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Benin City, Nigeria

The Benson Idahosa University is a private, Christian university in Benin City, Nigeria.Benson Idahosa University is named after Archbishop Benson Idahosa, a Charismatic Pentecostal minister from Benin City, Nigeria, and reflects his evangelical beliefs. The president of Benson Idahosa University is the son of the late Archbishop the Rev. F.E.B Idahosa II, a minister of the Church of God Mission founded by the late Archbishop Benson Idahosa. Benson Idahosa University is fully accredited by Nigeria's higher education accreditation body, the National Universities Commission , and was ranked 2nd among private universities offering undergraduate degrees in the country by the NUC in their 2005 national ranking. Wikipedia.

Bosah O.,Delta State University, Abraka | Igeleke C.A.,Benson Idahosa University | Omorusi V.I.,Rubber Research Institute of Nigeria
International Journal of Agriculture and Biology | Year: 2010

In this study, pure cultures of three antagonistic fungi, Trichoderma, Penicillium and Aspergillus species and a fungal pathogen, Sclerotium sp. were obtained after inoculation on potato dextrose agar (PDA) fortified with antibiotics to prevent bacterial contamination. Pathogenicity test was carried out when the antagonistic isolates were inoculated on PDA 24 h before and after Sclerotium inoculation. Of the three fungal antagonists evaluated for inhibitory efficacy, Trichoderma sp. proved to be the most effective as it exhibited the greatest inhibition to Sclerotium sp. (P<0.01) both at the initial and final tests. This was closely followed by Aspergillus sp. with inhibitory effect on the pathogen at both trials (P<0.01). However Penicillium sp. was slightly inhibitory against Sclerotium. Percentage inhibitions of the antagonists on Sclerotium by Trichoderma, Aspergillus, and Penicillium, were up to 81.36-80.29%, 88.35-73.12% and 56.98-46.24%, at the 6th day of inhibition at both trials, respectively. The result implied that the extent of inhibition by the fungi provides the use of potential antagonists capable of controlling the pathogenicity of Sclerotium sp. in crops for sustainable agriculture. © 2010 Friends Science Publishers.

Usunomena U.,Benson Idahosa University
International Journal of Pharma and Bio Sciences | Year: 2012

This aim of this study is to review naturally occurring dietary chemotherapeutic bioactive agents in some african medicinal plants that can be put to therapeutic use in combating inflammation and carcinogenesis without posing any deleterious effects to normal cells, tissues, organs and systems. Flavonoids possess antioxidant activity and may play a beneficial role in cancer prevention, and offer some protection against diabetes and atherosclerosis. Polyphenol prevents oxygen free radical-induced hepatocyte lethality, prevent lipopolysaccharide-induced liver injury through inhibition of inducible nitric oxide synthase and tumor necrosis factor-a expression and inhibits carcinogen or toxininduced liver oxidative DNA damage. Acetogenins have cytotoxic properties against tumor cell lines. Cardiac glycosides helps in the treatment of congestive heart failure. Tannins exert antimicrobial activities by iron deprivation, hydrogen bounding or specific interactions with vital proteins such as enzymes in microbial cells. Terpenoid have hepatoprotective effects in albino rats.

Igbinovia E.O.,Benson Idahosa University | Ilenikhena P.A.,University of Benin
International Journal of Physical Sciences | Year: 2010

Thin films of tin (iv) oxide (SnO2) were deposited on six polished sample plates of stainless steel 430 using improved chemical bath deposition (CBD) method at 302 K and pH value of 12.4 for different deposition time of 16 to 36 h at 4 h interval, respectively. Ethylenediamine tetra acetate (EDTA) was used to stabilize the deposition at the required pH value. The thermal emittance values of the polished and coated sample plates were determined before and after the deposition of films, respectively, using thermocouple potentiometer. The average thermal emittance value of the uncoated polished sample plate is 0.15 ± 0.01 while thermal emittance values of the coated sample plates vary from 0.15 to 0.19 ±0.01. The film thickness of the coated sample plates varies from 33.73 to 77.59 μm. These low thermal emittance values compare well with those obtained for oxidized stainless steel selective surfaces. The coated sample plates with most favorable conditions of thermal emittance 0.17 to 0.18 ± 0.01 and film thickness 45.70 to 69.18 μm could find applications in photothermal conversion of solar energy. The improved chemical bath deposition technique could be employed at different pH values with suitable deposition time to fabricate selective surfaces for use in solar energy applications. © 2010 Academic Journals.

Osagie A.U.,Benson Idahosa University
Nigerian quarterly journal of hospital medicine | Year: 2011

Glycemic index has generated a lot of debate for nearly 30 years, especially as it relates to the control for the treatment of diabetes. This study determined the glycemic index (GI) of ten processed Nigerian foods and revealed their similarity in the release of glucose on consumption. The food items tested were made from yam tubers, cassava tubers and local cereals. These foods were served to human volunteers in several processed forms which resulted in viscous pastes. The GI results are related to the increased incidence of overweight and obesity in the middle class Nigerians. It is suggested that these processed foods should be discouraged in the regular dietary plan if Nigerians desire to stay slim and save the planet by reducing carbon emission and climate change.

Ojuh D.,Benson Idahosa University
Applied Mechanics and Materials | Year: 2014

We have performed the electronic and phonon band structures of BxIn1-xN for various concentration of Boron using the pseudopotential method. The electronic band structure calculation was done using the GW approximation while the phonon band structure was done using the density functional perturbation theory. All calculations were done within the frame work of the density functional theory (DFT). From our calculations, the direct band gap for B0.25In0.75N, B0.5In0.5N and B0.75In0.25N were found to be 0.024eV, 2.2 eV and 6.01 eV respectively while the indirect band gap obtained were 0.59 eV, 3.24 eV and 6.9 eV. For the phonon calculations, it was also observed that an increase in the Boron content results in corresponding increase in the frequency of the topmost LO at the zone centre. For B0.25In0.75N, B0.5In0.5N and B0.75In0.25N, the topmost LO obtained were 735 cm-1, 885 cm-1 and 1105 cm-1 respectively. We also saw that as the Boron concentration decreases, the number of optical bands across which the acoustic bands overlap increases. © (2014) Trans Tech Publications, Switzerland.

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