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Chatterjee A.,Barasat College | Mukherjee G.,Barasat Cancer Research and Welfare Center
American Journal of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology | Year: 2013

Radiation oncology is a widely accepted subject in all over the world for the treatment of malignancy. To study the innate as well as humoral immune response before and after radiation therapy in patients and also to estimate the level of tissue damage in them the present study was performed. The extent of tissue damage was determined by measuring the C-reactive protein and immunologic defense was estimated by measuring complement C3 for innate resistance and immunoglobulin IgG for the humoral response. The complement C3, IgG and C-reactive protein levels of cancer patients were significantly higher than the normal level. More increase in serum C-reactive protein level in every patient after radiotherapy was observed. In majority of the cases decrease of C3 and IgG level was estimated after prolonged radiation treatment. This indicated that radiation therapy, despite being a successful treatment for cancer, causes massive tissue damage; and cellular as well as humoral immunity remains at a low level after radiotherapy. Age is a crucial factor to tolerate such prolonged therapy treatment. Prolonged application of radiotherapy may also cause side effects on normal immune system as they are already in immune deficient state due to the life threatening neoplastic disease. © 2013 Academic Journals Inc. Source

Chatterjee A.,Barasat Cancer Research and Welfare Center
Asian Journal of Epidemiology | Year: 2011

Cancer mortality rates are climbing in India and it is under-reported due to poor recording of the cause of death. An effective population-based screening program can give reliable data on over-all malignancy profile. An 8-year (2003-2010) multi-centre based study was assessed to understand the malignancy profile in the population of West Bengal. The cancer frequency was moderate during 2003 to 2006, after that it rises drastically and reached maximum peak in 2010. The most frequently affected organs were breast, cervix, stomach, lung, oesophagus, ovary, cheek, prostrate, liver and pancreas, gall bladder and tongue. The incidence in rural areas was slightly low compared to more polluted urban counterparts. Malignancies are in epidemic peak in this population with new cancer cases and greater increase among females. The largest threat among females was seen for breast and cervix cancer, among males for prostate cancer. Among children of age group below 10 years non hodgkin's lymphoma was alarmingly high, followed by acute lymphoblastic leukemia and acute myelocytic leukemia. Exposure to various environmental toxicants, industrial wastages, asbestos dusts, colored agricultural commodities and food products incredibly elevate the levels of malignant risk and status. Multiple neoplastic syndromes were common for cancers of liver-lung-brain, breast-ovary, prostrate-lung-bone and others in this population and more specifically in multiple endocrine neoplasias. This devastating cancer scenario can be prevented by public education on tobacco and its health hazards, recommended dietary guidelines, safe sexual practices and lifestyle modifications. © 2011 Asian Network for Scientific Information. Source

Gangopadhyay S.,West Bengal State University | Gangopadhyay S.,Inter-University Center for Astronomy and Astrophysics | Saha A.,West Bengal State University | Saha A.,Inter-University Center for Astronomy and Astrophysics | And 2 more authors.
Experiments in Fluids | Year: 2015

The response of a test particle, both for the free case and under the harmonic oscillator potential, to circularly polarized gravitational waves is investigated in a noncommutative quantum mechanical setting. The system is quantized following the prescription in Saha and Gangopadhyay (Phys Lett B 681:96, 2009). An algebraic technique is then employed to solve the Hamiltonian of the system. The solutions, in both cases, show signatures of the coordinate noncommutativity. In the harmonic oscillator case, this NC effect plays a key role in altering the resonance point at which the system couples maximally with the GW. This feature, if observed in an experimental setting, will serve to determine the scale of spatial NC parameter. The applicability of our treatement and the relevance of our results to resonant bar detectors of GW are discussed. © 2015, Springer Science+Business Media New York. Source

Chatterjee A.,Barasat Cancer Research and Welfare Center
International Journal of Cancer Research | Year: 2012

A total of 3747 cases were assessed to understand the prostrate cancer profile in the population of West Bengal from 2003-2010. Present investigation revealed that prostate cancer rate was climbing with 5.71% incidence and the ignorance is partially responsible for that alarmingly high incidence in elder males particularly from 51-70 years age group. The level of PSA (Prostate Specific Antigen) in the blood was high (<4 ng mL -1) in men having prostate cancer. The cancer frequency was moderate during 2003 to 2006, but i t rises drastically from 2007 (17.76%) and reached maximum peak (28.97%) in 2010. Prostate cancer was most prevalent in group A, followed by group B and group 0. The absolute number of new cancer cases was increasing rapidly, due to growth in size of the population and increase in the proportion of elderly persons as a result of improved life expectancy. The risk of developing prostate cancer was related to age, genetics, race, diet, lifestyle, medications and other factors. This peak cancer scenario can be altered in a positive direction by regular screening and by training the prevention measures of life style mohfication in a wide scale through proper way. © 2012 Academic Journals Inc. Source

Gangopadhyay S.,West Bengal State University | Gangopadhyay S.,Inter-University Center for Astronomy and Astrophysics | Saha A.,West Bengal State University | Saha A.,Inter-University Center for Astronomy and Astrophysics | And 2 more authors.
General Relativity and Gravitation | Year: 2015

Interaction of a charged particle in a static magnetic background, i.e., a Landau system with circularly polarised gravitational wave (GW) is studied quantum mechanically in the long wavelength and low velocity limit. We quantize the classical Hamiltonian following (Speliotopoulos in Phys Rev D 51:1701, 1995). The rotating polarization vectors of the circularly polarized GW are employed to form a unique directional triad which served as the coordinate axes. The Schrodinger equations for the system are cast in the form of a set of coupled linear differential equations. This system is solved by iterative technique. We compute the time-evolution of the position and momentum expectation values of the particle. The results show that the resonance behaviour obtained earlier (Macedo and Nelson in Astrophys J 362:584, 1990; Papadopoulos in Astron Astrophys 396:1045, 2002) by classical treatements of the system has a quantum analogue not only for the linearly polarized GW (Gangopadhyay and Saha in Mod Phys Lett A 27:1250192, 2012), but for circularly polarized GW as well. © 2015, Springer Science+Business Media New York. Source

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