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Azerbaijan State University of Economics ) is a public university located in Baku, Azerbaijan. ASUE was founded in 1930 and it is one of the biggest educational institutions of the South Caucasus. ASUE has 14 faculties, where 16 thousand students get education, and it offers master programs in 57 specialties, employing more than 1000 teachers, including 62 professors and 344 docents, among whom there are active members of the Azerbaijan National Academy of science, New York Academy of science, winners of state awards, honored teachers and scientists. ASUE is a full member of the European University Association, Federation of the Universities of the Islamic World, University Council of Organization of the Black Sea Economic Cooperation and Eurasian Association of Universities. There are 650 undergraduate and postgraduate students from 10 countries of the world getting education at ASEU.In 2007 a Library and Information Center and a student career center started functioning at ASUE and also a new 7 floor educational building that meets the highest international standards was opened. The same year ASUE received the “European quality” award and the European Club of Rectors and European University Association. The strategic direction of ASUE development was to bring the educational process up to the international standards by 2010, finishing the international accreditation process and ensuring full compliance with Bologna Process, as well as more active participation in the international market of educational services. Wikipedia.

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Abbasov A.M.,Ministry of Communications and Information Technologies | Hajiev A.H.,Azerbaijan Academy of Sciences | Shabanov S.A.,Azerbaijan State Economic University
AICT 2013 - 7th International Conference on Application of Information and Communication Technologies, Conference Proceedings | Year: 2013

The system of indicators and scientific success criteria on their basis has been constructed to compare the quality of the scientific results for universities in Azerbaijan. Based on the expert-statistical approach the weight ratios of indicators are calculated and ranking table for the 2011 year was constructed on the basis of the statistical data obtained from 'Science' section of Ministry of Education. © 2013 IEEE.

Ibayev E.,Azerbaijan Academy of Sciences | Aliyeva T.,Azerbaijan State Economic University | Aliyev T.,Azerbaijan Academy of Sciences
2012 4th International Conference "Problems of Cybernetics and Informatics", PCI 2012 - Proceedings | Year: 2012

On the sequence of the independent, equal distributed and the positive random variables the process of the semi-markovian random walk with negative drift, positive jumps and with the positive delaying screen is constructed. In the case, when the random walk has the complex Laplace distribution, the evident form of Laplace transformation of the distribution of the first moment of reaching of the positive delaying screen with this process is found. © 2012 IEEE.

Abbasov A.M.,Ministry of Communications and Information Technologies | Hajiev A.H.,Institute of Cybernetics | Shabanov S.A.,Azerbaijan State Economic University
2011 5th International Conference on Application of Information and Communication Technologies, AICT 2011 | Year: 2011

Rating table of the Azerbaijan's universities by the number of articles published in the journals with impact factor in the database ISI is built. The criterion of scientific and pedagogical success of the university is proposed and its corresponding rating table is calculated. © 2011 IEEE.

Moharrami S.,Islamic Azad University at Pārsābād | Karimov A.,Azerbaijan State Economic University
International Journal of Soft Computing | Year: 2012

Now a days with advances in computer science and increase in processor speed, modeling methods have found extensive applications in industrial fields. Coloured Petri Nets are one of these modeling methods. Coloured Petri Nets are based on graph theory and are applied specifically for concurrent and asynchronous applications. As executable models, they are capable of graphical description of complicated systems. On the other hand, development of hardware and other peripheral computer resources and development of various computer software systems call for efficient and powerful operating systems so that users can use the software and hardware items in an effective manner. The purpose of this research is to study the application of Coloured Petri Nets for modeling resource management in operating systems with the aim of optimal utilization of resources and Deadlock Avoidance in the operating systems. © Medwell Journals, 2012.

Guliyev R.A.,Azerbaijan State Economic University
Proceedings of the 2013 Joint IFSA World Congress and NAFIPS Annual Meeting, IFSA/NAFIPS 2013 | Year: 2013

Adaptive system of diagnosing a stratum condition on a three-layer neural network basis is offered for duly revealing possible complications in operational oil wells. Structured time series identified as binary matrixes were chosen in the input as forms of representing information on possible conditions of 'bottomhole zone - oil well' system. © 2013 IEEE.

Abdinov A.Sh.,Baku State University | Amirova S.I.,Baku State University | Babayeva R.F.,Azerbaijan State Economic University | Ragimova N.A.,Baku State University
Applied Physics | Year: 2015

Consideration is given to negative photoconductivity and infrared quenching of intrinsic photoconductivity in the pure and alloyed with rare-earth elements gallium monoselenide crystals (p-GaSe). It is shown that both negative photoconductivity and infrared quenching of the intrinsic photoconductivity in p-GaSe crystals are stipulated by presence in the forbidden zone two types of recombination centers-fast and slow ones. Their memory character is connected with a spatial heterogeneity of the material Possibility of creation of infraredphotoresistors with background and background-free effect based on pure and alloyed p-GaSe crystals is supposed.

Abdinov A.Sh.,Baku State University | Babaeva R.,Azerbaijan State Economic University | Rzaev R.M.,Baku State University
Inorganic Materials | Year: 2012

We have studied the effect of external electric field on the transient response of the intrinsic pho toconductivity of n-InSe single crystals with various initial 77-K dark resistivities (φ d). The results demon strate that the behavior of the intrinsic photoconductivity of the crystals depends on both φ d and applied volt age. In low electric fields, the predominant process in both the low-resistivity and high-resistivity crystals is the capture of current carriers at stoichiometric point defects in low and higher electric fields, respectively. At the same time, in the high-resistivity crystals in high electric fields the influence of partial disorder related to the layered crystal structure of the material should be taken into account. © Pleiades Publishing, Ltd., 2012.

Radzhabov I.S.,Azerbaijan State Economic University
Izvestiya Vysshikh Uchebnykh Zavedenii, Seriya Teknologiya Tekstil'noi Promyshlennosti | Year: 2012

The analysis of the known techniques offered for research of fabric consumer shrinkage has been carried out. The calculation technique allowing to calculate the change offabric linear sizes in optional direction on the basis of measurement results received by a standard technique for the directions along a warp and a weft, has been offered.

Makhmudova N.,Azerbaijan State Economic University | Farzaliyev M.,Azerbaijan State Economic University
Izvestiya Vysshikh Uchebnykh Zavedenii, Seriya Teknologiya Tekstil'noi Promyshlennosti | Year: 2015

The issued of the determination of the paramaters of the structure of the bobbin of the cross winding which is made at the machines with drum for soft bandage was studied at this work. The process of the formation of the arch, especially, the generation of the layer were analyzed. The new method is offered for calculating the number of the layers, coil and the length of the yarn, including, other parameters of the structure of the bobbin at the layers of the winding. The practical calculation of the structure of the parameters of the bobbin on the offered method was set an example. The obtained results can be useful for getting rational structure of the intended bobbin for painting yarns.

Abdinov A.S.,Baku State University | Babaeva R.F.,Azerbaijan State Economic University | Rzaev R.M.,Azerbaijan State Economic University | Ragimova N.A.,Baku State University | Amirova S.I.,Baku State University
Semiconductors | Year: 2016

The temperature dependences of physical parameters (the conductivity and the Hall constant) are experimentally investigated for pure indium-selenide (n-InSe) crystals and those lightly doped with rareearth elements (gadolinium, holmium, and dysprosium). It is established that the obtained results depend on the origin of the samples under investigation and prove to be contradictory for different samples. The obtained experimental results are treated taking into account the presence of chaotic large-scale defects and drift barriers caused by them in these samples. © 2016, Pleiades Publishing, Ltd.

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