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Pyati A.K.,Belagavi Institute of Medical science | Halappa C.K.,Subbaiah Institute of Medical science | Pyati S.A.,Navodaya Dental College | Nagaraj,Raichur Institute of Medical science | Wali V.,M R Medical College
Journal of Clinical and Diagnostic Research | Year: 2015

Background: The diagnostic accuracy of currently available standard panel of liver function tests is not satisfactory for the reliable diagnosis of chronic liver disorders. Earlier studies have reported that serum basal paraoxonase 1 (PON1) activity measurement may add a significant contribution to the liver function tests. Aim: To assess whether the measurement of serum basal paraoxonase 1 (PON1) activity would be useful as an index of liver function status in chronic hepatitis patients. Materials and Methods: The study included 50 chronic hepatitis patients and 50 apparently healthy controls based on inclusion & exclusion criteria. In all the subjects, standard liver function tests were analysed by using standard methods. Basal PON1 activity was estimated using spectrophotometric method by the hydrolysis of p-nitrophenylacetate. Student t-test, Pearson’s correlation coefficient, diagnostic validity tests and ROC curve analysis were the methods used for the statistical analysis of the data. Results: The serum basal PON1 activity was significantly decreased in chronic hepatitis cases when compared to controls (p< 0.001). Also basal PON1 activity was positively correlated with serum total protein and albumin, and negatively correlated with serum total bilirubin, alanine amino transferase (ALT), and alkaline phosphatase (ALP) (p< 0.001) in chronic hepatitis cases but not in healthy controls. Diagnostic validity tests showed, basal PON1 activity was a better discriminator of chronic hepatitis than total protein, albumin and ALP with sensitivity of 68%, specificity of 100%, positive predictive value of 100% and negative predictive value of 75%. ROC curve analysis demonstrated highest diagnostic accuracy for ALT (AUC = 0.999) followed by PON1 (AUC = 0.990), total bilirubin (AUC = 0.977), ALP (AUC = 0.904), total protein (AUC = 0.790) and albumin (AUC = 0.595). Conclusion: Diagnostic accuracy of serum PON1 activity is better than total bilirubin, total protein, albumin and ALP. PON1 activity measurement could significantly improve the current efficiency of a laboratory’s evaluation of patients with suspected chronic hepatitis. © 2015 Journal of Clinical and Diagnostic Research All rights reserved.

Pyati A.K.,Blde Universitys Shri til Medical College | Devaranavadagi B.B.,Blde Universitys Shri til Medical College | Sajjannar S.L.,Blde Universitys Shri til Medical College | Nikam S.V.,Belagavi Institute of Medical science | And 2 more authors.
Journal of Clinical and Diagnostic Research | Year: 2015

Background: Early diagnosis and therapeutic intervention can improve the outcome of acute myocardial infarction (AMI). However, there are no satisfactory cardiac biomarkers for the diagnosis of AMI within 6 hours of onset of symptoms. Among novel biochemical markers of AMI, heart-type fatty acid binding protein (H-FABP) is of particular interest. Aim: To compare the diagnostic value of H-FABP with that of CK-MB and myoglobin in suspected AMI patients within first 6 hours after the onset of symptoms. Settings and Design: The study includes 40 AMI cases and 40 non-cardiac chest pain otherwise healthy controls. The cases and controls were further divided into 2 groups depending on the time since chest pain as those subjects within 3 hours and those between 3-6 hours of onset of chest pain. Materials and Methods: In all the cases and controls, serum H-FABP, CK-MB and myoglobin concentrations were measured by Immunoturbidimetric method, immuno-inhibition method and Chemiluminescence immunoassay respectively. Statistical Analysis: Data is presented as mean ± SD values. Differences between means of two groups were assessed by Student t-test. Sensitivity, Specificity, Positive predictive value, Negative predictive values were calculated and ROC curve analysis was done to assess the diagnostic validity of each study parameter. R esults: The sensitivity, specificity, PPV, NPV of H-FABP were greater than CK-MB and myoglobin and ROC curve analysis demonstrated highest area under curve for H-FABP followed by myoglobin and CK-MB in patients with suspected AMI both within 3 hours and 3-6 hours after the onset of chest pain. C onclusion: The diagnostic efficiency of H-FABP is greater than CK-MB and myoglobin for the early diagnosis of AMI within first 6 hours of chest pain. H-FABP can be used as an additional diagnostic tool for the early diagnosis of AMI. © 2015, Journal of Clinical and Diagnostic Research. All rights reserved.

Jadhav M.,Belagavi Institute of Medical science | Yelikar B.R.,Shri tils Blde University | Karigoudar M.H.,Shri tils Blde University
Journal of Krishna Institute of Medical Sciences University | Year: 2015

Extraskeletal osteosarcomas are rare malignant mesenchymal tumors. They mimic many bone and cartilage forming soft tissue tumors and tumor like conditions. Most cases pursue an aggressive clinical course with high rate of local recurrence and metastasis. We report a case of extraskeletal osteosarcoma of the left gluteal region in a 50 year old male with varied histology. It was diagnosed as malignant mesenchymoma but, immunohistochemistry excluded its possibility. © Journal of Krishna Institute of Medical Sciences University.

Vittal N.K.,Belagavi Institute of Medical science | Kamoji S.G.,Belagavi Institute of Medical science | Dastikop S.V.,Belagavi Institute of Medical science
Journal of Clinical and Diagnostic Research | Year: 2016

Benign lymphangioendothelioma is an uncommon locally infiltrative lymphatic tumour, presenting as a slow-growing, asymptomatic, reddish-violaceous macule or plaque. Histopathologically, it is characterized by thin-walled endothelial-lined spaces that are interspersed between strands of collagen. It must be recognized and differentiated from angiosarcoma, early Kaposi’s sarcoma, in view of major differences in treatment and prognosis. A 24-year-old female presented with a raised lesion over the left leg since 2 years which was associated with minimal itching. Biopsy of the lesion showed thin walled vascular channels lined by single layer of bland endothelial cells at the dermo-epidermal junction, few vessels in the dermis. © 2015, Journal of Clinical and Diagnostic Research. All rights Reserved.

Gurudut K.S.,Belagavi Institute of Medical science | Navi S.,Belagavi Institute of Medical science | Shetty A.K.,Belagavi Institute of Medical science | Pushpa M.G.,Belagavi Institute of Medical science
Medico-Legal Update | Year: 2016

A retrospective study was conducted at the Department of Forensic Medicine & Toxicology, BIMS, Belagavi to determine the pattern of Homicidal deaths among cases autopsied at BIMS-Hospital mortuary for period of 2 years from Jan 1st 2011 to Dec. 31st 2012. During the above said period of 2 years a total number of 1541 cases were autopsied out of which 55 cases were homicidal in nature (3.56%). Majority of victims fall in the age group of 20-29 yrs, 22 cases (40%). Sex wise distribution showed male preponderance with 32 cases (58.18%). In the present study number of Homicidal deaths in rural areas were more, 36 (65.41%). Among pattern of injuries observed death being caused by sharp weapon inflicts were maximum, 19 cases (34.5%). As per information obtained from Police records property dispute seemed to be main motive, 16 cases, (29%) followed closely by illicit relationship, 12(21.8%). © 2016, World Informations Syndicate. All rights reserved.

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