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Tokyo, Japan

Babcock Hitachi K. K. | Date: 2012-12-28

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Babcock Hitachi K. K. | Date: 2012-01-12

A spray nozzle is provided with upper and lower channels and from respective surfaces, the two channels form a cross shape, and become a fuel spray hole by communication of an intersecting part. A guide member is provided, in contact with the upstream-side channel, in a position overlapped with the intersecting part with respect to the spray direction of the spray nozzle. Spray fluid is branched with the guide member from the fuel fluid duct connected to the spray nozzle, passes through the upstream-side channel, to the intersecting part, and is sprayed. The spray fluid forms opposed flows toward the intersecting part in the upstream-side channel to collide with each other at an obtuse angle of 90 or greater, then is sprayed from the intersecting part, to form a thin fan-shaped liquid film. The liquid film is divided by a shearing force from the peripheral gas, atomized into spray particles.

Babcock Hitachi K. K. | Date: 2013-05-31

A pulverized coal-fired boiler efficiently supplies air to a central part of a furnace and the neighborhood of a furnace wall, thereby promoting mixture with combustion gas, and reducing both NOx and CO. The main after air ports are structured so as to jet air having a large momentum for enabling arrival at the central part of the furnace, and the sub-after air ports are structured so as to jet air having a small momentum to the neighborhood of the wall face of the furnace, and a sectional center of each of the sub-after air ports is within a range from 1 to 5 times of a caliber of the main after air ports from a sectional center of each of the main after air ports.

A solid fuel burner and its combustion method suited for encouraging fuel ignition and avoiding slugging caused by combustion ash, wherein a gas of low oxygen concentration (exhaust combustion gas) is used as a carrier gas of such a low grade solid fuel as brown coal. An additional air nozzle for jetting additional air having a velocity component in the circumferential direction of a fuel nozzle is provided in the fuel nozzle, thereby encouraging mixing between the fuel and air in the fuel nozzle. Further, the amount of air supplied from the additional air nozzle is adjusted in response to the difference in combustion loads. Under light load, the amount of air supplied from the additional air nozzle is increased so as to increase the oxygen concentration of the circulating flow formed downstream of the outside of the outlet of the fuel nozzle, whereby stable combustion is ensured. Under heavy load, by contrast, the amount of air supplied from the additional air nozzle is decreased, and a flame is formed away from the fuel nozzle in such a way that burner structures and furnace wall will be less subjected to radiant heat.

A subcritical pressure high-temperature steam power plant includes a combustion boiler system, steam turbine generator system, and condensate and feedwater system and wherein the conditions of steam generated in the boiler system and supplied to the steam turbine generator system are subcritical pressure and high temperature (turbine inlet temperature of 593 C. or more).

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