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The Beijing International Studies University is a public teaching and research university based in the city of Beijing, China. Founded in 1964, it was part of the national initiative to promote tertiary foreign language education.The institute grew out of a 1956-established subsidiary of Xinhua News Agencyand has developed into one of the most notable universities of foreign languages and cultural studies in China.Today, the University pioneers in the fields of tourism studies, hospitality management and international trade.It maintains links with national institutions including the Chinese Academy of Social science and the National Tourism Administration.In addition, it holds formal collaborative agreements with more than 140 universities and academic institutions of about 40 countries spanning the continents,providing a wide range of study opportunities for inbound and outbound students alike.According to the China Education and Research Network, the University is ranked fourth for the most satisfactory international admissions and services among Chinese universities.BISU sits primarily in the central east of Chaoyang District, home to the city's CBD and the majority of foreign embassies. It is broadly organised into four academic divisions—Arts, Management, Economics and Political science—within which there are19 maindepartmentsand institutes,facilitated with numerousresearch centers,laboratorties,interdisciplinary unitsand supporting services. Wikipedia.

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Qiu Y.,Nanjing Southeast University | Qiu Y.,Beijing International Studies University | Zhou X.,Peking University
Brain Research | Year: 2012

Human languages are equipped with an impressive repertoire of time-encoding devices which vary significantly across different cultures. Previous research on temporal processing has focused on morphosyntactic processes in Indo-European languages. This study investigated the neural correlates of temporal processing in Mandarin Chinese, a language that is not morphologically marked for tense. In a sentence acceptability judgment task, we manipulated the agreement between semantically enriched temporal adverbs or a highly grammaticalized aspectual particle (-guo) and temporal noun phrases. Disagreement of both the temporal adverbs and the aspectual particle elicited a centro-parietal P600 effect in event-related potentials (ERPs) whereas only disagreeing temporal adverbs evoked an additional broadly distributed N400 effect. Moreover, a sustained negativity effect was observed on both the words following the critical ones and the last words in sentences with temporal disagreement. These results reveal both commonalities and differences between Chinese and Indo-European languages in temporal agreement processing. In particular, we demonstrate that temporal reference in Chinese relies on both lexical semantics and morphosyntactic processes and that the level of grammaticalization of linguistic devices representing similar temporal information is reflected in differential ERP responses. © 2012 Elsevier B.V.

Zhu L.,Beijing International Studies University
Advanced Materials Research | Year: 2014

The new era brought us a convenient communication. The fragment-timed learning can help many learners. The platform uses the SOA architecture. The learners of fragment-timed can get information through the mobile phone, and SMS can send the platform short content for the fanciers of Chinese language and culture. The smart mobile devices on the popular portable (such as mobile phone, tablet computer, etc). The essence Chinese culture can be tough through blog, Micro message, QQ, SKYPE, FACEBOOK, MSN, etc. © (2014) Trans Tech Publications, Switzerland.

Xiaoqin Y.,Beijing International Studies University
International Journal of Security and its Applications | Year: 2015

In this paper, we focus on the problem of signature and role extraction from large-scale mail archives. Due to the huge scale and great diversity of large-scale mail archives, the extraction methods should not only be able to extract signatures and roles accurately without any training data, but also be general enough to work well with large-scale mail archives with different characteristics. To address this problem, we first propose an unsupervised language model based method to identify sig-natures from large numbers of emails, and then present an unsupervised two-stage method to effectively extract roles from the identified signatures. Experimental results on two real-world datasets show that our methods are general and effective for both the signature and role extrac-tion from large-scale mail archives. © 2015 SERSC.

Chen S.,Beijing International Studies University
International Journal of Applied Linguistics and English Literature | Year: 2016

The paper examines the linguistic landscape in an indoor public place, Robot Open Space in Zhongguancun Dream Laboratory, which is a building housing a handful of innovative entrepreneurial enterprises. The subject of analysis in this present paper is the impact of different spaces on the features of linguistic landscape. Each of the three major sub-spaces in the company Robot Open Space has different functions and the linguistic landscape with its different features varies accordingly. This present study has the following contributions. First, the shift of analytical attention from the outdoor linguistic landscape to the indoor linguistic landscape provides a new angle for LL analysis and further expands the scenery of linguistic landscape. Then, the newly establish analytical framework, the “multimodal model for linguistic landscape analysis” enrich the current theoretical models that is quite rare. Last, the qualitative analysis of the linguistic landscapes in different spaces shed light on the correlation between space and linguistic landscape, indicating that space is an integral factor to be considered when it comes to LL analysis. © 2016, Australian International Academic Centre PTY LTD. All rights reserved.

Zhang G.-S.,Beijing International Studies University
Advances in Systems Science and Applications | Year: 2014

By introducing the Large Economical Ideas to multi-period financial market, we have constructed the multi-period economy with incomplete market and a continuum of agents. The competitive equilibrium has been proposed and the existence has been claimed. Our equilibrium definition is a development compared to that described by Radner, and our conclusion for equilibrium existence has generalized the related results obtained by Aumann and Zhang, if only the future contracts and goods are traded on security-spot markets.

