and relationship between each other being well documented. This documentation is useful, among others, for some purposes. The first objective is to create clarity in the relationship between key performance indicators (KPI) an IT services with the infrastructure. Changes to the configuration of those devices would obviously very disturbing the performance of IT services. The second objective is the accuracy of the information which will be used by the Service Delivery processes. So a Service Desk staff who need to get information about how a user at a branch office to connect to the network's headquarters, linked to issues of access to certain applications. Accurate network configuration information will be helpful Service Desk staff in helping the user solve the problem. The third objective is the accuracy of the information will be used for the IT audit.PT. XYZ is a telecommunications company which relatively new and aware of the increasing competitive competition in the telecommunications industry. PT. XYZ was starting its operation in 2006. The company's ambition is to develop progressively by increasing operational performance which closely linkages between operational performance improvements company with a bottom line of the company. Thus, it is a necessity/obligation for companies in the global era of integrated telecommunications services, to focus on Quality of services (QoS) provided to its customers, in order to survive in an increasingly competitive telecommunications business. (KS). © 2013 ACADEMY PUBLISHER.

Gaol F.L.,Binus University
Proceedings - 2010 2nd International Conference on Advances in Computing, Control and Telecommunication Technologies, ACT 2010 | Year: 2010

Web mining consists of three aspects: Web content mining, Web structure mining, and web usage mining. The most important application of web mining is targeted advertising. Sequential mining is the process of applying data mining techniques to a sequential database for the purposes of discovering the correlation relationships that exist among an ordered list of events. An important application of sequential mining techniques is web usage mining, for mining web log accesses, where the sequences of web page accesses made by different web users over a period of time, through a server, are recorded. This paper proposes web log sequential pattern mining using Apriori-all algorithm. We called as Apriori-all Web Log Mining. The experiment will be conducted base on the idea of Apriori-all algorithm, which first stores the original web access sequence database for storing non-sequential data. The experimental result will be given with analysis on further refinement. © 2010 IEEE.

Soewito B.,Binus University
International Journal of Software Engineering and its Applications | Year: 2015

The purpose of this paper was designing a fall detection algorithm as a solution so victims who are unable to move after accident could get help. Data were gathered by experimenting using accelerometer to find standby threshold and fall threshold. Data for standby threshold were processed by calculating all the differences and thus use the maximum difference for a threshold. Data for fall threshold were also processed by calculating all the differences and thus use the minimum difference from activities that were ended with a fall. Those thresholds were implemented into prototype application and tested again to find its accuracy. Results were 1 on sensitivity and 0.96 on specificity. It could be concluded that this fall detection algorithm has a 0.98 on its accuracy. © 2015 SERSC.

Wajong A.M.R.,Binus University
International Journal of Software Engineering and its Applications | Year: 2015

Performance dashboard is one of the way to improve a company's performance, a hospital in this study, due to the ease it provides for the executive entities of the hospital in measuring, supervising, and evaluating the performance of the hospital based on the Key Performance Indicator (KPI). The information requried by the executive entities in making a strategic decision involves numerous separate source of data. By implementing performance dashboard, the existing data sources will be consolidated and demonstrated in an informative visual form through an interface screen in order to allow the executives to easily comprehend and analyze those data, therefore assisting the process of strategic decision making. Currently, a lot of hospitals uses performance dashboard. By applying it, hospitals are capable of identifying the strengths and weaknesses pertaining to the them, and eventually, use such information to improve the performance. By an increase in performance, the loyalty of patients will be maintained and the hospital's competitiveness will also increase. © 2015 SERSC.

Gunawan F.E.,Binus University
Jiaotong Yunshu Xitong Gongcheng Yu Xinxi/Journal of Transportation Systems Engineering and Information Technology | Year: 2012

The paper discusses the traffic dynamics in microscopic level and analyzes the dynamics characteristics of the traditional Gazis-Herman-Rothery model, the optimal velocity model with delay, and the intelligent driver model. An essential feature differentiating those models is that the traditional Gazis-Herman-Rothery model only governs the vehicle dynamics in the car-following state, but the other two models encompass larger interaction state including the free-flow state and the acceleration from the vehicle initial state. From this study, it can be concluded; (i) the optimal velocity model and intelligent driver model are more complete than the traditional model; (ii) the existing optimal velocity model may produce an unrealistic vehicle interaction; (iii) the optimal velocity model with a realistic delay can produce a stable interaction, and (iv) the intelligent driver model still needs further development particularly to take into account the driver delay which is an important aspect in the traffic dynamics on the microscopic level, and finally, (v) those three models may produce similar dynamics characteristics.

