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La Mirada, CA, United States

Babcock International Group plc is a multinational corporation headquartered in the United Kingdom, which specialises in support services managing complex assets and infrastructure in safety- and mission-critical environments. Although the company has civil contracts, its main business is with public bodies, particularly the UK Ministry of Defence and Network Rail. The company has four operating divisions with overseas operations based in Africa, North America & Australia. It is the world's 41st-largest defence contractor measured by 2010 defence revenues, and the third-largest based in the UK .Babcock is listed on the London Stock Exchange and is a constituent of the FTSE 100 Index. Wikipedia.

A pressurized water reactor (PWR) includes a vertical cylindrical pressure vessel having a lower portion containing a nuclear reactor core and a vessel head defining an integral pressurizer. A reactor coolant pump (RCP) mounted on the vessel head includes an impeller inside the pressure vessel, a pump motor outside the pressure vessel, and a vertical drive shaft connecting the motor and impeller. The drive shaft does not pass through the integral pressurizer. The drive shaft passes through a vessel penetration of the pressure vessel that is at least large enough for the impeller to pass through.

An integrated sorbent injection, heat recovery, and flue gas desulfurization system is disclosed. A dry sorbent is injected into the flue gas upstream of the air heater. This reduces the acid dew point temperature, permitting additional heat energy to be captured when the flue gas passes through the air heater. The flue gas then passes through a desulfurization unit and through a baghouse, where solids are captured. The capture of additional heat energy permits the overall boiler efficiency to be increased while safely operating at a lower flue gas temperature. The integrated system consumes no greater quantity of sorbent than conventional methods but provides the benefit of improved plant heat rate.

Computed radiography imaging plates incorporating an intensifying material that is coupled to or intermixed with the phosphor layer, allowing electrons and/or low energy x-rays to impart their energy on the phosphor layer, while decreasing internal scattering and increasing resolution. The radiation needed to perform radiography can also be reduced as a result.

A solar receiver module includes a front tube sheet with light apertures, a back plate cooperating with the front tube sheet to define a sealed gap, and light channeling tubes optically coupled with the light apertures, extending through the gap and connecting with the back plate. A flowing heat transfer medium flows in the gap over exterior surfaces of the light channeling tubes. Slip joint engagements between light apertures and ends of most or all of the light channeling tubes accommodate thermal expansion. Each slip joint may be defined by an inner or outer perimeter of the light aperture receiving the end of the light channeling tube. A sub-set of the light channeling tubes may be welded to light apertures. A module support post may be secured at a center of the back plate and extend away oppositely from the front tube sheet. A welded or stamped tube sheet provides a seal between tubes at the front face of the tube modules. Thermal expansion provides a seal between adjoining modules at the front face and seal strips provide a seal at the back face.

The present invention relates generally to the field of catalysts for use in connection with one or more types of emissions control (e.g., emissions control associated with the combustion of one or more types of fossil fuel) and, in particular to catalyst compositions that possess an improved resistance to at least one type of poisoning. In another embodiment, the catalysts of the present invention are designed to be utilized in conjunction with an SCR and possess an improved resistance to phosphorus poisoning.

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