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A method for improving resistance of a fusion reactor inner wall to plasma irradiation by using lamination structure comprises: making a material for facing plasma into multiple metal sheets, laminating the multiple metal sheets together according to a direction perpendicular to a wall surface, and combining the laminated multiple metal sheets with a copper substrate. The method relates to the field of nuclear applications, and is applicable to a plasma-facing surface on an inner wall of an apparatus for conducting a fusion reaction by using hydrogen isotopes. Not only does the method reduce aggregation of hydrogen, helium, and isotopes thereof, and the like, under a surface layer of a tungsten-based material, greatly reducing a blistering phenomenon on a surface thereof, but also reduces thermal fatigue cracking damages.

The present disclosure provides a full-duplex wireless communication method, an antenna device and a full-duplex wireless communication system. The method includes steps of: within a training period, acquiring a relevant parameter for cancelling a self-interference signal from an antenna itself as a first estimated value, and a relevant parameter for cancelling a cross-interference signal between the antenna and the other antenna as a second estimated value; and within a data transmission period, receiving and transmitting signals simultaneously by the antenna using an identical frequency, cancelling the self-interference signal from the antenna itself in accordance with the first estimated value, and cancelling the cross-interference signal between the antenna and the other antenna in accordance with the second estimated value.

Beijing University of Technology | Date: 2015-12-31

This invention disclosed a visual perception characteristics-combining hierarchical video coding method, comprising: setting priority of visual interest area and setting allocation scheme of video coding resource. The former one is about: due to the richness of video image and selective perception of human visual, visual characteristics saliency of video content has been analyzed from time and space, priority of visual interest area can be labeled. The later one is about improving real-time performance of video coding, while at the same time, quality of video coding and compression efficiency is guaranteed. According to the priority of visual interest area, macroblock coding resource of interest area should be satisfied firstly, to realize hierarchical coding. The video coding scheme of this paper can remit conflict between coding complexity and coding efficiency validly. Compare with H.264/AVC international video coding standard, it can improve 80% of average coding speed, and at the same time it can maintain better quality of video image and lower compression bit-Rate. The video coding performance can be improved dramatically.

Beijing University of Technology | Date: 2015-04-30

The present disclosure relates to a method of acquiring neighboring disparity vectors for multi-texture and multi-depth video (e.g., 3D-HEVC video). The method belongs to the area of 3D-HEVC video coding technology. The method includes changing the standard associated with a disparity vector that is first searched as a final disparity vector. By deleting location which is minimum searched in candidate space and time location of the coding unit next to current coding unit to divide candidate space and time location of the coding unit into groups, the method takes searched disparity vector that is combined based on the proportion of adoption rate as final disparity vector. The method improves coding quality and at the same time maintaining origin fast algorithm efficiency. The embodiments of the present disclosure improve coding quality at least 0.05% and at the same time maintain origin fast algorithm efficiency while the decoding time is decreased to 97.1%.

The present invention provides a sector-shaped section of a continuous casting machine for heavy reduction of a solidified terminal of a continuously cast slab and a heavy reduction method. The sector-shaped section of a continuous casting machine comprises an upper frame, a lower frame, an upper driving roller, a lower driving roller, a left driven roller set, a right driven roller set, a screw-down gear and clamping cylinders which are positioned on the sector-shaped section; the clamping cylinders are used for clamping the upper frame and the lower frame and keeping the upper frame and the lower frame at a set interval; the upper driving roller is connected with the screw-down gear; the upper driving roller is connected to the upper frame through a bearing base; the lower driving roller is connected to the lower frame through a bearing base; the left driven roller set and the right driven roller set, are respectively positioned on two sides of the driving rollers; the left driven roller set is used for clamping the cast slab before reduction; the right driven roller set is used for clamping the cast slab after reduction; and the diameter ratio of the driving rollers to the driven rollers is 1.1:1-2:1. The deformation permeability of the present invention is increased, equivalent to the deformation of one rolling pass of a two-roller mill with a relatively large roller diameter, which facilitates improvement on the looseness and segregation of the center area of the continuously cast slab.

