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Tuzla, Bosnia and Herzegovina

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Tuzla, Bosnia and Herzegovina
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Isak-Zatega S.,BH Telecom | Lipovac V.,University of Dubrovnik
2016 24th International Conference on Software, Telecommunications and Computer Networks, SoftCOM 2016 | Year: 2016

In this paper, we analyze the relationship between the achieved Quality of Experience (QoE) of the web browsing network service and in-service network parameters obtained by passive monitoring. With this regard, we conducted experiments where the user QoE and in-service parameters are measured simultaneously, where the latter are derived from traffic data captured by passive probe on the Gn interface of the mobile network, and correlated to detailed records of HTTP and TCP protocols. Unlike most studies conducted in order to examine the connection between QoE of the web browsing network service and in-service network parameters, experiment in this research was performed in a live mobile network while QoE is measured by the participants in the experiment. For the purposes of research, nineteen in-service parameters are defined using the applications of system for performance management with passive probes. The link between QoE and in-service parameters was tested by Spearman's rank-order correlation. Based on the subjective evaluations by the participants in the experiment about the web browsing service quality, it was evident that there was strong relationship between the QoE and specific network parameters such as e.g. Average Time to get first data and Average Time to connect. However, no such relationship was found between the Cancellation rate parameter and QoE, as the hypothesis that there was no relationship between these two parameters, could not be rejected. © 2016 University of Split, FESB.

Begovic A.,University of Sarajevo | Skaljo N.,BH Telecom | Behlilovic N.,University of Sarajevo
2016 11th International Symposium on Telecommunications, BIHTEL 2016 | Year: 2016

This paper introduces a very simple testing scenario for detecting of faults in copper local loop that remains in access network after replacing copper wires from CO (Central Office) to DP (Distribution Point) with optical fibres, i.e. after implementation of FTTB (Fibre to the Building/Basement) solution. The scenario can be useful at first for quick and quite reliable loop troubleshooting, and in particular cases for loop qualification. The first part of the paper gives a short overview of copper loop model in DSL (Digital Subscriber Line) environment, its lead testing scenarios and FTTB solution. A main steps in fault analysis and testing scenario description follow. Below that, a discussion proposed scenario usability and reliability is provided. At the end an experimental verification of the scenario, which is based on data collecting on physical system in commercial exploitation is done. © 2016 IEEE.

Sofic A.,BH Telecom | Husic J.B.,University of Sarajevo
2016 11th International Symposium on Telecommunications, BIHTEL 2016 | Year: 2016

The potential benefits of Internet of Things (IoT) are numerous and diverse spreading through all areas of everyday life of individuals, enterprises and society as a whole. Telecommunications sector enjoys a central role in the world of IoT because of owning communication infrastructure and already built relationship of trust with a variety of users including control of large amounts of data about them and their online activities. The growth of IoT requires the change of current communication infrastructure including wireless and wired networks being used in order to fulfill the market needs. In order to provide scalability and flexibility which are required by the market to maximize the potential of IoT, the standardization is needed. Therefore, this paper is intended to the telecommunication sector of Bosnia and Herzegovina with the aim to highlight the importance of necessity of coordinated development of business models and communication infrastructure according to the relevant standards and market needs. © 2016 IEEE.

Skaljo N.,BH Telecom | Begovic A.,BH Telecom
2013 36th International Convention on Information and Communication Technology, Electronics and Microelectronics, MIPRO 2013 - Proceedings | Year: 2013

This paper analyses a dependence of standard definition IPTV service continuity error on code violation block codes. A very reliable method of evaluating of several IPTV QoS parameters by observing the parameters of physical layer of DSL transceivers was introduced. Also, an ability to use the procedures, which have already implemented at common ATU-R and ATU-C ADSL2+ modems for estimation of IPTV QoS parameters, without appropriate performance monitoring system implemented was discussed. © 2013 MIPRO.