Gunawan F.E.,Binus University
Journal of Sound and Vibration | Year: 2012

In this paper, we study the Levenberg-Marquardt algorithm with the trust region strategy to iteratively solve the ill-posed impact-force reconstruction problem. This particular problem is interesting because the impact-force particularly those of the pulse-type are difficult to be measured directly. In the present approach, the necessity of regularization is enforced by means of the trust region approach. This study mainly contributes a systematic approach to locate the optimal solution by tracking the Levenberg-Marquardt parameter. The proposed method is evaluated by solving two typical problem existed in the inverse problem of the impact-force reconstruction. Reasonable accurate impact-forces were produced from the both evaluations. © 2012 Elsevier Ltd.

Budiharto W.,Binus University
International Conference on Advanced Mechatronic Systems, ICAMechS | Year: 2014

For specific purpose, tracked robot that can be controlled remotely and able to acquire images from environment is very important, for example in rescuing disaster victims. We propose architecture for Raspberry pi and AVR-based mobile robot that can be controlled by low cost remote controller Integrated Circuits(IC) and able to avoid obstacles using ultrasonic distance sensor. This prototype also can be used for education and research in the university. We evaluate the performance of the robot in terms of the distance and the capability to deliver video streaming from the output raspberry pi and 2.4 GHz Video transmitter. © 2014 IEEE.

Sjarifudin F.U.,Binus University
Applied Mechanics and Materials | Year: 2012

Adaptation is essential to manage the problem of climate change. In order to meet this growing challenge, this paper propose an adaptive building envelope system that can optimize its configuration by responding to environmental changes that could achieve new levels of sustainable performance and energy efficiency. Most of the current adaptive building envelope uses kinetic techniques in order to make its formation transformable. However, with the use of kinetic components such as a large amount of interactive motorized system that require electrical power may also cause further decrease the building energy efficiency. This paper proposes a camshaft mechanism system for adaptive building envelope that uses less motors, controllers, and sensors. This system uses pre-programmed analysis data of daily solar radiation changes to parametrically drive the number of rotation phase and length of nose (Lobe Lift) that generates the shape of camshaft. This camshaft then controls the changing opening and closing values of the building envelope components. The advantages of this system are less energy consumption, less maintenance and lower cost since it uses less motors, controllers and wiring. In conclusion, this paper has developed a prototypical tool that facilitates the new approach to energy efficient kinetic buildings. © (2012) Trans Tech Publications, Switzerland.

Noviantri V.,Binus University
Journal of Physics: Conference Series | Year: 2013

In this paper, we study the relevance of sinusoidal beds as shoreline protection through the Bragg scattering mechanism. Here we take into account the presence of current and assume that the shore on the right of the sinusoidal beds can absorb wave completely. As well known, a relatively small amplitude of sinusoidal beds can reduce the amplitude of incident waves effectivelly, due to Bragg resonance. Bragg resonance will occur if the wavelength of the monochromatic wave is twice the wavelength of sinusoidal beds. We apply the multiple scale asymptotic expansion method to the linear Shallow Water Equation for sinusoidal beds. When there is current, two wave numbers lead to Bragg resonances. Otherwise, there will be only one wave number. A transmission and reflection coefficient are given and used to predict the amplitude reduction. The effect of sinusoidal beds to transmission and reflection waves are simulated analitycally. It shows that the sinusoidal beds can reduce the amplitude of incident wave. © IOP Publishing Ltd 2013.

Surono I.S.,Binus University
Asia Pacific Journal of Clinical Nutrition | Year: 2015

Indonesia is the largest archipelago blessed with one of the richest mega-biodiversities and also home to one of the most diverse cuisines and traditional fermented foods. There are 3 types of traditional dairy foods, namely the butter-like product minyak samin; yogurt-like product dadih; and cheese-like products dali or bagot in horbo, dangke, litsusu, and cologanti, which reflect the culture of dairy product consumption in Indonesia.

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