Beijing University of Technology | Date: 2015-06-30

The present disclosure provides a preparation method of a polymer film laser. Polymer materials are dissolved in an organic solvent, a polymer solution is spin-coated on a substrate with or without a grating structure, and a homogeneous polymer thin film is formed. For the substrate without the grating structure, an interference pattern of an ultraviolet laser is used to interact with a thin polymer film, and one-dimensional or multi periods grating structures with multi directions are formed. The substrate with the thin polymer film is immersed in a hydrochloric acid solution or water and the polymer film with the grating structure peels off the substrate to obtain the polymer film laser. A pump beam is used to excite the polymer film to generate fluorescence, which is reflected and gained by the grating to obtain laser outputs.

Beijing University of Technology | Date: 2015-07-21

Implementations of the present disclosure relate to methods for reconstruction for bioluminescence tomography based on a method of multitask Bayesian compressed sensing in the field of medical image processing. The method includes the following operations. Firstly the high order approximation model is used to model the law of light propagation in biological tissues, then the inner-correlation among multispectral measurements is researched based on multitask learning method and incorporated into a reconstruction algorithm of bioluminescence tomography as prior information to reduce ill-posedness of BLT reconstruction, and then on this basis, three-dimensional reconstruction of bioluminescent source is realized. Compared with other reconstruction algorithms for BLT, the correlation among multispectral measurements is incorporated into the disclosure and the ill-posedness of BLT reconstruction is reduced. The bioluminescent source can be reconstructed and located accurately using the proposed algorithm, and computational efficiency can be greatly improved.

Zheng K.,Beijing University of Technology
Nature communications | Year: 2010

Glasses are usually shaped through the viscous flow of a liquid before its solidification, as practiced in glass blowing. At or near room temperature (RT), oxide glasses are known to be brittle and fracture upon any mechanical deformation for shape change. Here, we show that with moderate exposure to a low-intensity (<1.8×10(-2) A cm(-2)) electron beam (e-beam), dramatic shape changes can be achieved for nanoscale amorphous silica, at low temperatures and strain rates >10(-4) per second. We show not only large homogeneous plastic strains in compression for nanoparticles but also superplastic elongations >200% in tension for nanowires (NWs). We also report the first quantitative comparison of the load-displacement responses without and with the e-beam, revealing dramatic difference in the flow stress (up to four times). This e-beam-assisted superplastic deformability near RT is useful for processing amorphous silica and other conventionally-brittle materials for their applications in nanotechnology.

Zuo X.-N.,CAS Institute of Psychology | Xing X.-X.,Beijing University of Technology
Neuroscience and Biobehavioral Reviews | Year: 2014

Resting-state functional magnetic resonance imaging (RFMRI) enables researchers to monitor fluctuations in the spontaneous brain activities of thousands of regions in the human brain simultaneously, representing a popular tool for macro-scale functional connectomics to characterize normal brain function, mind-brain associations, and the various disorders. However, the test-retest reliability of RFMRI remains largely unknown. We review previously published papers on the test-retest reliability of voxel-wise metrics and conduct a meta-summary reliability analysis of seven common brain networks. This analysis revealed that the heteromodal associative (default, control, and attention) networks were mostly reliable across the seven networks. Regarding examined metrics, independent component analysis with dual regression, local functional homogeneity and functional homotopic connectivity were the three mostly reliable RFMRI metrics. These observations can guide the use of reliable metrics and further improvement of test-retest reliability for other metics in functional connectomics. We discuss the main issues with low reliability related to sub-optimal design and the choice of data processing options. Future research should use large-sample test-retest data to rectify both the within-subject and between-subject variability of RFMRI measurements and accelerate the application of functional connectomics. © 2014 Elsevier Ltd.

A kind of aluminum alloy and corresponding heat treatment process applied to manufacturing aluminum/steel cladding plates which are resistant to high temperature brazing belong to alloy materials technology field. In the aluminum/steel cladding plates, the aluminum part was alloyed with 0.76%0.78% Si and 0.0550.10% Er in weight percent and the rest was Al and some unavoidable impurity. The Steel part was 08Al steel. After cladding cold rolling with deformation of 55%2%, the aluminum/steel cladding plates were annealed at 510535 C. for different times. Then simulated brazing process was performed to optimize the range of annealing time and temperature. The so produced Al/St cladding plates could not only effectively solve the low interface strength in Al/St cladding plates, but also meet the mechanical properties which were necessary for further processing of Al/St cladding plates. It was provided a kind of aluminum alloy and corresponding heat treatment process which could effectively solve the low bonding strength under the condition of high temperature brazing because of the existence of brittle FeAl phases.

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