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Great Barrington, MA, United States

Bard College at Simon's Rock, more commonly known as Simon's Rock , is a residential four-year liberal arts college located in Great Barrington, Massachusetts, USA. It is an "early college", designed for students to enroll immediately after completing the tenth or eleventh grade, rather than after graduating from high school Wikipedia.

Coote T.W.,Bard College at Simons Rock
American Malacological Bulletin | Year: 2014

Here I present notes on two new species recently found in the upper freshwater portion of the Hudson River, Floridobia winkleyi (Pilsbry, 1912) and Valvata lewisi (Currier, 1868) collected during a study in 2008 (Coote and Strayer 2009, Strayer et al. in prep). Floridobia winkleyi is not only a new record for the river but its presence represents a significant expansion of its limited range from Connecticut to Maine (Smith 1994) and brings into question previously identified specimens attributed to Marstonia lustrica (Pilsbry, 1890) in the river. The other new record is the New York state listed species Valvata lewisi. All species found during the 2008 survey are reported here as well.

Heise-Pavlov S.R.,Center for Rainforest Studies | Longway L.J.,Bard College at Simons Rock
Ecological Management and Restoration | Year: 2011

Cane Toads (Rhinella marina, formerly Bufo marinus) in restoration sites on the Atherton Tableland in NE Australia consumed invertebrates belonging to 11 different taxa with ants being the most abundant prey item. Principal component analyses showed that the composition of invertebrates in Cane Toad diet is largely a reflection of invertebrates found in pitfall and leaf litter samples suggesting that the species is an indiscriminant feeder. However, pitfall samples contained more Collembola and Isopoda than were found in Cane Toad stomachs. The Cane Toad may benefit from restoration management practices by utilizing food resources enhanced by mulching and providing microhabitats (e.g. rock piles, logs) as shelter. While further studies would be needed to test this practitioners working in areas where the Cane Toad is problematic may consider trade-offs between attracting invertebrates and Cane Toads by monitoring provided microhabitat features. © 2011 Ecological Society of Australia.

Sawada J.,University of Guelph | Williams A.,Bard College at Simons Rock
Theoretical Computer Science | Year: 2016

A stack of n pancakes can be rearranged in all n! ways by a sequence of n!-1 flips, and a stack of n 'burnt' pancakes can be rearranged in all 2nn! ways by a sequence of 2nn!-1 flips. In both cases, a computer program can efficiently generate suitable solutions. We approach these tasks instead from a human perspective. How can we determine the next flip directly from the current stack? How can we flip the minimum or maximum number of (burnt) pancakes overall? What if we are only allowed to flip the top n-2, n-1, or n (burnt) pancakes? We answer the first question with simple successor rules that take worst-case O(n)-time and amortized O(1)-time. Then we answer the second question exactly for minimization, and provide conjectures for maximization. For the third question, we prove that solutions almost certainly exist for pancakes and burnt pancakes using only these three flips. More broadly, we discuss how efficiency and optimality can shape iterative solutions to Hamilton cycle problems in highly symmetric graphs. © 2015 Elsevier B.V.

Al-Khatatbeh Y.,Bard College at Simons Rock | Al-Khatatbeh Y.,Yale University | Lee K.K.M.,Yale University | Kiefer B.,New Mexico State University
Journal of Physical Chemistry C | Year: 2012

Using high-resolution, synchrotron-based powder X-ray diffraction (XRD), we have studied the high-pressure behavior of the anatase phase of nanocrystalline TiO 2 (nc-TiO 2) under hydrostatic conditions. We find that for anatase with a grain size larger than ∼40 nm, the room-pressure bulk modulus K 0 remains constant at ∼200 GPa to within experimental uncertainties. An ∼15% decrease in K 0 is observed for grains that are ∼20 nm in size and remains unchanged for grains down to 6 nm in diameter, indicating a rapid increase in compressibility for nc-TiO 2 anatase between 40 and 20 nm. © 2012 American Chemical Society.

Williams C.M.,Bard College at Simons Rock | Kramer E.M.,Bard College at Simons Rock
PLoS ONE | Year: 2010

The role of facial vibrissae (whiskers) in the behavior of terrestrial mammals is principally as a supplement or substitute for short-distance vision. Each whisker in the array functions as a mechanical transducer, conveying forces applied along the shaft to mechanoreceptors in the follicle at the whisker base. Subsequent processing of mechanoreceptor output in the trigeminal nucleus and somatosensory cortex allows high accuracy discriminations of object distance, direction, and surface texture. The whiskers of terrestrial mammals are tapered and approximately circular in cross section. We characterize the taper of whiskers in nine mammal species, measure the mechanical deflection of isolated felid whiskers, and discuss the mechanics of a single whisker under static and oscillatory deflections. We argue that a tapered whisker provides some advantages for tactile perception (as compared to a hypothetical untapered whisker), and that this may explain why the taper has been preserved during the evolution of terrestrial mammals. © 2010 Williams, Kramer.

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