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Li Y.,BeijingJiaotong University | Li Y.,Zhoukou Normal University | Wang F.,Zhoukou Normal University | Zhu H.,Zhoukou Normal University | Zhu H.,Xi'an Jiaotong University
Qinghua Daxue Xuebao/Journal of Tsinghua University | Year: 2013

The problem of botnet, especially in the P2P context which makes the botnet have stronger abilities in survival, has become one of the major threats for network security. A fuzzy logic botnet defense model (FLBDM) was developed to deal with the problem which is made up of three components, detection, analysis, and counterattack. A logic detection model, FLDBM (fuzzy logic detect botnet model), was proposed based on the fuzzy logic theory, with the typical botnet procedures then analyzed by introducing honeypot network. The authentication botnet was used to counterattack. Both simulations and experiments demonstrate that FLBDM has high successful detection rates with low false alarming rates while effectively destroying botnets.

Yang J.,Beijingjiaotong University | Yang J.,Shenhua Group | Zhou L.,Beijingjiaotong University
2016 International Conference on Industrial Economics System and Industrial Security Engineering, IEIS 2016 - Proceeding | Year: 2016

Coal logistics park has been an important infrastructure for coal logistics, its inventory management is important, but difficulty. The paper analysis the feasibility of logistics park transforming service pattern to business pattern, studies the importance of inventory control. By analyzing the composition of inventory, it creates a new inventory control model with a number of parameters containing coal washing rate and cycle. The result shows that new inventory control model is the extension of classical Economic Order Quantity Model, the order cycle is the monotonic increasing function of product for washing rate and raw coal achieve frequency, and the order quantity is the monotonous decrease function of product for washing rate and raw coal achieve frequency. They are all related to the raw coal washing rate, not related to washing cycle. © 2016 IEEE.

Fu Y.,Beijingjiaotong University | Fu Y.,Beijing Jiaotong University | Jia L.,Beijingjiaotong University | Jia L.,Beijing Jiaotong University | And 4 more authors.
Lecture Notes in Electrical Engineering | Year: 2016

A new feature parameter of vibration signal used in rotating machinery fault diagnosis method is analyzed, and in this paper, it is named multi-resolution correlation entropy (MRCE). After extracting the rolling bearing vibration signal, the denoised signal should be transformed by wavelet packet into several sub-signals which are attached to different frequencies. Next, the wavelet packet correlation coefficient will be calculated. Combined with the information entropy theory, the MRCE is obtained. The signal classification and state identification are realized by support vector machine (SVM) intelligent algorithm, and the results reflect the truth that applying MRCE as the feature index to detect the working state of rotating machinery can get good diagnostic accuracy, so that MRCE can be used in rotating machinery fault diagnosis in the future. © Springer-Verlag Berlin Heidelberg 2016.

Shi H.,BeijingJiaotong University | Bai M.,BeijingJiaotong University | Bai M.,CAS Institute of Process Engineering | Zhang Y.,BeijingJiaotong University | And 2 more authors.
International Journal of Earth Sciences and Engineering | Year: 2014

In order to solve the problem of deformation monitoring of the shield excavation of adjacent bridge pier under the complex condition, quickly and with high precision, 3 d laser scanning technology is introduced. From the basic principle and key technology of three-dimensional laser scanning technology, this paper studied work processes of three-dimensional laser scanning technology in monitoring shield excavation of adjacent bridge pier, discussed acquisition of the scanning point cloud data, transformation of coordinate, noise reduction method of redundant information, and put forward the algorithm of three-dimensional modeling based on point cloud data, the different periods of point cloud data set up respectively into triangle mesh model, using the method of quadric surface fitting for noise reduction, through the comparison of model as a whole to get the value of bridge pier deformation, compared with the results of the traditional total station monitoring. Research showed that the threedimensional laser scanning technology in the shield excavation adjacent bridge pier monitoring method was feasible, and the result is reliable. Besides, the value of deformation by using three-dimensional model differed with the results of total station monitoring in 3 mm. The monitoring results meet the requirement for precision, with some practical value in engineering. © 2014 CAFET-INNOVA TECHNICAL SOCIETY. All rights reserved.