Kadusic E.,BH Telecom | Bojovic P.,Union University of Serbia
World Academy of Science, Engineering and Technology | Year: 2011

Mobile banking services present a unique growth opportunity for mobile operators in emerging markets, and have already made good progress in bringing financial services to the previously unbanked populations of many developing countries. The potential is amazing, but what about the risks? In the complex process of establishing a mobile banking business model, many kinds of risks and factors need to be monitored and well-managed. Risk identification is the first stage of risk management. Correct risk identification ensures risk management effectiveness. Keeping the risks low makes it possible to use the full potential of mobile banking and carry out the planned business strategy. The focus should be on adoption of consumers which is the main risk factor of mobile banking services.

Skaljo E.,BH Telecom. | Mujcic A.,University of Tuzla
2010 International Congress on Ultra Modern Telecommunications and Control Systems and Workshops, ICUMT 2010 | Year: 2010

The paper presents a method for the attenuation measurement of the optical path from ONU to OLT in GPON network. Optical power meter is connected to the fiber section via splitter in central office receiving optical signal from all ONU's. Optical power difference is measured in upstream signal with desired ONU in "on" or "off" state. The difference has a linear relationship with user's bandwidth. Finally paper describes an experimental setup for confirmation of proposal, the results differ by 2,5% from theoretically calculated. The system will improve the service reliability and reduce the maintenance cost. ©2010 IEEE.

Kapetanovic S.,BH Telecom | Ribic S.,Sarajevo School of Science and Technology
2012 20th Telecommunications Forum, TELFOR 2012 - Proceedings | Year: 2012

The Internet is a tool widely available all around the world. It is used by home users or by companies to satisfy their private or business needs. The object of this work is to investigate about the real status of the IPv6 protocol implementation in BiH. The goal of the research is to determine the implementation level of the IPv6 standard in public service companies in BiH, covering the telecommunication industry. The research focuses on technical and social aspects of IPv6 development in BiH. At the end, the aim is to determine the degree of readiness to implement the new standard which is essential for companies that provide Internet services (ISP). © 2012 IEEE.

Selmanovic F.,BH Telecom | Skaljo E.,BH Telecom | Nemsic B.,Delta Partners
Fiber and Integrated Optics | Year: 2012

The main application and usage of a gigabit-capable passive optical network in a telecommunication network is for providing triple-play services to resident users. However, the gigabit-capable passive optical network itself has more bandwidth than triple-play users need, as well as other mechanisms like the ability to provide quality of service. This excess bandwidth and these advance mechanisms can be utilized for other services and applications inside the same telecommunication network. Some of these advanced applications that use this excess bandwidth and capability of providing quality of service are described, and results of tests are presented in this article. Copyright © Taylor & Francis Group, LLC.

Sarajlic A.,BH Telecom | Omerasevic D.,BH Telecom
2012 20th Telecommunications Forum, TELFOR 2012 - Proceedings | Year: 2012

This work depicts and considers automatic mobile prepaid Top Up procedure over m-commerce platform in the service network of Mobile Operator, into the IMS On-line charging architecture - for IMS session and event based services. Here is taken into consideration one real case of user's mobile prepaid recharging, as result of Top Up triggering, when remaining prepaid credit becomes equal or less than a defined minimal value. In this paper is shown a new approach for Online mobile prepaid TopUp, which is carried out during the service session in the IMS environments. © 2012 IEEE.

Sarajlic A.,BH Telecom
Proceedings of the International Conference on Information Technology Interfaces, ITI | Year: 2011

This paper deals with prepaid charging in All IP environments. It describes Online charging prepaid system, with the main functionalities, operations and message flows. The derivation of the lower credit limit of user's prepaid account is showed in detail, with regard to increased signalling, through the greater number of credit checks and updates, and the probability that an in-progress session is forced to terminate. It is shown how this parameters depend of the amount of granted credit units in each reserve units operations and actual credit balance in user's account.

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