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Berea, OH, United States

Baldwin Wallace University is a 4-year private, coeducational, liberal arts college in Berea, Ohio, United States. The school was founded in 1845 as Baldwin Institute by Methodist settlers. Eventually the school merged with nearby German Wallace College in 1913 to become Baldwin–Wallace College. As of July 1, 2012 the school became Baldwin Wallace University. The institution offers a number of undergraduate and several graduate programs. Baldwin Wallace University is often referred to as simply "BW". BW has two campus sites: Berea, which serves as the main campus, and BW at Corporate College East in Warrensville Heights. Today BW enrolls around 3,050 full-time undergraduate students, 800 evening and weekend adult learners, and 830 graduate students. BW recruits students throughout Ohio but also students from all over the United States and internationally. Baldwin Wallace's motto is "Creating contributing, compassionate citizens of an increasingly global society." Baldwin Wallace's athletic teams compete as members of NCAA Division III athletics in the Ohio Athletic Conference.BW is known for its education, business, neuroscience, and music programs. BW is home to the Riemenschneider-Bach Institute and the Baldwin Wallace Conservatory of Music. The BW Conservatory holds the title for the oldest collegiate Bach Festival in the nation. Beyond this, the college's radio station is WBWC which is known throughout the Cleveland area. Wikipedia.

Peretz J.,University of Illinois at Urbana - Champaign | Neese S.L.,University of Illinois at Urbana - Champaign | Neese S.L.,Baldwin Wallace University | Flaws J.A.,University of Illinois at Urbana - Champaign
Biology of Reproduction | Year: 2013

Bisphenol A (BPA) is an endocrine-disrupting chemical (EDC) widely used in common consumer products containing polycarbonate plastics and epoxy resins. Previous studies indicate that other EDCs have species-dependent effects. Furthermore, some EDCs are known to have different effects in different strains within the same species. Little information, however, is known about whether the effects of BPA on the ovary differ by strain. Previous studies have shown that BPA inhibits follicle growth, induces atresia, and inhibits steroidogenesis and expression of steroidogenic enzymes in antral follicles from adult FVB mice. Thus, this study was designed to expand previous work by testing the hypothesis that mouse strain may differentially affect the susceptibility of adult antral follicles to BPA-induced toxicity. To test this hypothesis, antral follicles were mechanically isolated from adult FVB, CD-1, and C57BL/6 mice, individually cultured for 6-120 h and treated with either vehicle control (dimethylsulfoxide) or various concentrations of BPA (1.0 μg/ml, 10 μg/ ml, or 100 μg/ml). After culture, media were subjected to measurements of hormone production via ELISA, and follicles were subjected to real-time PCR for analysis of genes known to regulate steroidogenesis, the cell cycle, and atresia. Overall, BPA inhibited follicle growth and steroidogenesis in all tested strains, but CD-1 follicles were slightly more sensitive to BPA at early time points than FVB and C57BL/6 follicles. These data suggest that CD-1, FVB, and C57BL/6 mice can all be used to investigate the effects of BPA on ovarian follicles. © 2013 by the Society for the Study of Reproduction, Inc.

Chen X.,Baldwin Wallace University | Huang B.,University of Macau
Energy Economics | Year: 2016

We set up a theoretical model in which a less developed country (the LDC) undertakes an activity that imposes negative transboundary pollution effects on a more developed country (the MDC). The MDC can effectively make a Coasian payment in the form of direct environmental assistance, but can also encourage good "environmental citizenship" through its influence over the prospect that the LDC will gain the benefits of membership into a particular international club. We examine the strategic interactions between the LDC and the MDC in this regional environmental game, and our comparative statics analysis explores how a change in the membership "payoff" will affect the environmental efforts and outcome of both countries. Our theoretical model also addresses the issue of the economic growth in the LDC as well as its environmental impacts in the region. We also conduct empirical study and examine the evidence in the thirteen Central and Eastern European (CEE) countries that joined the European Union (EU) in the 21st century and investigate the impacts of EU membership on their environmental performance. We find that there is a robust correlation between the degree of EU integration and pollution abatement from the LDC, and we also observe that emissions of selected pollutants seem to follow a concave pattern relative to the national income, both of which coincide with our theoretical discussions. © 2014 Elsevier B.V.

