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Broomfield, CO, United States

Ball Corporation, originally Ball Brothers Glass Manufacturing Company, is an American company famous for producing glass canning jars. Founded in 1880, it is currently headquartered in Broomfield, Colorado. The company has expanded into other areas such as avionics, space systems, metal beverage and food containers and aluminum aerosol containers. Ball is the largest producer of recyclable beverage cans in the world. The company exited the home canning business in 1993 by spinning it off into a separate company, Alltrista . Wikipedia.

The present invention relates generally to manufacturing metallic closures from a continuous coil of a pre-coated sheet metal material. More specifically, the present invention relates to manufacturing crown closures adapted for interconnection to a crown finish on a neck of a container using a continuous coil of pre-coated sheet metal material. In one embodiment, marketing indicia or product information may be applied to the closures after formation of the closures.

Ball Corporation | Date: 2015-03-05

An end closure for food and beverage containers provides controlled opening characteristics to prevent the unintentional missiling of a tear panel. The end closure comprises a score line that defines a portion of the tear panel, and the end closure may comprise one or more anti-missile features that inhibit the propagation of a fracture down a score line, which reduces the likelihood that a tear panel will inadvertently detach from the end closure and injure the user or another.

A metallic container end closure is provided that generally comprises a primary pour opening and an extended or secondary score which is opened with a secondary tool to form a secondary pour opening. The fact that a secondary tool is required allows the secondary score to be shallower, and thus more secure than deeper scores that are openable by finger pressure alone. Once the secondary tool is used to fracture the secondary score, a secondary pour opening is produced adjacent to the primary pour opening to form a larger opening. A user may insert materials such as ice or oranges through the enlarged pour opening.

Ball Corporation | Date: 2015-08-20

An end closure for food and beverage containers is provided that comprises a novel center panel for collecting and distributing fluids and solids into a pour opening of the end closure. The fluids and solids may be juice and fruit or vegetable pieces. The end closure may further comprise a novel pull tab for assisting in the collection and distribution of the fluids and solids into the pour opening of the end closure. In one embodiment, the center panel comprises a catch basin and a luge for collecting and directing fluids and solids into the pour opening.

Container Development Ltd. and Ball Corporation | Date: 2015-01-09

A drawn aluminum can shell has a peripheral crown which is double-seamed with an end portion of an aluminum can body to provide a can end having a generally flat center panel connected by an inclined curved or straight panel wall to an inclined inner wall of an annular U-shaped countersink. The countersink has an outer wall which connects with an inclined lower wall portion of a chuck wall at a junction below the center panel, and the chuck wall has a curved or inclined upper wall portion which connects with an inner wall of the crown. The chuck wall also has an intermediate wall portion forming a break, and the inner bottom width of the countersink is less than the radial width of the panel wall. The inclined upper wall portion of the chuck wall extends at an angle greater than the angle of the inclined lower wall portion of the chuck wall.

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