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Huseynov J.I.,Azerbaijan State Pedagogical University | Murguzov M.I.,Azerbaijan State Pedagogical University | Ismayilov S.S.,Azerbaijan State Pedagogical University | Mamedova R.F.,Azerbaijan State Pedagogical University | Gojayev E.M.,Azerbaijan Technical University
Semiconductors | Year: 2017

The ErxSn1–xSe system is characterized by a significant deviation of the temperature dependence of the differential thermopower from linearity at temperatures below room temperature and a change in the sign of the thermomagnetic coefficient. The deviation of the thermopower of ErxSn1–xSe samples in the nonequilibrium state from linearity is found to be caused mainly by the entrainment of charge carriers by phonons αph. The statistical forces of electronic entrainment, Aph(ε), are estimated. © 2017, Pleiades Publishing, Ltd.

Guliev S.M.,Azerbaijan State Pedagogical University
Journal of Applied Mechanics and Technical Physics | Year: 2012

The problem of fracture mechanics on nucleation of cracks emanating from circular contours of holes of perforated isotropic solids under longitudinal shear is under consideration. The solution of the equilibrium problem of a perforated solid under longitudinal shear with prefracture zones is reduced to solving an infinite algebraic system and a nonlinear singular integrodifferential equation with a kernel of the Cauchy type. Forces in crack nucleation zones are found by solving these equations. The condition of crack emergence is formulated taking into account the criterion of the limiting discontinuity of material displacements. © 2012 Pleiades Publishing, Ltd.

Mammadov F.M.,Azerbaijan Academy of Sciences | Niftiyev N.N.,Azerbaijan State Pedagogical University
Semiconductors | Year: 2016

The results of investigations of the frequency and temperature dependences of dielectric losses and the imaginary part of the dielectric permittivity in FeGaInS4 single crystals are presented. Their experimental values are determined. It is established that the loss tangent and the imaginary part of the permittivity of FeGaInS4 single crystals in a field with frequencies of 104–106 Hz decrease inversely proportional to the frequency (tanδ ~ 1/ω), and the conductivity is characterized by the band–hopping mechanism. For FeGaInS4, the relaxation time is calculated, and it is established that there is a mechanism of electron polarization caused by thermal motion in this crystal. © 2016, Pleiades Publishing, Ltd.

Niftiev N.N.,Azerbaijan State Pedagogical University | Niftiev N.N.,Azerbaijan Academy of Sciences | Tagiev O.B.,Azerbaijan Academy of Sciences
Optics and Spectroscopy (English translation of Optika i Spektroskopiya) | Year: 2016

Optical absorption of MnGa2S4 single crystals is studied at two light polarizations (E ||C and E⊥ C). The polarization splitting of the absorption edge points to a splitting of the valence band of MnGa2S4. A contribution to the crystal-field splitting is made by two factors, namely, by a difference in the pseudopotential of cationic sublattice atoms and by tetragonal compression of the lattice along the C axis. A scheme of optical transitions in MnGa2S4 in the Brillouin zone center is suggested, according to which the optical transitions Г3 + Г4 → Г1 occur in the polarization E ⊥ C, and the Г2 → Г1 transitions occur in the polarization E || C. © 2016, Pleiades Publishing, Ltd.

Nabiyeva S.Z.,Azerbaijan State Pedagogical University
International Journal of Environmental and Science Education | Year: 2016

The study aims at analysis an educational and informative competence, describing the components of schoolchildren’s educational and informative activity and submitting an efficient set of exercises resulted from the educational and informative activity component analysis. The relevance of the study is determined by modernization of an educational paradigm since the current approach to organization of the learning process is to be reviewed. The study results are based on the average performance of schoolchildren during the 4-year study of the subject “Native language” (n=70). Furthermore, we used a comprehensive approach to analysis of an elementary school educational process as a methodological basis for analysis of pedagogical reality. The study showed that informative educational activity helps the schoolchild to form competencies that contribute to education of moral, civic and patriotic, aesthetic qualities of a child, mindset formation in general. Suggested model of improving educational and informative activity at native language lessons may be used by teachers as a way of organization of the current learning process. © 2016 Nabiyeva.

