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Baku, Azerbaijan

Azerbaijan Architecture and Construction University is a state university located in Baku, Azerbaijan, specializing in civil engineering and architecture. The university was established in 1975 as spin-off from the Azerbaijan Technical University, named Azerbaijan Civil Engineering Institute. Wikipedia.

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Latifov F.S.,Azerbaijan Architecture and Construction University | Seifullaev F.A.,Azerbaijan Academy of Sciences | Alyev S.S.,Azerbaijan Architecture and Construction University
Journal of Applied Mechanics and Technical Physics | Year: 2016

This paper presents the results of determining the free vibration frequency of a structurally anisotropic, cylindrical fiberglass shell reinforced by annular ribs and containing flowing fluid. Boundary Navier conditions are imposed on the ends of the shell. Natural vibration frequencies are calculated as dependences of the frequency on the fiberglass winding angle and fluid flow velocity for different values of the wave formation parameters and the parameters characterizing the geometric dimensions of the shell. © 2016, Pleiades Publishing, Ltd.

Sofiyev A.H.,Suleyman Demirel University of Turkey | Huseynov S.E.,Azerbaijan Architecture and Construction University | Ozyigit P.,Suleyman Demirel University of Turkey | Isayev F.G.,Caucasus University
Meccanica | Year: 2015

The prime aim of the present study is to present analytical formulations and solutions for the stability analysis of heterogeneous orthotropic truncated conical shell subjected to external (lateral and hydrostatic) pressures with mixed boundary conditions using the Donnell shell theory. The mixed boundary conditions are as follows: at one end of FGM truncated conical shell is a sleeve that prevents its longitudinal displacement and rotation, and the other end is a freely support. The basic equations of heterogeneous orthotropic truncated conical shells are derived and solved applying the Galerkin’s method for the two cases of mixed boundary conditions using new approximation functions. Then the expressions for dimensionless critical external pressures are obtained. The results are compared and validated with the results available in the literature. Finally, a detailed parametric study is conducted to study the effect of heterogeneity, material orthotropy and mixed boundary conditions on the critical external pressures. © 2015, Springer Science+Business Media Dordrecht.

Sofiyev A.H.,Suleyman Demirel University of Turkey | Hui D.,University of New Orleans | Huseynov S.E.,Azerbaijan Architecture and Construction University | Salamci M.U.,Gazi University | Yuan G.Q.,Tongji University
Proceedings of the Institution of Mechanical Engineers, Part C: Journal of Mechanical Engineering Science | Year: 2016

The dimensionless fundamental frequencies and critical axial loads of sandwich cylindrical thin shell with a functionally graded (FG) core are studied by taking into account the combined and separately influences of the shear stresses and rotary inertia. The governing equations of sandwich cylindrical shell with an FG core are derived based on Donnell's shell theory using the shear deformation theory. The governing equations are reduced the sixth-order algebraic equation using the Galerkin's method. Numerically solving this algebraic equation gives the magnitudes of the dimensionless fundamental frequency. In addition, the expressions for the dimensionless fundamental frequencies and critical axial loads of the sandwich cylindrical shell containing an FG core with and without the shear stresses are obtained in a special case. To validate the present method, the numerical example is presented and compared with the available existing results. Finally, the influences of variations of the FG core, shear stresses, rotary inertia and sandwich shell geometry parameters on the dimensionless fundamental frequencies and critical axial loads are analyzed numerically. © Institution of Mechanical Engineers 2015.

Sofiyev A.H.,Suleyman Demirel University of Turkey | Huseynov S.E.,Azerbaijan Architecture and Construction University | Kuruoglu N.,Bahcesehir University
Archives of Mechanics | Year: 2015

This paper presents the vibration behavior analysis of heterogeneous orthotropic conical shells with mixed boundary conditions. Basic equations of heterogeneous orthotropic truncated conical shells are derived using Donnell-Mushtari shell theory. Employing the separation of variables and Galerkin's method, the expressions for frequency of heterogeneous orthotropic conical shells with two mixed boundary conditions are obtained. The results are validated through numerical comparisons with available results in the literature. The influences of truncated shell characteristics, heterogeneity, material orthotropy and mixed boundary conditions on dimensionless frequency parameters are investigated. Copyright © 2015 by IPPT PAN.

