Bridgewater, NJ, United States
Bridgewater, NJ, United States

AZ Electronic Materials plc, is a specialty chemicals company. On 2 May 2014, Merck KGaA announced the successful acquisition of AZ Electronic Materials. Wikipedia.

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A copolymerized polysilazane comprising at least repeating units represented by general formula (I): Si(R^(1))(R^(2))NR^(3) and repeating units represented by general formula (II): Si(R^(1))(R^(2))NH (in the formulas, R^(1 )and R^(2 )each independently represent a hydrogen atom, hydrocarbon group, hydrocarbon group-containing silyl group, hydrocarbon group-containing amino group, or hydrocarbon oxy group, and R^(3 )represents an alkyl group, alkenyl group, alkoxy group, cycloalkyl group, aryl group or alkyl silyl group), and the NR^(3)/SiH_(1,2 )ratio (SiH_(1,2 )represents the total amount of SiH_(1 )and SiH_(2)) is 0.005-0.3. Said copolymerized polysilazane can be manufactured by reacting Si(R^(1))(R^(2))X_(2 )(in the formula, X represents a halogen atom) with a primary amine compound: R^(3)NH_(2 )and then reacting with ammonia, and is able to form a siliceous film that has withstand voltage characteristics and solvent resistance by curing at a low temperature.

[Object] To provide compositions for forming a top coat layer capable of forming patterns with an excellent roughness and pattern shape in a pattern formation method by exposure to extreme ultraviolet rays, and a pattern formation method using the composition. [Means for solving problem] Provided are compositions for forming a top coat layer comprises an aromatic compound having an aromatic hydroxyl group and an aqueous solvent; and a method of forming patterns by applying the composition onto the resist surface and subjecting the resultant to exposure and development. This composition can further comprise binders.

A composition crosslinkable by broad band UV radiation, which after cross-linking is capable of cold ablation by a UV Excimer Laser emitting between 222 nm and 308 nm, where the composition is comprised of a negative tone resist developable in aqueous base comprising and is also comprised of a conjugated aryl additive absorbing ultraviolet radiation strongly in a range between from about 220 nm to about 310 nm. The present invention also encompasses a process comprising steps a), b) and c) The present invention also encompasses a process comprising steps a), b) c) and d)

Compositions having a high metal content comprising a metal salt solution, a stabilizer and one or more optional additives, wherein the metal salt solution comprises a metal ion, a counter ion and a solvent. The compositions are useful for forming films on substrates in the manufacture of solid state and integrated circuit devices.

The present invention relates to non aqueous, graftable coating composition comprised of a homogenous solution of a polymer and a spin casting organic solvent, where the composition does not contain acidic compounds, coloring particles, pigments or dyes, and the polymer has a linear polymer chain structure which is comprised of repeat units derived from monomers containing a single polymerizable olefinic carbon double bond, and the polymer contains at least one triarylmethyl chalcogenide containing moiety which is selected from the group consisting of repeat units having structure (I) an end chain group unit of structure (II) and mixtures thereof, and the polymer does not contain any repeat units or end groups containing water ionizable groups, ionic groups, free thiol groups, or free hydroxy groups, and where A_(1), A_(2), and A_(3 )are independently an Aryl or a substituted Aryl; Y is a chalcogen selected from O, S, Se or Te; X_(1 )and X_(2 )are individually selected organic spacers; P_(1 )is an organic polymer repeat unit moiety derived from a monomer containing a single polymerizable olefinic carbon double bound, and P_(2 )is an end group moiety derived from a monomer containing a single polymerizable olefinic carbon double bound, and The invention also relates to using this novel coating composition to form a grafted polymer film on a substrate.

The present invention relates to materials comprising a functionalized porous carbon, methods of forming a functionalized porous carbon, and methods of treating fluids with a functionalized porous carbon.

AZ Electronic | Date: 2015-02-27

A hybrid material for light emitting diodes, comprising [SiR^(1)R^(2)NR^(3)]_(x)(I) [SiHR^(4)NR^(5)]_(y)(II) wherein the symbols and indices have the following meanings:

There is provided a substrate processing method, including: (a) loading a substrate into a processing vessel having a pre-baked film containing a silazane bond; (b) heating the substrate to a first temperature and supplying a process gas to the heated substrate; and (c) heating the substrate to which the process gas has been supplied, to a second temperature which is higher than the first temperature and less than or equal to a temperature at which the pre-bake has been performed.

AZ Electronic | Date: 2015-09-02

A hybrid material for light emitting diodes, comprisinga) an organopolysilazane material, comprising repeating units of formulae (I) and (II)R^(1) is C_(2)-C_(6)-alkenyl or C_(4)-C_(6)-alkadienyl;R^(2) is H or an organic group;R^(3) is H or an organic group;R^(4) is H or an organic group;R^(5) is H or an organic group;x is 0.001 to 0.2; andy is 2x to (1-x),with the proviso that x+y1 and that y can be 0 if R^(2) is H, andb) inorganic nanoparticles having a mean diameterin the range of from 1 to 30 nm,which are surface modified with a capping agent comprising a C_(1)-C_(18)-alkyl and/or C_(1)-C_(18)-alkenyl group,is useful as encapsulation material for LEDs.

A photoresist composition includes an alkali soluble resin, a hardening agent, a photo acid generator, and an organic solvent. The photo acid generator may be represented by Formula 1, in which L_(11 )is selected from a single bond, a C_(1)-C_(10 )alkylene group, a C_(2)-C_(10 )alkenylene group, and a C_(2)-C_(10 )alkynylene group; and R_(11 )is selected from a C_(6)-C_(15 )aryl group, or a C_(6)-C_(15 )aryl group with at least one substitutent group selected from a group comprising deuterium, a hydroxyl group, a C_(1)-C_(10 )alkyl group, a C_(1)-C_(10 )alkoxy group, and a C_(6)-C_(15 )aryl group.

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