Song X.,Beijing International Studies University
Journal of Thermal Science | Year: 2015

In this paper, CPCM (Composite Phase Change Material) was manufactured with metal foam matrix used as filling material. The temperature curves were obtained by experiment. The performance of heat transfer was analyzed. The experimental results show that metal foam matrix can improve temperature uniformity in phase change thermal storage material and enhance heat conduction ability. The thermal performance of CPCM is significantly improved. The efficiency of temperature control can be obviously improved by adding metal foam in phase change material. CPCM is in solid-liquid two-phase region when temperature is close to phase change point of paraffin. An approximate plateau appears. The plateau can be considered as the temperature control zone of CPCM. Heat can be transferred from hot source and be uniformly spread in thermal storage material by using metal foam matrix since thermal storage material has the advantage of strong heat storage capacity and disadvantage of poor heat conduction ability. Natural convection promotes the melting of solid-liquid phase change material. Good thermal conductivity of foam metal accelerates heat conduction of solid-liquid phase change material. The interior temperature difference decreases and the whole temperature becomes more uniform. For the same porosity with a metal foam, melting time of solid-liquid phase change material decreases. Heat conduction is enhanced and natural convection is suppressed when pore size of metal foam is smaller. The thermal storage time decreases and heat absorption rate increases when the pore size of metal foam reduces. The research results can be used to guide fabricating the CPCM. © 2015, Science Press, Institute of Engineering Thermophysics, CAS and Springer-Verlag Berlin Heidelberg.

Peng H.,Beijing International Studies University
WIT Transactions on Information and Communication Technologies | Year: 2014

Nowadays, digital campuses have been building in many institutes and universities in China. Many web application systems such as digital library, teaching management systems and campus card systems have been clustered in digital campus. Most of these systems are run in IPv4 protocol at current time. With the development of IPv6 network in Chinese institutes and universities, it becomes necessary for web systems to migrate from IPv4 to IPv6. In this thesis the current situation of IPv6 runs in Chinese institutes and universities is introduced first. Then a typical structure of web application systems—JSP and the IPv6 environments support for JSP is analyzed. At last, an example of JSP web system which distributed in Apache and Tomcat server clusters in IPv6 environment is revealed. It shows the method and procedure which web applications migrate from IPv4 to IPv6. © 2014 WIT Press.

Chen S.,Beijing International Studies University
International Journal of Applied Linguistics and English Literature | Year: 2016

The China-UK Joint Declaration on Building a Global Comprehensive Strategic Partnership for the 21st Century is one of the fruits of Chinese President Xi Jinping’s recent official state visit to the Great Britain. As a typical and important diplomatic language document, the Joint Declaration deserves scientific research. In this paper, based on the six process types of Halliday’s Transitivity system, we attempt to disclose the diplomatic thinking underlying the employment of process types and make a contrastive study of the diplomatic thinking of both China and the UK. The research leads to three findings. Firstly, the high frequency of material process clause in both Chinese and English versions reflects the “Action thinking”, a shared diplomatic thinking adopted by the two nations. Secondly, the Chinese version employs more relational process clauses than the English version, which is an indication of the “Relationality thinking” underlying Chinese diplomacy and it is much less emphasized or even absent in British diplomacy. Thirdly, the analysis of the mental process clauses reveals that China has an “Inclusive thinking” in its diplomatic exchange with Britain whereas the UK a “Friendship thinking”. © 2016, Australian International Academic Centre PTY LTD. All rights reserved.

Ma Y.,Beijing International Studies University
ICCREM 2015 - Environment and the Sustainable Building - Proceedings of the 2015 International Conference on Construction and Real Estate Management | Year: 2015

Although construction accidental insurance (CAI) is mandatory in China, the really holding rate is under 30%. The reason of low purchasing rate and deficiencies of CAI remain unexplored. Our analysis shows employment size, the attitude of the proprietors and turbulence of the business cycle influence the prevalence of CAI. The deficiencies of CAI result in inefficient protection for farmer-labors. Compared to the deficiencies of CAI, construction multiemployer health insurance (CMHI) is an efficient and effective way to provide security for farmer-labors. It can stimulate the holding of health insurance by exploiting cross-firm economies of scale in the purchase of health insurance services. And multiemployer health insurance contain cross-employer portable health benefits that do not require second probation period when labor enroll another employer after leaving, at the same time it cover spells of unemployment. Additionally, construction multiemployer health insurance is a beneficial supplement for the construction accident insurance in China. © 2015 ASCE.

SHANGHAI, Dec. 20, 2016 /PRNewswire/ -- Reed Exhibitions Greater China continues its contribution to the future of the nation's exhibition industry with the ninth annual edition of The Reed Exhibitions Greater China Scholarship Program. The Reed Exhibitions Greater China Scholarship Program was created to attract and motivate outstanding young talents who endeavor to serve China's MICE trade through the exhibition industry. It is one of many ways in which the company, as the world's leading event organizer, demonstrates leadership and good corporate citizenship as it continues its role in building greater resources for China's exhibition industry. The program originated with a three-year-cooperation with the Exhibition Management Department of Beijing International Studies University (BISU) in 2007. The 2016 award applicants boasted a significant increase from recent years with 26 participating schools and 249 students. The overall 38 prizes line-up totalled to RMB135,000. A surge in participant numbers demonstrates a promising trend among China's young professionals in the nation's rapidly expanding exhibitions industry. Today's young talents increasingly recognize Reed's potential for development amid an exceptional working environment. The company's reputation as a top employer is undoubtedly a factor as well. Reed Exhibitions Greater China recently received the Best Employer honor for its third consecutive year, followed by The Best Performance Management Company Award in 2015, and its listing among Beijing's Top 30 Employers in 2014. Reed Exhibitions Greater China President Hu Wei notes, "At Reed, personal development is the cornerstone of our values because we know that success depends on our employees. We recognize that only by having the best talent can business priorities be achieved. That's why Reed continually and tirelessly invests in its workforce, both current and future. Our annual scholarship awards are a prime example of our company's ongoing investment in the future."

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