Hao J.,Zhejiang Wanli University | Zhang W.,Zhejiang Wanli University | Ling M.,Beijingjiaotong University
Proceedings - 10th IEEE International Conference on Computer and Information Technology, CIT-2010, 7th IEEE International Conference on Embedded Software and Systems, ICESS-2010, ScalCom-2010 | Year: 2010

Under the research context of two axis digital control turntable, this paper has set up a mathematical model of control system of turntables. Proceeding from such model, it has made an analysis on the deficiencies of classical PID control during turntable control. Against the feature of PID parameters difficult to be tuned, the neural network is thus introduced in the optimizing process of turncontrol PID parameters, during which PID controller is designed based on BP network. In addition, the PID algorithm control based on BP network is simulated with results indicating PID controller designed so featuring high tracking accuracy, stable performance and strong robustness, which provides a solution to the problem of inadequate precision required by classic PID control as regards to the control precision. © 2010 IEEE.

Ding H.,BeijingJiaotong University | He L.,BeijingJiaotong University | Li Y.,BeijingJiaotong University | Xiao X.,BeijingJiaotong University
Beijing Jiaotong Daxue Xuebao/Journal of Beijing Jiaotong University | Year: 2016

Based on the high-speed railway's economic characters of public benefit and profit-oriented, this paper defines the financial sustainability of China's high-speed railway from solvency, operation and development, establishes the evaluation index system, and provides the paths and suggestions of financial sustainable development from above three dimensions for China's high-speed railway. © 2016, Editorial Department of Journal of Beijing Jiaotong University. All right reserved.

Wu X.,BeijingJiaotong University | Lang S.,BeijingJiaotong University | Guo X.Q.,BeijingJiaotong University
Applied Mechanics and Materials | Year: 2013

This article proposes using passenger transportation energy intensity to measure the energy utility efficiency and energy-saving potential of the passenger transportation, uses the complete decomposition model to decompose the passenger transportation energy intensity from 1990 to 2007, and then investigate how various factors impact passenger transportation energy intensity. As is shown in the results, transportation structure increases passenger transportation energy intensity, while energy efficiency decreases it, however the decline is limited. Thus energy saving caused by adjustment of transportation structure is much more considerable. © (2013) Trans Tech Publications, Switzerland.

Wei J.,Aerospace Research Institute of Materials And Processing Technology | Sun H.,Beijingjiaotong University | Yang S.,Beijingjiaotong University
Advanced Materials Research | Year: 2012

After the CS-444 infrared ray carbon sulfur analyzer reducing and stabilizing the blank value, we use it for the initial measurement and second measurement, and the third measurement if necessary, we can get the blank value of the sulfur. The results show that the precision and accuracy are better.

Zhao Y.,BeijingJiaotong University | Xiahuan,BeijingJiaotong University | Wang J.,BeijingJiaotong University | Yang Z.,BeijingJiaotong University | Lin F.,BeijingJiaotong University
Diangong Jishu Xuebao/Transactions of China Electrotechnical Society | Year: 2015

Ultracapacitor storage system can achieve good effect of energy saving and voltage stabilization in urban mass transit system, the paper analyze the characteristics of voltage limiting when the vehicle is regenerative braking firstly, then the characteristic of 24 pulse rectifier is analyzed too. On this basis the selected method of voltage threshold of charging and discharging is discussed which is based on optimal energy saving, then propose the control strategy of UCESS (Ultracapacitor Storage System) based on dynamic voltage threshold. In the end, the control strategy is verified through simulation and experiment. ©, 2015, The editorial office of Transaction of China Electrotechnical Society. All right reserved.

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