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Baku, Azerbaijan

Baku State University is a public university located in Baku, Azerbaijan. Established in 1919 by the Parliament of Azerbaijan Democratic Republic, the University started with faculties of history and philology; physics and mathematics; law and medicine with an initial enrollment of 1094. The first rector of BSU was V.I.Razumovsky, a former professor of surgery at Kazan University. In 1930, the government ordered the University shut down in accordance with a reorganization of higher education, and the University was replaced with the Supreme Pedagogical Institute. However, in 1934 the University was reestablished again, and continued to work through the difficult years of World War II experiencing a shortage of faculty members.By its 40th anniversary in 1959, the University already had 13 faculties. The Azerbaijan Medical University and Azerbaijan State Economic University were both spun-offs of the original respective faculties at BSU.Among the graduates of BSU were two former presidents of Azerbaijan, Abulfaz Elchibey and Heydar Aliyev. The former graduated from the Faculty of Arabic Language and Literature, while the latter, who dominated Azerbaijan's political life for over 30 years, from the Faculty of History. Nobel Prize-winning physicist Lev Landau studied at BSU between 1922 and 1924. BSU is the only university from Azerbaijan Republic ranked by international ranking organizations, such as University Ranking by Academic Performance and currently ranks at 1951 in the University Ranking by Academic Performance . Wikipedia.

Pashaev I.G.,Baku State University
Semiconductors | Year: 2014

This study is devoted to investigation of the relaxation of excess current in silicon α-NiTi-n-Si Schottky diodes subjected to either γ-ray radiation or local disturbance of the interface structure using a diamond indenter. A decrease in the excess diode current is attained using both thermal annealing and ultra-sound irradiation. Simultaneously, the parameters of solar cells manufactured from the above-mentioned Schottky diodes subjected to irradiation with γ-ray photons and to single or double irradiation with ultra-sound are studied. It is shown that, after the effect of the diamond indenter, the excess current decreases as a result of thermal annealing; however, a decrease in the excess current to the initial value is not attained. The photoelectric parameters of the studied solar cells before irradiation and after irradiation with γ-ray photons and after single or double irradiation with ultrasound show that ultrasonic treatment is more efficient than thermal annealing. © 2014, Pleiades Publishing, Ltd. Source

Canola is a major oil seed crop worldwide, and it is also an important crop in Mediterranean areas where salinity is an increasing problem. In this paper, the effect of different ratios of nitrate and ammonium on seed yield, oil yield, physiological attributes and fatty acid composition was evaluated under salt stress. Two field experiments were carried out over two crop seasons on SLM 046 canola cultivar. In the first experiment different ratios of nitrate and ammonium were compared to each other and the best ratio was tested in the second experiment in composition with phosphorus and potassium fertilizers under mild and severe salt stress conditions. Soil salinity was induced by saline water over the entire crop cycle. The results from Experiment I showed that there was significant difference among nitrate and ammonium ratios so that 50:50 ratio showed the best influence on above mentioned traits. Seed and oil yield, photosynthesis, nitrate reductase activity and fatty acid percentage increased due to application of 146 kg ha -1 ammonium nitrate which has equal proportion of nitrate and ammonium (50:50 ratios) while proline accumulation decreased as a result of this treatment. In addition, seed and oil yield and linolin, linoleic and oleic acid percentage increased by application of 146 kg ha -1 ammonium nitrate when applied with the phosphorus and potassium fertilizers, simultaneously, in the second experiment. In general, considering the results of both experiments, application of 146 kg ha -1 ammonium nitrate recommended under salt stress conditions along with phosphorus and potassium fertilizers. Source

Kasumova R.J.,Baku State University
Applied Optics | Year: 2012

The work presents a theoretical analysis of quasi-phase-matched intracavity interaction in the constantintensity approximation at frequencies summing with simultaneous regard for the losses and phases of interacting waves. An analytical expression for optimumcorrelation between interacting waves has been received. It is shown that, by the choice of optimum values of phase mismatch, pump intensity, and phase relationship, it is possible considerably to increase conversion efficiency in comparison with the noncavity case. The numerical estimation of expected conversion efficacy in conditions of an experiment is presented. © 2012 Optical Society of America. Source

Agaev S.S.,Kocaeli University | Agaev S.S.,Baku State University | Azizi K.,Dogus University | Sundu H.,Kocaeli University
Physical Review D - Particles, Fields, Gravitation and Cosmology | Year: 2016

The mass and decay constant of the X(5568) state newly observed by the D0 Collaboration are computed within the two-point sum rule method using the diquark-antidiquark interpolating current. In calculations, the vacuum condensates up to eight dimensions are taken into account. The obtained result for the mass of the X(5568) state is in a nice agreement with the experimental data. © 2016 American Physical Society. Source

Agaev S.S.,Baku State University
European Physical Journal C | Year: 2010

Constraints on the distribution amplitudes of the SUf(3) singlet η1 and octet η8 states are obtained from a comparison of the theoretical predictions for the ηγ and η′γ electromagnetic transition form factors with experimental data of the CLEO and BaBar Collaborations. In calculations of the form factors Fη(η′)γ(Q2) the power-suppressed corrections arising from the end-point integration regions x→0,1 are taken into account by employing the infrared renormalon approach. It is demonstrated that the power-suppressed corrections allow one to describe the data on the ηγ and η′γ transitions within a framework of the SUf(3) octet-singlet basis using one mixing angle for both the physical states and decay constants. © 2010 Springer-Verlag / Società Italiana di Fisica. Source

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