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Akademgorodok, Russia

Kuliev M.M.,Azerbaidzhan Academy of science | Ismaiilova R.S.,Azerbaidzhan Academy of science
International Polymer Science and Technology | Year: 2013

Low-frequency dielectric spectroscopy was used to study polymer composites with a piezoelectric filler. In a wide frequency range (ν= 25 × 106 Hz) and temperature range (273-423 K), the dielectric characteristics (εand tg δ) and electrical conductivity (σ) of polymer composites with a piezoelectric filler were investigated. The dependences of ε and tg δ, and son the concentration (up to 10 vol%) of filler, the frequency of the electric field, and temperature were studied. It was established that the introduction into high-density polyethylene of PKR-3M segnetopiezoelectric filler of the lead zirconate titanate family has a considerable effect on the given characteristics and changes the form of the dependences tg δ(ν), tg δ(T),ε(T), and σ(T). The variance dependence σ(ν) satisfies the condition σ ~ ns and exhibits two linear sections with parameters S ≈ 0.8 and σ > 1.2 respectively. ©2013 SmithersRapra Technology. Source

Kerimov A.K.,Azerbaidzhan Academy of science | Dzhafarova E.S.,Azerbaidzhan Academy of science | Orudzhova A.T.,Azerbaidzhan Academy of science
International Polymer Science and Technology | Year: 2012

Functionally substituted mono-, di-, and polyesters of 3-cyclohexene series acids were synthesised, and their effectiveness as plasticisers/modifiers for epoxy composites based on ED-20 epoxy-bisphenol A resin was studied. © 2012 Smithers Rapra Technology. Source

Zeinalov E.B.,Azerbaidzhan Academy of science | Guseinova Z.N.,Azerbaidzhan Academy of science | Ishchenko N.Y.,Azerbaidzhan Academy of science | Agaev B.K.,Azerbaidzhan Academy of science | Kabetkina Y.P.,Azerbaidzhan Academy of science
International Polymer Science and Technology | Year: 2013

An examination was made of the effect of titanium dioxide (nano-TiO2, "Showa Denko") on the physicomechanical properties of low-density polyethylene (LDPE). It was established that LDPE specimens filled with industrial titanium dioxide TiO2 of micron size and with nano-TiO2 "Showa Denko" exhibit different physicomechanical properties after composite preparation and thermooxidative ageing. In spite of a certain reduction in strength and elasticity after milling and pressing, the composite material containing nanopigment exhibits higher heat ageing resistance than material containing standard industrial titanium dioxide. © 2013 Smithers Rapra Technology. Source

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