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Li X.,Beijing Gas Group Company Ltd | Liang Y.,University of Science and Technology Beijing | Du Y.,University of Science and Technology Beijing | Tang D.,Beijing Safetech Pipeline Co. | And 2 more authors.
NACE - International Corrosion Conference Series | Year: 2017

The development of gas network, transportation and power facilities created the interference issues to the urban gas pipelines from alternating current (AC) power lines. Due to the limited space in urban area, the widely used of AC mitigation methods face great challenge when applied to urban gas pipelines. AC mitigation for urban gas pipelines has become more and more problematic. This study attempted to exemplify the AC mitigation design practice for an urban gas pipeline by numerical calculation, including AC interference risk evaluation, AC mitigation design and mitigation effectiveness assessment. Field tests were conducted to collect data along the pipeline right-of-way (ROW) and evaluate the risk of AC interference. Based on the collected information, a computing model was also established for pursuing the most cost-effective and environment-friendly mitigation methods. At last, the effectiveness of such AC mitigation was assessed through field tests. © 2017 by NACE International.

Hao X.,Beijing University of Civil Engineering and Architecture | Liu X.,Beijing University of Civil Engineering and Architecture | Li X.,Beijing Gas Group Co. | Zhao X.,Beijing Gas Group Co.
Journal of Thermal Science | Year: 2017

In view of some of the characteristics of a high-medium pressure gas regulator, such as small fault samples, many fault types and complex fault features etc, in order to improve the accuracy of fault precaution in this paper, a fault diagnosis method based on the combination of the improved wavelet packet and pressure harmonic distortion rate is proposed. On the basis of the harmonic distortion rate of the outlet pressure and the energy value of each frequency band obtained by improved wavelet packet decomposition, the rules for fault data were summarized. Finally, a safety precaution model of the high-medium pressure gas regulator is established. © 2017, Science Press, Institute of Engineering Thermophysics, CAS and Springer-Verlag Berlin Heidelberg.

Mu Z.-Y.,Beijing Gas Group Corporation Ltd. | Mu Z.-Y.,CAS Institute of Process Engineering | Ding Y.-L.,CAS Institute of Process Engineering
Journal of Donghua University (English Edition) | Year: 2013

Solar heating system is widely used recently. Heat storage equipment is the guarantee for steady performance of solar heating system. A design of latent heat storage exchanger with submerged coil was introduced with the structure, working principle, and the main advantages. This heat exchanger was integrated into solar heating system as the heat storage equipment. Advantage comparison of the designed heat exchanger in solar heating system with hot water tank was carried out. The analysis results show that the latent heat storage exchanger is superior to hot water tank obviously. The heat exchanger performance parameters and variations of these parameters are got: (1) with the increase of phase change material (PCM) volume ratio, heat storage equipment volume ratio decreases; (2) heat storage efficiency has the same varying tendency with outdoor and air temperature; while the bigger PCM volume ratio is, the weaker the effect of outdoor air temperature on heat storage efficiency is; (3) heat storage capacity and heat storage efficiency increase together; when PCM volume ratio is big, heat storage efficiency is high and the system can begin operating efficiently and quickly; (4) with the increase of heat storage capacity, life cycle operation cost (LCOC) of system increases gradually in high speed; but with the increase of PCM volume ratio, the difference between the two systems LCOCs becomes smaller and smaller; (5) the reasonable range of PCM volume ratio is 0.5-0.7. Temperature characteristic analysis shows that, with the filled PCM, heat storage medium temperature presents several segments at different time, under conditions of different heat storage capacity and different PCM state. Copyright © 2013 Editorial Department of Journal of Donghua University.

Ren Y.,Harbin Engineering University | Mu Z.-Y.,Beijing Gas Group Co. | Zheng H.-T.,Harbin Engineering University | Chen S.,CCS Mansion
Advanced Materials Research | Year: 2014

Energy consumption analysis models of ship energy system were established. The performance indexes, such as energy loss ratio, waste heat recovery rate and waste heat recovery perfect degree were defined. A 70000 - ton crude oil carrier was taken as an example for energy consumption analysis. The results show that the waste heat recovery rate of exhaust smoke was 15.69%, and the waste heat recovery perfect degree was 52.76%. © (2014) Trans Tech Publications, Switzerland.

