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Sainte-Foy-lès-Lyon, France

This method for calculating a repeatability index of gestures and shots of a player striking a tennis ball with a racket, includes:

A method of processing data representing the performance of a tennis player in a display device includes: a) calculating, using data including physical quantities measured during a game period including one or several game sessions and transferred into a system for calculating of the display device, at least three parameters representing the players performance during this game period, b) displaying, in the form of a diagram including one axis for each parameter, with the axes forming a star with several branches, points corresponding to the values of the parameters on the axes so as to form a generally polygon-shaped closed contour encompassing or passing through the points, and c) alternatively increasing and decreasing the surface area delimited by the closed contour according to a frequency of the variation calculated according to the effective game time of the player measured during the last game session of the game period.

Method for calculating a parameter (P) representing a tennis players technical level during a series of strokes includes: a) determining, for each executed stroke, an impact zone of the stroke on the stringed zone of a tennis racquet used by the player; b) determining, for each executed stroke, the type of stroke, with the type being chosen from a list including at least two type of strokes; c) using the impact zones determined in step a) and types of strokes determined in step b) for the series of strokes, determining a zone index for each type of stroke; d) using the zone indexes calculated in step c), calculating the parameter value, using the following formula: where C is the number of stroke types, Zi, with i between 1 and C, is the zone index, and Ni is the number of strokes executed per type of stroke i.

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