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Āsansol, India

It is hypothesized that exposure to transportation noise is associated with an increased risk of cardiovascular disease among adult population. The present study further explores this association in the light of new findings. The objective of this study was to perform a meta-analysis of studies reported during the last 3 decades on the association of transportation noise exposure with cardiovascular disease endpoints among adult population in cross-sectional studies. Relative risks were pooled from 12 studies by using an inverse-variance weighted fixed-effects model. The cardiovascular health outcomes included ischemic heart disease, myocardial infraction, angina pectoris, electrocardiogram-ischemia and cardiovascular medication. The pooled risk estimate (95% confidence interval) of 1.04 (0.96-1.12), shows a positive but nonsignificant association. The sensitivity analysis, conducted by excluding studies one by one, resulted in a positive and significant risk estimate. Contrary to the earlier meta-analysis, this study observed heterogeneity among subgroups and produced significant positive results to show that there exists an association between air traffic noise exposure and cardiovascular disease. It was also observed that the risk of cardiovascular disease due to exposure to transportation noise has increase to significant levels over the last 30 years. It can be concluded that though the association between transportation noise exposure and cardiovascular disease is evident, but not at a significant level. This study although provides evidence that air traffic noise is a serious cause of concern.

Ghorui M.K.,Banwarilal Bhalotia College | Chatterjee P.,Visva Bharati University | Roychoudhury R.,Indian Statistical Institute
Indian Journal of Physics | Year: 2013

The face to face collision between two nonlinear electron acoustic solitary waves in quantum plasma is studied. Using the extended Poincare-Lighthill-Kuo method we obtain the Kortwege-de Vries equations, the phase shifts and the trajectories after face to face interaction of the two solitons. The effect of the number densities of cold and hot electrons on the two phase shifts are also investigated. Moreover, it is observed that the quantum parameters for the different ratios of cold to hot electron number densities and also the ratios of cold to hot electron number densities for the different quantum parameters affect the phase shifts significantly. © 2012 Indian Association for the Cultivation of Science.

Pandey S.,Banwarilal Bhalotia College | Saha P.,University of Burdwan | Biswas S.,University of Calcutta | Maiti T.K.,University of Burdwan
Journal of Environmental Biology | Year: 2011

Two strains of Bacillus sp. resistant to arsenate and lead designated as AsSP9 and PbSP6, respectively were isolated from the slag disposal site. They were identified to be related to Bacillus cereus cluster on the basis of 16S rDNA based sequence analysis and phenotypic characteristics. Both were rod-shaped (AsSP9, 2-5 μm and PbSP6, 2-4 μm), aerobic, salt tolerant (2-8% NaCl), endospore forming bacteria with minor differences like the AsSP9 showed sporangial bulging and PbSP6 had positive lipase activity. The temperature range for their growth was 20-40°C and pH range 6.0-9.0 with an optimum temperature of 37°C and pH of 7 for both strains. The principal nitrogen sources for AsSP9 and PbSP6 were DL-Tryptophan and L-Phenylalanine, respectively. The suitable carbon source for AsSP9 was lactose and for PbSP6 sucrose. The heavy metal accumulation efficiency was found to be 0.0047 mg g -1 of dry mass for AsSP9 and 0.686 mg g -1 of dry mass for PbSP6. © 2011 Triveni Enterprises.

Banerjee D.,Banwarilal Bhalotia College
Noise and Vibration Worldwide | Year: 2013

Background: Previous studies have provided evidence about chronic night noise exposure and sleep disturbance, which is indicator of more serious health conditions. Such studies have never been reported for the Indian population. This study aimed to further explore the association between nocturnal transportation noise exposure and self-reported sleep disturbances in an adult Indian population.Methods: The cross-sectional study used results from a pilot study, from a large scale social survey in the urban municipality of Asansol, an industrial city, situated in western India. The survey included responses from 221 adults (19-59 year old) residing within 100 meters buffer of the major and arterial roadways, with criteria of minimum 10 years stay in the study area. Association of self-reported sleep disturbance was studied by multiple logistic regression analysis with adjusting for age, gender and period of residence.Results: Sleep disturbance was more marked at levels of 61-65 dB(A) night noise exposure, OR (95% CI) 2.36 (1.13-4.94. For a 5dB(A) increase in night noise exposure, the OR (95% CI) was 1.30 (1.04-1.64). For every 10 years addition to age of the respondents, odds of sleep disturbance was estimated to increase by 1.17 over non-exposure individuals. Women reported higher sleep disturbance, OR (95% CI) 1.23 (0.65-1.92) in comparison to men A period of residence of 10 years in study area showed an OR (95% CI) of 1.33 (0.86-2.06) for sleep disturbance among exposed respondents. Further it was estimated with 95% confidence that the attributable fraction for sleep disturbance among those noise exposed within the population was 16% to 80%.Conclusions: The study results support an association between higher nocturnal road traffic noise and self-reported sleep disturbance in comparison to areas with quieter nights. Further sleep disturbance among women was significantly associated with higher night noise exposure.

Banerjee D.,Banwarilal Bhalotia College | Banerjee D.,University of Burdwan
International Journal of Environmental Science and Technology | Year: 2014

The present study involved the assessment of potential generation of acid drainage from a coal mining area in India. Laboratory-based static and kinetic tests on overburden samples were conducted. Results of the static tests using acid base accounting indicate that all samples may be acid generators, and their generation capacity varied between likely, possible and low. To verify the acid generation potentiality of those samples showing a high acid drainage production in the static test, the kinetic test, using humidity cell, was conducted for a period of 15 weeks. The samples were leached with simulated rain water to mimic the chemical weathering under controlled laboratory conditions and imitate actual mine site leaching. Data obtained from chemical analysis of collected leachate were used to estimate production and reaction rates of acid generation and neutralizing capacity. Based on the kinetic test, it can be concluded that presently the neutralizing capacity of the samples is better than the oxidation capacity (acid generation). But due to the high weathering rate of carbonates, as reflected by the simulated leaching test, the neutralizing materials (carbonates) will eventually be exhausted earlier (since they showed dissolution rate) than the acid generation species (sulfates). Thus, acid drainage production is predicted from that point of time, when the neutralizing capacity has been exhausted for these mine sites. © 2013 Islamic Azad University (IAU).

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