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San Rafael, CA, United States

Autodesk, Inc. is an American multinational software corporation that makes software for the architecture, engineering, construction, manufacturing, media, and entertainment industries. Autodesk is headquartered in San Rafael, California, and features a gallery of its customers' work in its San Francisco building. The company has offices world wide, with U.S. locations in Northern California, Oregon, and in New England in New Hampshire and Massachusetts.The company was founded in 1982 by John Walker, a coauthor of the first versions of AutoCAD, the company's flagship computer-aided design software. Its AutoCAD and Revit software is primarily used by architects, engineers, and structural designers to design, draft, and model buildings and other structures. Autodesk software has been used in many fields, from the New York Freedom Tower to Tesla electric cars.Autodesk became best known for AutoCAD but now develops a broad range of software for design, engineering, and entertainment as well as a line of software for consumers, including Sketchbook, Homestyler, and Pixlr. The company makes educational versions of its software available free to qualified students and faculty through the Autodesk Education Community. Autodesk's digital prototyping software, including Autodesk Inventor and the Autodesk Product Design Suite, are used in the manufacturing industry to visualize, simulate, and analyze real-world performance using a digital model during the design process. The company's Revit line of software for Building Information Modeling is designed to let users explore the planning, construction, and management of a building virtually before it's built.Autodesk's Media and Entertainment division creates software for visual effects, color grading, and editing as well as animation, game development, and design visualization. Maya is a 3D animation software used in film visual effects and game development. Wikipedia.

A method, apparatus, and computer program product provide the ability to construct a spiral toolpath for machining solid material. A polygon with a polygonal hole in an interior is obtained. A Voronoi diagram of a set of line segments is obtained and modified to provide a modified Voronoi diagram (VD) having a cycle with one or more trees growing out. For each of the trees, a wave model is defined for a wave that starts at time t=0 on leaves on a boundary of the hole and moves through the tree to hit leaves on a boundary of the polygon at time t=1. A polyline spiral curve toolpath is created by travelling around the wave as it moves towards the boundary of the polygon. A pocket is milled in a solid piece of material by following the polyline spiral curve toolpath.

Autodesk | Date: 2015-04-08

A method, apparatus, article of manufacture, and computer program product provide the ability to sweep a profile along a circular arc of a path. A sweep operation to sweep a profile along an arc of a path is initialized in a CAD application. For each path segment (in the path) that is circular, a determination is made regarding whether the profile crosses an axis of revolution of the circular path segment at a start position of the circular path segment. The profile that crosses the axis of revolution of the circular path segment is trimmed. The trimmed profile and an association with the circular path segment having the axis of revolution that is crossed by the trimmed profile are stored. A selective union operation that joins the solid bodies from the trimmed profiles is performed.

One embodiment of the invention is a collage engine that generates informative viewpoints of a 3D model based upon the editing history of the 3D model. In operation, the collage engine processes an editing log to identify segments of the 3D model that include related vertices. For a given segment, the collage engine selects a viewpoint used by the end-user to edit the 3D model and a viewpoint used by the end-user to inspect the 3D model. The collage engine may then present the informative viewpoints to the end-user for inclusion in a collage of 2D renderings based upon the informative viewpoints. Generally, the viewpoints used while editing and inspecting the 3D model are of importance in the overall presentation of the 3D model. Therefore, collages of 2D renderings based upon the informative viewpoints can be generated effectively.

Autodesk | Date: 2015-02-02

One embodiment of the present invention sets forth a technique for generating a status update message. The method involves defining one or more status update criteria and monitoring user activity in a software application for the one or more status update criteria. The method further involves determining, based on the user activity, that the one or more status update criteria have been met and generating, via a processing unit, a status update message. The status update message includes multimedia content related to a project associated with the software application.

Autodesk | Date: 2015-02-13

An apparatus for viewing a stereoscopic display comprises a frame chassis, a hinge mechanism, a left lens assembly, a right lens assembly, and a sensor array. The hinge mechanism allows the left lens assembly and the right lens assembly to switch from a first orientation to a second orientation. The left lens assembly is coupled to the frame chassis via the hinge mechanism and is configured to be transparent to a first image output by the stereoscopic display and opaque to a second image output from the stereoscopic display, while the right lens assembly is coupled to the frame chassis via the hinge mechanism and is configured to be transparent to the second image output and opaque to the first image output. The sensor array is positioned to detect a current orientation of the left lens and the right lens.

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