Zalov A.Z.,Azerbaijan State Pedagogical University
Journal of Analytical Chemistry | Year: 2015

The complexation of tungsten(VI) with 2-hydroxy-5-chlorothiophenol in the presence of diphenylguanidine is studied by spectrophotometry. Optimal conditions for the formation and extraction of the complex are determined. It is found that a mixed-ligand complex is formed at pH 5–6. Chloroform and dichloroethane are the best extractants. Some physicochemical characteristics of the mixed-ligand complex are determined; the molar absorption coefficient at 480 nm is 5.6 × 104. The molar ratio of components in the complex is 1: 2: 2. © 2015, Pleiades Publishing, Ltd.

Huseynov J.I.,Azerbaijan State Pedagogical University | Jafarov T.A.,Azerbaijan State Pedagogical University
Semiconductors | Year: 2012

The effect of γ-ray radiation on the electrical properties of heat-treated Tb 0.01Sn 0.99Se (sample 1) and Tb 0.05Sn 0.95Se (sample 2) samples is studied. It is found that, as a result of irradiation with γ-ray 1.25-MeV photons, the charge-carrier concentration decreases in the temperature range T = 77-200 K by 17 and 6.3% for samples 1 and 2, respectively. It is assumed that, in the course of irradiation with γ-ray photons, terbium impurity atoms are located between sites of the crystal lattice; in addition, Frenkel defects are formed. © 2012 Pleiades Publishing, Ltd.

Niftiev N.N.,Azerbaijan State Pedagogical University | Niftiev N.N.,Azerbaijan Academy of Sciences | Tagiev O.B.,Azerbaijan State Pedagogical University | Tagiev O.B.,Azerbaijan Academy of Sciences
Optics and Spectroscopy (English translation of Optika i Spektroskopiya) | Year: 2012

Optical absorption in MnGaInS 4 single crystals has been studied. Direct and indirect optical transitions are found to occur in the range of photon energies of 2.37-2.74 eV and in the temperature range of 83-270 K. The temperature dependence of the band gap has been determined; its temperature coefficients E gd and E gi are -5.06 × 10 -4 and -5.35 × 10 -4 eV/K, respectively. MnGaInS4 single crystals exhibit anisotropy in polarized light at the absorption edge; the nature of this anisotropy is explained. © Pleiades Publishing, Ltd., 2012.

Afanas'ev M.S.,RAS Institute of Radio Engineering and Electronics | Nabiev A.E.,Azerbaijan State Pedagogical University | Chucheva G.V.,RAS Institute of Radio Engineering and Electronics
Physics of the Solid State | Year: 2015

A method of optical monitoring of deposition of ferroelectric Ba0.8Sr0.2TiO3 films grown by highfrequency reactive plasma-enhanced chemical deposition has been considered. The studies of the plasma in the optical range have demonstrated that the emission spectrum at wavelengths λ > 450 nm is not changed in the range of bias voltages. At λ = 300–400 nm, a correlation takes place between the emission spectra of the film-forming medium obtained at different target–substrate voltages. The mass spectra of the film-forming medium indicate that, at bias voltages U = 350–600 V, the gaseous phase mainly contains ionized particles with the mass numbers of 220–240, which are close to the molar mass of Ba0.8Sr0.2TiO3± x At U > 650 V, the gaseous phase contains ions with mass numbers corresponding to the chemical compositions of the target components BaTiO3, SrTiO3, BaO, and SrO, along with multiatomic particles. It has been shown that a transition layer enriched in the substrate material exists at the interface. It has been found that the monitoring of the film-forming medium and the time factor make it possible to reproducibly grow nanosized films with given crystal-chemical parameters. © 2015, Pleiades Publishing, Ltd.

Mammadhasan E.M.,Azerbaijan State Pedagogical University
2011 5th International Conference on Application of Information and Communication Technologies, AICT 2011 | Year: 2011

In this paper mistakes occurring in the process of training ICT and ways to correcting these mistakes are studied and given advices. © 2011 IEEE.

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