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Cycle Inc | Date: 2010-05-04

An openable caster having a mount cap, a mount housing pivotally connected to the mount cap, a post protruding from a top surface of the mount housing, a switch disposed on the mount cap and a slide release mechanism for locking and releasing the caster. The slide release mechanism has a flange disposed within the mount cap. The flange includes a recess with a bracket, the bracket being accessible from an underside of the mount housing. The flange is operationally connected to the switch. Actuation of the switch moves the slide release mechanism from a locked state, in which the caster is closed and a portion of the post is secured by the bracket, to a released state in which the post is released from the bracket.

Cycle Inc | Date: 2012-01-19

An accessory mounting assembly and method of mounting to a vehicle may include an accessory bracket removably connected to a mounting bracket. The accessory bracket may include a connection mechanism including a biasing portion, a pre-load portion, a lock portion, and a release portion. The mounting bracket may include a lock groove configured to align in registration a slot on the accessory bracket and engage the lock portion in order to prevent unintentional removal of the accessory bracket from the mounting bracket.

Cycle Inc | Date: 2014-03-14

A cylinder assembly includes a housing defining first and second outer cylindrical surfaces having a longitudinal axis and a shim having a retaining ring fitted over the first outer cylindrical surface. The shim includes a plurality of connector spokes extending from the retaining ring, and a corresponding plurality of shim elements configured at the ends of the plurality of connector spokes. The connector spokes extend radially from the retaining ring relative to the longitudinal axis when the shim is in a pre-installation configuration. The connector spokes are bendable such that the shim elements extend longitudinally and are positioned next to the second outer cylindrical surface when the shim is in an installation configuration. Shims, methods of assembly, bicycles and other components are also provided.

An internal combustion engine for a vehicle, such as a motorcycle, includes a crankcase, two banks of cylinders projecting from the crankcase in a 56-57 degree V-configuration, a plurality of pushrods, and a plurality of camshafts supported by the crankcase. The two banks of cylinders include a first cylinder bank that projects from the crankcase to a first cylinder head, and a second cylinder bank that projects from the crankcase to a second cylinder head. The plurality of intake and exhaust valve pushrods extend between the crankcase and the first and second cylinder heads, driven by one intake camshaft and two exhaust camshafts.

Cycle Inc | Date: 2010-07-12

A braking and steering assembly in a vehicle having a pushing section and a riding section. The assembly includes an upper connection post containing braking and steering components for the riding section. The upper connection post has an upper end and a lower threaded end. The assembly further includes a lower connection post containing braking and steering components for the pushing section. The lower connection post has an aperture for threadedly receiving the lower threaded end of the upper connection post. The assembly also includes a rotatable front knob fixed to the upper end of the upper connection post. Rotatably tightening the front knob connects the lower end of the upper connection post with the upper end of the lower connection post. Braking and steering in the riding section controls braking and steering in the pushing section.

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