Yang H.,Investment Center for Beijing Gas Group Co. | Zhang L.,Beijing Gas Group Co.
Natural Gas Industry | Year: 2014

Evaluation of shale gas exploration block selection involves technical, economic and market factors. However, for lack of such a scientific, easy and practical evaluation model, those relavant companies can not find any reference at their bidding phase. In view of this, the impacts of investment scale and market conditions on shale gas exploration block selection were first quantitatively analyzed based on the CRITIC method, and combined with the 6 main indexes reflecting geological conditions of shale gas resources. Thus, a comprehensive quantitative model was built, considering 12 factors including resources conditions, investment scale, gas market situation, etc., in the decision-making process. After the introduction of investment scale and market conditions into this model, a rather great change occurs in the decision-making results, meanwhile due to the quantitative analysis, this model helps make a strategic decision more scientific and objective, so with its simple and practical aspects, it becomes a best choice for those non-oil operators. In the case of the China's second round auction of exploration rights for shale gas blocks, this model provided the similar outcomes with the actual competitive bidding results, thus providing practical reference for a bidding enterprise to make a proper decision in the subsequent shale gas bidding.

Tang D.,University of Science and Technology Beijing | Du Y.,University of Science and Technology Beijing | Li X.,Beijing Gas Group co. | Liang Y.,University of Science and Technology Beijing | Lu M.,University of Science and Technology Beijing
Materials and Design | Year: 2016

Performance of magnesium sacrificial anode under alternating current was investigated in 4 g/L Na2SO4 simulated backfill solution by weight-loss measurements for 96 h, electrochemical measurements and surface examination. Alternating current increased the dissolution of magnesium, and at the same time, its DC potential shifted positively. The output cathodic protection current decreased at alternating current density of 50 A/m2. Polarity reversal occurred to magnesium sacrificial anode as soon as alternating current interference of 100 A/m2 (or larger) was applied. Besides the "instant effect", the polarity reversal showed a "time effect". It disappeared gradually at alternating current density of 100 A/m2. When alternating current density was more than 200 A/m2, the polarity reversal remained throughout the experiment (96 h). Based on the results of electrochemical measurements and surface examination, mechanism of polarity reversal was proposed. © 2015 Elsevier Ltd.

Jianmin S.,Beijing Gas Group Ltd. | Yahui W.,Beijing University of Civil Engineering and Architecture | Conglei Z.,Beijing University of Civil Engineering and Architecture | Chaogang W.,Beijing University of Civil Engineering and Architecture | Sumin L.,Beijing Gas Group Ltd.
Proceedings of the 28th Chinese Control and Decision Conference, CCDC 2016 | Year: 2016

As the gas pipe network scale expanding, the gas accident is also more and more. In this paper, based on the analysis on the features and harmfulness of gas leakage, from the aspects of gas leakage accident prevention study. In case-based Reasoning (CBR) method are studied, on the basis of to conduct the thorough research to the fuel gas leakage accident emergency plan, and set up plans library based on SQL Server database. This to improve the gas pipe network safe operation of the state, carry out the policy of prevention first and has practical significance. Finally gives the application of the empirical case and the evaluation algorithm of CBR method. Believe that in this paper, the enterprise has be certain helped to solve such problems. © 2016 IEEE.

Yalan L.,Beijing Gas Group Co.
International Gas Union World Gas Conference Papers | Year: 2015

This report covers the current situation of China's energy, the opportunities and outlook on the Chinese natural gas industry, the positive influence of Chinese gas sector on the global gas market, and an overview of the Beijing Gas Group. This is an abstract of a paper at the 26th World Gas Conference (Paris, France 6/1-5/2015).

Zhou X.,Beijing University of Civil Engineering and Architecture | Zhang Z.,Beijing University of Civil Engineering and Architecture | Lu Y.,Beijing Gas Group Co.
2011 International Conference on Computer Science and Service System, CSSS 2011 - Proceedings | Year: 2011

CRM is a significant component of marketing that a growing number of scholars are paying attention to. The scholars all over the world have explored some of the applicable management methods in theory and practice. The customer segmentation (CS) is the basis of CRM study, which divides the total customers into some analogous groups according to the diversity of purchasing behavior and characteristic, provide relevant production and service to targeted customer groups. The essay summarizes five kinds of CS methods in traditional market segmentation and makes some analysis and research about the efficiency and applicability. © 2011 IEEE.

News Article | November 8, 2016

Beijing Gas Group Co. Ltd. is to buy from OJSC Rosneft a 20% stake in a subsidiary of the Russian firm for $1.1 billion.

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