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BGI Technology SOLUTIONS CO. | Date: 2012-11-21

A method for detecting hydroxymethylation modification in nucleic acid comprises: glycosylating the nucleic acid, digesting with MspI, ligating the digested fragments to a biotin-labeled linker at both ends thereof, digesting with NlaIII; capturing the digested fragments using streptavidin magnetic beads to produce fragments having the biotin-labeled linker at one end and a CATG 4-base sticky end at the other end, wherein these fragments reveal modification information of their adjacent CCGG sites; ligating the CATG sticky end to a linker containing a recognition site of MmeI or Ecop15I, digesting with corresponding restriction endonuclease to produce short sequence fragments that can reveal modification information of their adjacent CCGG sites; and performing a tag number comparison to obtain information about methylation and hydroxymethylation modification relative levels. A use of the method is also provided.

BGI Technology SOLUTIONS CO. | Date: 2012-11-15

The present invention provides a method for constructing a high-throughput sequencing library, which comprises: fragmenting genomic DNA; end-repairing the DNA fragments; adding a base A to the 3 end of the end-repaired DNA fragments; connecting the DNA fragments having cohesive end A with a methylated adapter; carrying out hybrid capture on the connection products by using specific probes to obtain object fragments; treating the object fragments with bisulfite, to convert non-methylated cytosines to uracils; PCR amplifying the converted object fragments; and separating and purifying the amplification products, wherein the amplification products constitute the high-throughput sequencing library. The present invention also provides a method and an apparatus for identifying methylation information in specified genome regions of a sample.

BGI Technology SOLUTIONS CO. | Date: 2011-12-31

The present invention relates to a method for quantifying the relative content of a protein in a sample. The present invention also relates to a method for comprising the relative content of a protein in at least two samples.

BGI Technology SOLUTIONS CO. | Date: 2012-05-31

Provided is a method and system of reconstructing a haplotype of a diploid. The method can include constructing a matrix of sequence fragments consisting of ternary character based on sequence fragments comprising at least one common site, wherein in the matrix of sequence fragments, two allelic bases of an SNP site in chromosome fragments are labeled with A and B respectively; initializing two fragment sets of based on the matrix of sequence fragments; determining an objective function and an initial reference temperature; performing a process of simulated annealing based on the objective function and the initial reference temperature, and outputting final sets until a convergence criteria is achieved; inferring a haplotype based on the final sets by means of minimum error correction.

BGI Technology SOLUTIONS CO. | Date: 2012-04-13

Provided is a transcriptome assembly method, comprising the following steps of: constructing a sequencing sample transcriptome read into a de Brujin graph; performing filtering and linearization processing on the de Brujin graph, so as to form continuous contigs; obtaining association among the contigs, and filtering association data; performing linearization processing on a continuous sequence without bifurcation; outputting a contig sequence; comparing the read and an end pairing read with the output contig sequence, so as to obtain information between the read and the contig; establishing connections among the contigs, so as to construct a graph with the contigs as points and the connections as edges; pre-processing and dividing the obtained graph, so as to obtain independent sub-graphs; and outputting a transcript according to the sub-graphs. Further provided is a transcriptome assembly system based on the method.

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