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Xue N.-T.,Tsinghua University | Zhang G.-C.,Beijing Guohuan Tsinghua Environment Engineering Design and Research Institute Co. | Chen J.,Tsinghua University | Ji Y.-K.,Beijing University of Technology | And 2 more authors.
Research of Environmental Sciences

Diosgenin is an important precursor for production of steroidal drugs while Dioscorea zingiberensis C. H. Wright, is the most popular raw material for diosgenin production. However, wastewater from diosgenin production using D. zingiberensis C. H. Wright is an acidic organic wastewater with high CODCr concentration and deep color. Cleaner production is an effective method to prevent and treat the wastewater. Six diosgenin production processes from D. zingiberensis C. H. Wright were evaluated using analytic hierarchy process (AHP)-gray relational analysis. Weights of 12 indicators (i. e. , acid consumption coefficient, water consumption coefficient, energy consumption coefficient, wastewater production index per ton product, waste gas production index per ton product, solid waste production index per ton product, pollutant treatment effect, environmental protection cost, environment efficiency, cost investment, operation cost, gains of conprehensive resource utilization) were determined according to AHP. Weights of water consumption coefficient, wastewater production indicators, and the acid consumption coefficient were 0.216, 0.189, and 0.167, respectively, as the top three indicatiors, which had a great impact on evaluation results. By steps of expert scoring and structure of decision matrix, associate degrees between process indicators column and data columns of optimal index set were calculated. Comprehensive ranking of the six production processes was obtained. Cell wall breakdown with microwave-methanol extraction, whose associate degree was 0.879, was optimal process. Direct separation method, direct separation-frame filter press, saccharification-membrane separation recovery, whose associate degree was 0.874, 0.803, 0.701, respectively, successively ranked after cell wall breakdown with microwave-methanol extraction. Direct acid hydrolysis and natural fermentation-acid hydrolysis, whose associate degree was 0.530, 0.410, respectively, ranked the last two and could be considered to eliminate. The explorative evaluation and the results were expected to provide a reference for the sound development of industry of diosgenin production from D. zingiberensis C. H. Wright and water pollution prevention, etc. Source

Xue F.-Q.,Beijing Guohuan Tsinghua Environment Engineering Design and Research Institute Co. | Sun Z.-L.,Beijing Guohuan Tsinghua Environment Engineering Design and Research Institute Co. | Sun Z.-L.,Wuxi Fenglu Environmental Science Co. | Qian M.,Beijing Guohuan Tsinghua Environment Engineering Design and Research Institute Co. | And 4 more authors.
Chung-kuo Tsao Chih/China Pulp and Paper

A process of primary sedirmentation, anaerobic treatment (IC and UASB), aerobic treatment and chemical coagulation was used for effluent treatment in a recycled paper mill in Jiangsu Province. Water consumption of the mill is below 10 t/t product due to its white water is recycling in a rather closure circulation. The high content of calcium from the raw material led to high calcium ion concentration in the waste water. Therefore, the calcification of anaerobic granular sludge was serious in this mill. In this paper, a moderate reduction of hardness method of waste water was adopted to reduce the hazard of calcification of anaerobic granular sludge. Furthermore, the anaerobic process would be operated stably and the cost of replacement of granular sludge would be reduced. ©, 2015, China Technical Association of Paper Industry. All right reserved. Source

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