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Kumar P.,RajaRajeswari Medical College and Hospital | Rayamane A.P.,BGS Global Institute of Medical science | Subbaramaiah M.,Kempegowda Institute of Medical science
American Journal of Forensic Medicine and Pathology | Year: 2013

Eagle syndrome represents symptoms manifested by compression of regional structures by elongation of the styloid process or ossification of the stylohyoid membrane. Various theories have been put forward toward the development of Eagle syndrome. Depending on the underlying pathogenetic mechanism and the anatomical structures compressed or irritated by the elongated styloid process, symptoms vary greatly, ranging from cervicofacial pain to cerebral ischemia. Because the symptoms are variable and nonspecific, patients land up in different clinics for treatment. In the present case, the victim had previous episode of unconsciousness along with frequent headache for which she visited various clinics on numerous occasions. The elongated styloid process was appreciated during the postmortem examination, and the diagnosis of sudden death due to mechanical irritation of the carotid sinus by elongated styloid process was made as the sign of acute cardiovascular failure was present and upon exclusion of other causes of death. Copyright © 2013 by Lippincott Williams & Wilkins.

Kiran M.S.,BGS Global Institute of Medical science | Mestri S.C.,Karpaga Vinayaga Institute of Medical science
Journal of South India Medicolegal Association | Year: 2015

Sexual offences started with the beginning of mankind, every civilization attempted to curb this offence with stringent measures but the menace multiplied and developed in the name of religion, heritage, culture and civilization. Most women are not aware of the laws relating to rape and other sexual offences and legal means available to them to punish the guilty. Their ignorance is also exploited by police, lawyers and their opponents. The loosening & erosion of ethical values, restrains in those persons who migrate from their home town to cities is the cause of rise in sexual offences. The advent of entertainment modes, devices and internet has added fuel. The women are being used as key for sexual perversions & making money. Now a day’s whole dimension of indecent assault has also changed. The problem of sexual offences is essentially social and only a strong protest movements by women’s organizations, social activists, civil rights groups and the public can eradicate this type of oppression and protect the human dignity of women. Sexual Offences; Rape; Socio economic status; Literacy. © 2015 South India Medico-Legal Association. All rights reserved.

Suresh V.,Bangalore Medical College and Research Institute | Vinay H.N.,BGS Global Institute of Medical science
Journal of South India Medicolegal Association | Year: 2015

Suffocation literally means ‘to die as a result of not being able to breathe or to have difficulty in breathing’. It’s usually referred to as death due to breathing air containing insufficient oxygen (Vitiated atmosphere). Suicides using plastic bag suffocation or plastic bag asphyxia are rarely reported in India. Although, deaths due to plastic bag asphyxia in cases of auto erotic deaths or plastic bag suffocation as seen in solvent abuse are often reported. Here with presenting a case where one of IT professional in his early twenties committed suicide using a plastic bag. © 2015 South India Medico-Legal Association. All rights reserved.

Lavanya S.H.,Sapthagiri Institute of Medical science and Research Center | Kalpana L.,BGS Global Institute of Medical science
International Journal of Pharmacy and Technology | Year: 2013

Aim: The aim of the present study was to assess the extent of self-medication practices in the sampled population and to identify the predictive factors of such self-medication. Materials and methods: A descriptive, cross-sectional, questionnaire-based survey was conducted in 400 people, aged above 18 years, with a minimum qualification of 12th standard, in and around Bangalore city. Results: Prevalence of self-medication was found to be 74.25% in the study group. An increased pattern of selfmedication was observed in the under 45 age group - 70.35%. A proportionately larger number of females were selfmedicating (n=186, 93%) than males (n=111, 55.5%). Antipyretics (74.1%) and analgesics (62.8%) were the most common class of drugs used for self-medication. The reasons for self-medication cited by majority of participants were minor illness/too trivial for consultation (47.5%), time saving/no waiting time in hospital (38.3%) and less expensive (25.9%). The commonest source of drug information was old prescriptions (49.6%), followed by information provided by friends/relatives (26.6%) and the pharmacists (17.8). 60.3% of the participants were aware of the adverse consequences of self-medicating and an alarming 72.7% were still willing to continue the practice. Conclusion: The prevalence of self-medication is considerably high in urban community. Young individuals, especially females should be made aware about the serious implications of self-medication. Easy accessibility to health care facilities and measures to curb long waiting periods remains the cornerstone for limiting self-medication.

Kiran M.S.,BGS Global Institute of Medical science | Mestri S.C.,Karpaga Vinayaga Institute of Medical science & RC
Medico-Legal Update | Year: 2016

This study was conducted to assess the impact of small group teaching in Forensic medicine among the second phase students. Didactic lectures play an important role as a method of student instruction in Forensic medicine in India. The interactive sessions are gaining lot of importance in aiding students to assimilate & retain knowledge. An attempt has been made to analyze these to teaching types in a small group of 18 students. Didactic lectures are a useful method not only to improve students’ cognitive knowledge, but also help to assess their performance in the University theory examination. Interactive sessions help to develop self-motivation, deep learning, and are of great help in sharpening psychomotor & communication skills by active learning. A judicious blend of both methods is essence of effective teaching undergraduate students to enable them to excel. © 2016, World Informations Syndicate. All rights reserved.

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