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On the basis of theoretical research, we’ve obtained an analytical formula that allows us to determine time of plugging insulating composite material washout depending on filtration properties and parameters of the reservoir and composite material.

Dyshin O.A.,Azerbaijan Oil Gas Scientific Research Project Institute
SOCAR Proceedings | Year: 2012

In work it be proved that the partial differential equations which describe nonstationary filtration of homogeneous liquid in crack-porosity medium are parabolic by Petrovsky system of equations. The initial-boundary problem of nonstationary liquid filtration in crack-porosity medium with circular form is considered at boundary conditions on external border of reservoir in view of present of two mediums. The conditions of existence and uniqueness for problem' solution have determined.

Suleimanov B.A.,Azerbaijan Oil Gas Scientific Research Project Institute
SOCAR Proceedings | Year: 2011

It is well known that in the overwhelming majority of cases of sand plug liquidation process water is used, which can causes the early loss of producing wells. In this article a heterogenic system fluidization is studied in order to create a more economic gassy fluid washing using as working agent different systems composed of water, carbon dioxide, natural gases, polymers and surfactants. As a result of carrying out these tests conclusions have been drawn about the improvement of the efficiency of the gassy fluid washing process by using liquid-gas mixtures in a pre-transitional state (including surfactant additives).

The article provides information about the methods of modelling oil combining mathematical statistics correlation, regression and factor analysis. These are constructed on the basis of branching connections∗) schemes identifying geological and commercial indicators, that give the greatest impact (direct or indirect) on the process of oil production. The application of. Based on the analysis of ion-saline water, a new method for controlling the thermal stimulation methods is given for thermal EOR application.

The issues of loss and normalization of oil and oil refinery products in transportation and storage objects were investigated in the article. Loss of oil and oil products is mainly the result of leakage in reservoirs and pipelines, evaporation, incomplete discharge of transporting tankers, mixture and flooding of products, accidents on the cleansing period of containers. These losses not only inflict damages on the country's economy also decrease production effectiveness and cause contamination of soil, air and water basins. Normalization of losses during the transportation and storage of oil and oil products makes it possible to decrease the amount of losses which occur in technical and technological operations on each source of loss.

Suleimanov B.A.,Azerbaijan Oil Gas Scientific Research Project Institute
Colloid Journal | Year: 2012

The flow of non-Newtonian gassed liquids in porous media and capillaries accompanied by slip is considered. A mechanism for the slip in the flow of non-Newtonian liquids and models for describing the observed phenomena are proposed based on an analysis of accumulated experimental data. © 2012 Pleiades Publishing, Ltd.

Hasanov A.S.,Azerbaijan Oil Gas Scientific Research Project Institute
SOCAR Proceedings | Year: 2013

The article notes that volcanic mud volcanic activity is characterized by a stable frequency. This is usually split into two time periods: the period of preparation and eruption. In most cases, the eruption from the crater of the volcano has ejected solid debris containing large amounts of oil, hydrogen sulfide and disseminated sulphides. The eruption of a mud volcano may last for several days and be accompanied by earthquakes. Sometimes, oil or gas may be continuously supplied to the surface. Next to each source, a volcanic mass becomes like a miniature volcano. Mud volcanoes form a ridge or different sized groups within a mud volcanic province, for example the Alat tectonic zone in Azerbaijan. Such zones are characterized by complex geological and tectonic structures that are challenging for study by geophysical methods. This article presents the results of high-precision gravity measurements in the study of complex geology built on the example of the Alat ridge.

Gurbanov M.M.,Azerbaijan Oil Gas Scientific Research Project Institute
SOCAR Proceedings | Year: 2013

One of the main methods of enhancing oil production is water flooding of oil fields by means of water injection for maintenance of reservoir pressure. Most injected water requires chemical treatment to preserve well injectivityby providing water quality such that water will not bridge the pores. To prevent such complications, corrosion inhibitors, scaling, bactericide, deoxygenation for agents, SAA and polyelectrolytes may be employed.

Dyshin O.A.,Azerbaijan Oil Gas Scientific Research Project Institute
SOCAR Proceedings | Year: 2010

The problem of two-phase filtration for noncompressibile and nonwettabile liquids in the medium with randomly- heterogenic porous and permeability is discussed. For statistic averages on ensemble of random functions it the differentiation formulas apparatus is used. This apparatus permits to perform the precision average for wide class of dynamic system wich incorporates an models of delta-correlativity exposures and exposures with finite time's fall down of correlation.

Ismayilov F.S.,Azerbaijan Oil Gas Scientific Research Project Institute | Ibadov G.G.,Azerbaijan Oil Gas Scientific Research Project Institute
Society of Petroleum Engineers - SPE Annual Caspian Technical Conference and Exhibition, CTCE 2015 | Year: 2015

For the safe and environmentally sound abandonment of wells in the marine environment it is necessary to insulate the producing formation and sources of cross-flows located aside and the annular pressure, preventing the release of the surface of the reservoir fluids. A newly developed set of equipment enhances the reliability of abandonment by the hermetic and securely-linked overlap inside the production string at a certain depth below the producing formation, and the conductor's (technical) outside the column at the bottom of the sea. Complex equipment can be used both for elimination of wells with existing platforms or platform, as well as the abandonment of wells without marine platform or platform, with a curved or broken stem out of the ability to perform the necessary technological tripping operations tubing. The latest version of the liquidation operations are carried out by specially-equipped craft equipped with a team of divers to perform tripping operations with rope techniques and parallel descent and ascent cementing hose to install a cement bridge in production casing. Installation of liquidation cutting equipment includes a wellbore at 1,0 " 1,2 m from the seabed and directly riser at the seabed. Installing the packer-plug in the production string is fulfilled by downhole hydraulic jack run by a cable and two high-pressure hose. For reliable covering conductor's (technical) column there are fulfilled the run and installation of mechanical and hydraulic packer at outer surface of conductor packer. The packaging arrangement allows for molding internal pressure as planted in the production casing packer plug-top and planted on the outer surface of the outer conductor's column packer inside. Copyright 2015, Society of Petroleum Engineers.

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