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Bristol, United Kingdom

A pixel sensor having a main photodiode and a parasitic photodiode and a method for reading out that pixel sensor are disclosed. The parasitic photodiode also serves the function of a floating diffusion node in the pixel. The pixel sensor is read by first determining the exposure as measured by the parasitic photodiode and then determining the exposure as read by the main photodiode. One of the two exposure measurements is chosen as the pixel output. The main photodiode has a light conversation efficiency chosen such that one of the two measurements will provide a measurement of the exposure over a dynamic range that is greater than that of either the main photodiode or the parasitic photodiode utilized separately.

In the method for constrained optimization for compander design for OFDM PAPR, wherein the improvement comprises the step of converting a Rayleigh amplitude distribution from which superior performing companders are derived, whereby a constrained optimization problem may be solved using Lagrange multipliers.

A method and system for determining view invariant spatial-temporal descriptors encoding details of both motion dynamics and posture interactions that are highly representative and discriminative. The method and system describe determining posture interactions descriptors and motion dynamics descriptors by utilizing cosine similarity approach thereby rendering the descriptors to be view invariant.

BAE Systems | Date: 2016-01-14

Systems and methods provide adaptability in a mobile ad hoc network (MANET), based on an existing protocol, such as adaptive hybrid domain routing (AHDR). The systems and methods are especially suited for fast changing topologies that may change after a reactive route discovery has been completed.

BAE Systems | Date: 2015-10-07

A microwave module is described. The microwave module includes a base bracket, a window plate and a lid. The base bracket is configured to contain a photoconductive switch, a radio-frequency transformer and dielectric oil. The window plate, which is transparent to optical light, covers a first portion of the base bracket in which the photoconductive switch is located. The window plate is sealed to the base bracket. The lid, which includes a cutout to allow the radio-frequency transformer to pass through the lid, covers a second portion of the base bracket in which the radio-frequency transformer is located. The window plate is sealed to the base bracket, and the lid is sealed to the window plate, the base bracket and the radio-frequency transformer to contain the dielectric oil within the microwave module.

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