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Ramat Gan, Israel

Bar-Ilan University is a public university in Ramat Gan of the Tel Aviv District, Israel.Established in 1955, Bar Ilan is now Israel's second-largest academic institution. It has nearly 26,800 students and 1,350 faculty members. Bar-Ilan University has eight faculties: Exact science, Life science, Social science, Humanities, Jewish Studies, Medicine, Engineering, and Law. There are also interdisciplinary studies.The University aims to forge closer links between Torah and universal studies, "to blend tradition with modern technologies and scholarship, and teach the compelling ethics of Jewish heritage to all... to synthesize the ancient and modern, the sacred and the material, the spiritual and the scientific." Wikipedia.

University of Valencia and Bar - Ilan University | Date: 2014-01-30

A system and method are presented for use in monitoring one or more conditions of a subjects body. The system comprises a control unit which comprises an input port for receiving image data and data indicative of at least one external stimulation (external field) applied to a portion of the subjects body during collection of the image data therefrom, a memory utility, and a processor utility. The image data is indicative of a sequence of speckle patterns generated by the portion of the subjects body according to a certain sampling time pattern. The processor utility is configured and operable for carrying out the following: processing the image data utilizing the data indicative of the applied external field(s), said processing comprising determining a spatial correlation function between successive speckle patterns in the sequence, and determining a time varying spatial correlation function in the form of a time-varying function of at least one feature of the correlation function indicative of a change of the speckle pattern over time; selecting at least one parameter of the time-varying spatial correlation function, and applying to said at least one parameter one or more of the models to determine one or more corresponding body conditions; and generating output data indicative of said one or more corresponding body conditions.

Bar - Ilan University and University of Connecticut | Date: 2015-06-30

An imaging system is provided, configured for providing three-dimensional data of a region of interest. The system comprising: an optical unit and a control unit. The optical unit comprises a radiation collection unit and a detection unit. The radiation collection unit comprises at least two mask arrangement defining at least two radiation collection regions respectively, the mask arrangements are configured to sequentially apply a plurality of a predetermined number of spatial filtering patterns formed by a predetermined arrangement of apertures applied on radiation collected thereby generating at least two elemental image data pieces corresponding to the collected radiation from said at least two collection regions. The control unit comprising is configured for receiving and processing said at least two elemental image data pieces and determining a plurality of at least two restored elemental images respectively being together indicative of a three dimensional arrangement of the region being imaged.

Nucleic acid origami devices are provided that are non-immunogenic and/or resistant to nucleases, which may be activated by one or more external cues, such as ligands, glucose concentration or electromagnetic fields; or used for attenuation or prevention of internalization of cell-surface receptors or prolongation of shelf-life of active agents. Further provided are methods for treating diabetes and methods for preparing the devices.

Systems acting as logic gates and systems exhibiting quorum sensing are provided, wherein said systems comprise at least one effector nucleic acid origami device, at least one regulator nucleic acid origami device, at least one input and at least one output, and the nucleic acid origami devices are non-immunogenic and/or resistant to nucleases.

A catalyst including: a plurality of porous clusters of silver particles, each cluster of the clusters including: (a) a plurality of primary particles of silver, and (b) crystalline particles of zirconium oxide (ZrO

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