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Cai M.-Z.,Zhejiang Normal University | Wang F.-M.,Zhejiang Normal University | Li R.-F.,Baise College | Zhang S.-N.,Zhejiang Normal University | And 2 more authors.
Journal of Inorganic Biochemistry | Year: 2011

Root border cells (RBCs) and their secreted mucilage are suggested to participate in the resistance against toxic metal cations, including aluminum (Al), in the rhizosphere. However, the mechanisms by which the individual cell populations respond to Al and their role in Al resistance still remain unclear. In this research, the response and tolerance of RBCs to Al toxicity were investigated in the root tips of two soybean cultivars [Zhechun No. 2 (Al-tolerant cultivar) and Huachun No. 18 (Al-sensitive cultivar)]. Al inhibited root elongation and increased pectin methylesterase (PME) activity in the root tip. Removal of RBCs from the root tips resulted in a more severe inhibition of root elongation, especially in Huachun No. 18. Increasing Al levels and treatment time decreased the relative percent viability of RBCs in situ and in vitro in both soybean cultivars. Al application significantly increased mucilage layer thickness around the detached RBCs of both cultivars. Additionally, a significantly higher relative percent cell viability of attached and detached RBCs and thicker mucilage layers were observed in Zhechun No. 2. The higher viability of attached and detached RBCs, as well as the thickening of the mucilage layer in separated RBCs, suggest that RBCs play an important role in protecting root apices from Al toxicity. © 2011 Elsevier Inc. All rights reserved.

Huang X.,Baise College | Li L.,Guangxi University | Xie Z.,Guangxi University | Lao M.,Guangxi University
Jinshu Rechuli/Heat Treatment of Metals | Year: 2016

Mg-Al-Li alloy were prepared by using liquid nitrogen rapid quenching process after powder sintering method and mechanical alloying under the argon atmosphere protection, and microstructure, hydrogen absorption and desorption kinetics and thermal properties were investigated. The results show that the liquid nitrogen rapid quenching process after sintering are not obviously improve Mg5Al3Li2 hydrogen absorption and desorption kinetics performance of the alloy, especially the dehydrogenation temperature of liquid nitrogen quenching samples hydride and dehydrogenation activation energy raise 15.1 K and 14.5 kJ/mol respectively, but the hydrogenated quantity increases with the increase of temperature. Therefore, the next step of work at first should be considered that using ball mill before sintering, SPS discharge plasma sintering+ball mill or high energy ball mill another preparation technology to increase the Mg-Al-Li alloy of hydrogen storage properties. © 2016, Editorial Office of "Jinshu Rechuli". All right reserved.

Huang X.,Baise College
Jinshu Rechuli/Heat Treatment of Metals | Year: 2014

Annealing treatment was carried out on (La0.8Nd0.2)2 Mg (Ni0.8-xCo0.1 Mn0.1Alx)9 (x=0, 0.05, 0.1, 0.15) alloys. The results show that all the annealed (La0.8Nd0.2)2 Mg (Ni0.8-x Co0.1 Mn0.1Alx)9 alloy electrodes have good activation performance, the maximum discharge capacity Cmax of all the annealed alloys is obtained by 1-4 cycles of charging and discharging, all of them are improved, and the maximum is 399.2 mA · h/g (x=0). With increasing the amount of Al substitution, the absorption and release hydrogen platform pressure of the alloys drops, but the hydrogen absorbing lag increases. At the same time, the annealing treatment can significantly improve the electrode cycle stability of all the alloys, the maximum of electrode capacity retention rate (S60) is 76.7% (x=0.1) when cycled sixty times of charging and discharging.

Ling S.-M.,Guangxi Normal University | Ling S.-M.,Baise College | Li J.-F.,Guilin University of Technology | Liang A.-H.,Guangxi Normal University | And 3 more authors.
Guang Pu Xue Yu Guang Pu Fen Xi/Spectroscopy and Spectral Analysis | Year: 2010

In pH 7.0 tris-HCl buffer solutions and in the presence of 0.017mol·L-1 NaCl, herring sperm DNA was combined with gold nanoparticles in size of 10nm to form stable complex, and the NaCl did not cause the aggregation of the gold nanoparticles. Upon addition of Hg2+, that reacted with DNA to form more stable complex of Hg2+-DNA, and the gold nanoparticles aggregated to from larger nanogold clusters that led to considerable enhancement of the resonance scattering intensity at 572nm enhanced considerably. The effect of GN concentration, DNA concentration, NaCl concentration, incubation time, and temperature, and ultrasonic irradiation was considered respectively, the conditions of 3.87 μg·mL-1 GN, 11.7μg·mL-1 DNA, pH 7.0 Tris-HCl buffer solutions, 17 mmol ·L-1 NaCl, and incubation 10min at 37°C under the ultrasonic irradiation were chosen for use. Under the conditions, the enhanced resonance scattering intensity at 572nm was linear to the Hg2+ concentration in the range of 3.3-3333.3 nmol·L-1, with regress equation of ΔI572nm=0.019 c+5.0, coefficient of 0.9991, and a detection limit of 2.5nmol·L-1 Hg2+. Results of interference tests showed that 30μmol·L-1 Mn2+, 33μmol·L-1 Mg2+ and Zn2+, 100μmol·L-1 Cd2+, 200μmol·L-1 Fe3+, and 420μmol·L-1 Mo6+, Pb2+ and Cu2+ did not interfered with the determination of 0.33μmol·L-1 Hg2+. That is, this resonance scattering spectral assay is of good selectivity. This assay was applied to the detection of Hg(II) in water sample, with a relative standard deviation of 5.1%, and the results were in agreement with that of the cool vapor atomic absorption spectrophotometry.

Cai-juan P.,Baise College | Cai-juan P.,Hefei University of Technology
Chinese Astronomy and Astrophysics | Year: 2010

Under the assumption that the accretion disk around a Kerr (spinning) black hole is geometrically thin and optically thick, the trajectories of photons in Kerr metric are calculated by using the photon tracing method. And by numerical calculations, we have made a study on the relativistic iron line profiles and images of thin accretion disks. The result shows that viewing at large inclination angles, because of the contribution of the photons from the lower surface of the accretion disk, the line profile becomes double-peaked and the flux image is also significantly modified. © 2010.

Huang X.,Baise College
Tezhong Zhuzao Ji Youse Hejin/Special Casting and Nonferrous Alloys | Year: 2014

Progress in grain refining technology for 5154 aluminum magnesium alloy wire rods in recent years was surveyed. From two aspects of alloys material composition design optimization and the grain refinement technology, some measures, such as modification treatment, electric field refinement and surface treatment, heat treatment process and optimization of drawing-pulling pass, were described. Optimized ways of alloy chemical composition, preparation technology and grain refinement process were summarized. The problems in the development of ultra-fine and super-strength tendency and the corresponding technical route were approached.

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