Huseynov E.F.,Azerbaijan Architecture and Construction University | Aliyev A.A.,Municipalities of the Khyrdalan City
International Journal of Sustainable Development and Planning | Year: 2013

The regional planning of urban sustainable development in Big Baku was undertaken as part of the Baku Strategic Plan prepared by the Architecture and Urban Planning Department of Azerbaijan Architecture and Construction University and supported by the Society of Urbanists of Azerbaijan Research Group. The key purpose of the research was to provide useful information for developing planning and design strategies that will foster sustainable urbanisation through enhancing quality of life (QoL), which is one of the most important principles of sustainable urbanisation on Apsheron peninsula. Another purpose was to explore the impact of environmental, economic, social, physical and health-related indicators on QoL satisfaction among Big Baku settlements. Ultimately, the research will provide recommendations, which will further enhance the QoL in Baku at a number of levels, from empowering communities at a local level to participate in the evolution of their neighbourhoods to infl uencing institutional and corporate objectives and sustainability policies. The information collated will feed into the Baku Regional Planning Process and determines developed strategies for urban development. The study aims to improve the functional and physical structure of settlements by proposing an Urban Sustainable Development Model (USDM). An examination of the current design practice showed that there is a lack of systematic evaluation and revitalisation methods. Hence, the main objective of the proposed USDM is to evaluate existing settlement environments and requalify them with respect to an inclusive approach. The study concludes by highlighting the importance of USDM from two points of view: (1) importance of a systematic evaluation approach to effectively deal with the challenge of requalifying the settlement environments and (2) the designer's key role during the revitalisation process. In this paper, the methodology of the research and initial findings related to satisfaction with settlement and neighbourhood will be presented. © 2013 WIT Press.

Aslanzade N.R.,Azerbaijan Architecture and Construction University
Journal of Water Chemistry and Technology | Year: 2011

We have developed a new technology of water H-zeolite softening with a reduced amount of reagents and wastewaters. According to this technology deep softening of H-zeolite softened water, with the aim of reducing the amount of acid for regeneration and wastewaters formed in this case, occurs in a filter, where the process of H-zeolite softening takes place. © 2011 Allerton Press, Inc.

Kuliev S.A.,Azerbaijan Architecture and Construction University
Mechanics of Solids | Year: 2013

We consider free bending vibrations of a finite isotropic plate bounded on the outside by a polygon L 2 (e.g., a square, an ellipse, a circle, etc.) and on the inside by the contour L 1 formed by the circle of radius r with two rectilinear cuts located symmetrically on the axis Ox. The plate is rigidly clamped along the entire outer contour L 2, and the inner contour L 1 is free. We reduce the solution of the plate vibration problem to the integration of a fourth-order differential equation [2, 4, 5]. The method used in this paper is well known in the literature [2, 4, 5, 11] for simple simply connected domains, but the case under study (a doubly connected domain with cuts) has not yet been considered, because no mapping functions z = λ(ξ) have been known for complicated domains (doubly connected domain with cuts). The author [6-8] is the first in the scientific world to find such mapping functions. The obtained theoretic solution is illustrated by numerical examples. © 2013 Allerton Press, Inc.

Huseynov E.F.O.,Azerbaijan Architecture and Construction University
Procedia Engineering | Year: 2011

Green architecture usually symbolise the sustainability of modern cities. While urban central areas are usually endowed with a multitude of green spaces, they are also the areas that are most prone to the undesirable effects of growth and urbanisation. Planning of sustainable cities serves as a fundamental catalyst for change, improving environmental quality of the natural and built environments, and upgrading conditions for development of green architecture. This paper analyses strategies that have been used in Baku, Azerbaijan, and a focuses on the strategies of sustainable development, that have been used to upgrade the environmental quality of this city. © 2011 Published by Elsevier Ltd.

Huseynova R.O.,Azerbaijan Architecture and Construction University
Measurement Techniques | Year: 2015

An improved method of calibration of sun photometers in the case of different optical air masses is proposed. An analytic condition for assurance of stable performance of periodic calibration of such photometers, taking into account random temporal variations of atmospheric aerosol, is obtained. An example of a calibration performed on the basis of fuzzy sets is demonstrated. Keywords: sun photometer, fuzzy sets, calibration, atmosphere, aerosol. © 2015 Springer Science+Business Media New York.

Aslanov L.F.,Azerbaijan Architecture and Construction University
Neftyanoe khozyaystvo - Oil Industry | Year: 2015

It is established that the wave strikes, acting on pile foundations, interact with the surface design of offshore structures and offshore ground bases. Here bored or CFA piles with a rigid core are the connecting link between the subsoil and top design of offshore structures. Sea wave banging pile foundations creates vibrations in the pile - foundation - topsides offshore structures and moving piles in subgrade. Displacement piles depend on the strength of the reaction between the structure and subgrade, the intensity of the shock wave in the time that passed through piles for offshore soil. At the same time takes into account the rheological properties of composite models of shelf soil. Formulated and solved the differential equations of time travel collaborative structures with a soil base.

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