Cook T.B.,Baldwin Wallace University
Social Psychiatry and Psychiatric Epidemiology | Year: 2013

Purpose Few studies have assessed the risk of suicide and suicidal behavior among the community-residing population with recent criminal justice involvement despite evidence of high rates of suicide in jails and prisons. This study assessed the association between recent arrest history and a suicide attempt in the previous year including multiple arrests and specific offense categories using a national representative sample of adults. Methods Data were derived from 2 years of the National Survey on Drug Use and Health (2008 and 2010), a nationally representative cross-sectional survey of noninstitutionalized US adults. Suicide attempts in the previous year based on self-report were assessed in relation to recent arrest history while accounting for socio-demographic factors, mental and physical health status and substance use. Results Suicide attempts in the previous year are relatively common among those with recent arrests (2.3%) compared to the general US population (0.4%), with much higher prevalence among those with multiple recent arrests or charges (4.5%). The prevalence of recent suicide attempts among those with multiple recent arrests was highest among adults aged 25-34 (5.7%), with similar risks between men and women, and across racial and ethnic subgroups. There was no association between arrests prior to the most recent year and recent suicide attempts. Conclusions Suicide attempts are common among the non- institutionalized population of US adults with recent criminal justice involvement. Suicide prevention efforts in the criminal justice system should extend to clients who remain in the community both during and immediately following periods of court-processing. Future research is needed to better identify case and client characteristics indicating the highest suicide risk. Springer-Verlag 2012.

Becker A.B.,Loyola University Maryland | Copeland L.,Baldwin Wallace University
Journal of Information Technology and Politics | Year: 2016

We test whether connective use of social media mobilizes individuals to engage in political consumerism. Analyzing data from a 2013 survey of LGBT adults (N = 1,197), we find that those who use social media for connective activities, (e.g., to meet new LGBT friends, discuss LGBT issues), are significantly more likely to engage in boycotts or buycotts to promote equality. We find significant interactions between connective social media use and political interest. Specifically, connective social media use mobilizes people with low levels of political interest to participate and reinforces the likelihood that people with high levels of political interest participate. © 2016 Taylor & Francis.

Munroe K.E.,University of Arizona | Munroe K.E.,Baldwin Wallace University | Koprowski J.L.,University of Arizona
Behavioral Ecology and Sociobiology | Year: 2014

Ground-dwelling sciurids exhibit a continuum of sociality and several models predict levels of sociality within this taxon. Models of ground squirrel sociality predict round-tailed ground squirrels (Xerospermophilus tereticaudus) to be solitary; however, previous behavioral studies suggest round-tailed ground squirrels have a matrilineal social structure. To resolve this discrepancy, we combined behavioral observations with genetic analyses of population structure. We assessed levels of agonistic and amicable behaviors combined with fine-scale population genetic structure of round-tailed ground squirrels in a multi-year study in AZ. Only 45 agonistic and 40 amicable interactions were observed between adults in over 137 h of observations. Overall rates of agonistic or amicable interactions between adults were low (≤0.69/h), with no relationship between relatedness of individuals and rates of either amicable or agonistic interactions. Interactions between juvenile littermates were predominantly amicable. Population substructure was not evident with Bayesian analyses, global or pairwise F ST values; average relatedness among females was not different from males. However, in 2006, the year after a population reduction through targeted animal elimination, a population bottleneck was detected within at least five of seven loci. Contrary to previous behavioral studies, this population of round-tailed ground squirrels, although aggregated spatially, did not exhibit high levels of social behavior nor subpopulation genetic structure. Analyses of the genetic relationships and sociality along a continuum, particularly within aggregates of individuals, may lead to insights into the origin and maintenance of social behaviors by elucidating the mechanisms by which aggregates with intermediate social levels are formed and maintained. © 2014 Springer-Verlag Berlin Heidelberg.

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