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Dai Z.,North China Electrical Power University | Li C.,North China Electrical Power University | Chen X.,Baoding Power Supply Company
IEEE Region 10 Annual International Conference, Proceedings/TENCON | Year: 2017

According to the low voltage ride through (LVRT) requirement stipulated by the distribution grid standards, an LVRT strategy based on reactive power support of the inverter interfaced distribution generation (IIDG) was first presented. The maximum energy output, which achieves the optimal efficiency of distributed power supply, was also taken into account. Then the fault characteristics of IIDG with LVRT strategy were analyzed. Considering the impact of LVRT controlled IIDG on power distribution, the short circuit current analysis is discussed and a short circuit calculation model of distribution networks with IIDG was established. Case study in Digsilent shows the effectiveness of the LVRT strategy and the fault calculation method. © 2016 IEEE.

Dai Z.,North China Electrical Power University | Chen X.,Baoding Power Supply Company | Zhang T.,North China Electrical Power University
China International Conference on Electricity Distribution, CICED | Year: 2016

Aiming at implementing the condition-based maintenance of protection systems in smart substation, a new assessment method of the operational level of protection systems is presented. Based on the characteristics of smart substations, a monitoring method reflecting the changes of the protection system function in terms of logical nodes was given first. According to the needs of the condition-based maintenance, reliability indices of the protection system were then selected. Along with these indices, a dynamic Markov reliability assessment model was built to quantitatively calculate the maintenance requirement under given conditions. Finally, a typical 220kV smart substation was utilized to illustrate the application method of the assessment model. The result shows that the method, with certain operability, could provide reference for maintenance decision-making of the protection system in smart substations. © 2016 IEEE.

Zhu K.F.,North China Electrical Power University | Wang X.,North China Electrical Power University | Cai G.H.,Baoding Power Supply Company
Advanced Materials Research | Year: 2014

The article studies on the application of the shuffled frog leaping algorithm (SFLA) in power distribution network reconfiguration, taking the minimum loss and voltage quality of distribution network as a multi-objective function. The article improves the initial solution generation strategy of traditional genetic algorithm, which ensures the initial solution is feasible solution. Shuffled frog leaping algorithm and genetic algorithms are combined and proposed as shuffled frog leaping genetic algorithm (SFLGA). The algorithm uses the efficient coding strategy based on the basic loop and initial solution generation strategy, improves the calculation efficiency. The algorithm is verified by simulation results from test case on IEEE 33-bus system with distributed generations. © (2014) Trans Tech Publications, Switzerland.

Xu Y.-Q.,North China Electrical Power University | Li X.-D.,North China Electrical Power University | Zhang J.-G.,Baoding Power Supply Company | Li P.,North China Electrical Power University
Dianli Xitong Baohu yu Kongzhi/Power System Protection and Control | Year: 2011

The paper discusses adding new load nodes in distribution system expansion planning. The total installed capacity of distributed generation expansion is determined according to the amount of new loads. Under the condition that the number of DG units, locations, and the capacity of DG units are unknown, a multi-agent genetic model for distribution planning with DGs is proposed, with an objective function of minimizing the network construction and operation costs. The location, capacity and the topology of the distribution system is globally optimized by multi-agent genetic algorithm. Through the proper designing of the competition and self-learning behavior for the adjustment of the value of the objective function, fast global convergence is achieved.

Ge Y.-M.,North China Electrical Power University | Li B.-S.,North China Electrical Power University | Liang S.,Baoding Power Supply Company
Gaoya Dianqi/High Voltage Apparatus | Year: 2010

Insulators are important equipments on transmission line. The operation condition of insulator has direct effect on the safe running of the power network, so it's very important and necessary to inspect its surface state. In this paper, a method based on aerial images to detect the surface state of insulators is put forward. By establishing a mathematics model based on fuzzy comprehensive judgment, the method can be used to estimate the dirty state of insulator and whether there is a crack on the surface. The images screened on the helicopter can be analyzed by this way in the future.

Yao Z.,Hebei University | Han S.,North China Electrical Power University | Wang R.,Baoding Power Supply Company
Applied Mechanics and Materials | Year: 2012

With the purpose of lowering the problem to compile and maintain for GIS users this paper will demonstrate how to implement on power GIS editing system based on ArcEngine under .net environment. With the help of the GIS and the complex science of geometry network data organization it emphasizes the maintenance function of the electrical data to realize the analysis of the connectitvity of the whole network of the line. © (2012) Trans Tech Publications Switzerland.

Cai G.,Baoding Power Supply Company | Han T.,Baoding Power Supply Company
Applied Mechanics and Materials | Year: 2012

The electric energy quality problems caused by the running of wind power grid integration such as flicker and harmonic wave are increasingly prominent with the increase of the proportion of wind power. This paper describes the impact of the wind turbine connected to the power grid on the electric energy quality and conducts a trial test and proposes measures to improve the quality of electric energy such as improving the grid structure, improving voltage level of wind farm access system and the application of dynamic reactive compensation to the SVC and so on. © (2012) Trans Tech Publications, Switzerland.

Zhao Z.,North China Electrical Power University | Wang R.,Baoding Power Supply Company
Proceedings - 2010 3rd International Congress on Image and Signal Processing, CISP 2010 | Year: 2010

Infrared/visible image matching is a hot issue and challenge in the state-of-the-art research on image matching. A matching method of infrared/visible image is proposed based on edge extraction by applying a novel detector and descriptor with high performance, coined SURF (Speeded Up Robust Features), in view of the features that there is a large difference, even contrast inversion and consistent contour between infrared and visible image in image details. The method can solve the problem that infrared/visible image matching could not be completed by using SURF directly. It achieves good results with high speed according to the experimental results. ©2010 IEEE.

Ge Y.-M.,North China Electrical Power University | Li B.-S.,North China Electrical Power University | Liang S.,Baoding Power Supply Company
Gaoya Dianqi/High Voltage Apparatus | Year: 2012

An edge detection method based on mathematical morphology is proposed for the images from remote monitoring system of intelligent substation system. Taking insulator images for example, this method can filter out noise effectively and keep the original details. Comparison among the proposed method and other commonly used edge detection methods indicates that the most suitable method should be chosen in accordance with image features.

Ren J.,North China Electrical Power University | Li G.,North China Electrical Power University | Wang Z.,North China Electrical Power University | Zhen X.,Baoding Power Supply Company
Dianwang Jishu/Power System Technology | Year: 2012

In allusion to cascading overload trips due to power flow transferring, the features of power flow transferring after switching off overloaded branches was analyzed and it was pointed out that the branches greatly affected by power flow transferring were concentrated on the range electrically adjacent to the switched off branches; a new algorithm to rapid search tie line related to the overloaded branches was given to turn real-time power network into topological graph, then the first k shortest paths based on deviation path was adopted to rapidly search out the tie lines greatly affected by power flow transferring, thus the situation of miss-searching of partial branches due to too small hunting zone under the single path-based search could be avoided and the integrality of tie lines could be ensured. When overload occurred, the affection of overload on the security of the whole power network could be rapidly assesses by means of analyzing the influences of overload trips on branches related to the lie lines, thus the calculation amount could be greatly reduced and it was favorable to prevent the occurrence of cascading overload trips. The effectiveness of the proposed algorithm was verified by simulation results of CEPRI 36-bus system.

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