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Aurora, IL, United States

Aurora University is a private, nonprofit, co-educational liberal arts college located in Aurora, Illinois, United States, 40 miles west of Chicago. In addition to its main campus and the Orchard Center in Aurora, Illinois, AU offers programs online, at its George Williams College campus in Williams Bay, Wisconsin, and at the Woodstock Center in downtown Woodstock, Illinois. Approximately 4,900 students enroll in bachelor, master's and doctoral degree programs at Aurora University. The institution describes itself as "an inclusive community dedicated to the transformative power of learning." Wikipedia.

Stabler S.P.,Aurora University
New England Journal of Medicine | Year: 2013

A 57-year-old woman reports increasing symptoms of painful paresthesias in both legs for the past 18 months. Physical examination reveals impaired position sense and vibration sense. The serum vitamin B12 level is 205 pg per milliliter (151.2 pmol per liter), which is above the lower end of the laboratory reference range. The hematocrit is 42%, with a mean corpuscular volume of 96 fl. The serum methylmalonic acid level is 3600 nmol per liter (normal level, <400), and the serum homocysteine level 49.1 μmol per liter (normal level, <14). How should this patient be further evaluated and treated? Copyright © 2013 Massachusetts Medical Society. Source

A widely accepted paradigm in cancer research holds that the development of cancers is rate limited by the occurrence of oncogenic mutations. In particular, the exponential rise in the incidence of most cancers with age is thought to reflect the time required for cells to accumulate the multiple oncogenic mutations needed to confer the cancer phenotype. Here I will argue against the axiom that the occurrence of oncogenic mutations limits cancer incidence with age, based on several observations, including that the rate of mutation accumulation is maximal during ontogeny, oncogenic mutations are frequently detected in normal tissues, the evolution of complex multicellularity was not accompanied by reductions in mutation rates, and that many oncogenic mutations have been shown to impair stem cell activity. Moreover, although evidence that has been used to support the current paradigm includes increased cancer incidence in individuals with inherited DNA repair deficiencies or exposed to mutagens, the pleotropic effects of these contexts could enhance tumorigenesis at multiple levels. I will further argue that age-dependent alteration of selection for oncogenic mutations provides a more plausible explanation for increased cancer incidence in the elderly. Although oncogenic mutations are clearly required for cancer evolution, together these observations counter the common view that age dependence of cancers is largely explained by the time required to accumulate sufficient oncogenic mutations. © 2013 Macmillan Publishers Limited. All rights reserved. Source

Despite the absence of a systematic development plan, β-blockers have reached the top tier of medical therapies for chronic heart failure. The successful outcome was due to the many dedicated investigators who produced, over a 30-year period, increasing evidence that β-blocking agents should or actually did improve the natural history of dilated cardiomyopathies and heart failure. It took 20 years for supportive evidence to become undeniable, at which time in 1993 the formidable drug development resources of large pharmaceutical companies were deployed into Phase 3 trials. Success then came relatively quickly, and within 8 years multiple agents were on the market in the United States and Europe. Importantly, there is ample room to improve antiadrenergic therapy, through novel approaches exploiting the nuances of receptor biology and/or intracellular signaling, as well as through pharmacogenetic targeting. © 2011 American Heart Association, Inc. Source

Bentley D.L.,Aurora University
Nature Reviews Genetics | Year: 2014

Maturation of mRNA precursors often occurs simultaneously with their synthesis by RNA polymerase II (Pol II). The co-transcriptional nature of mRNA processing has permitted the evolution of coupling mechanisms that coordinate transcription with mRNA capping, splicing, editing and 3′ end formation. Recent experiments using sophisticated new methods for analysis of nascent RNA have provided important insights into the relative amount of co-transcriptional and post-transcriptional processing, the relationship between mRNA elongation and processing, and the role of the Pol II carboxy-terminal domain (CTD) in regulating these processes. © 2014 Macmillan Publishers Limited. All rights reserved. Source

Morrison T.E.,Aurora University
Journal of Virology | Year: 2014

Chikungunya virus (CHIKV) is a mosquito-transmitted alphavirus that causes acute fever and acute and chronic musculoskeletal pain in humans. Since 2004, CHIKV has caused millions of cases of disease in the Indian Ocean region and has emerged in new areas, including Europe, the Middle East, and the Pacific region. The mosquito vectors for this virus are globally distributed in tropical and temperate zones, providing the opportunity for CHIKV to continue to expand into new geographic regions. In October 2013, locally acquired cases of CHIKV infection were identified on the Caribbean island of Saint Martin, signaling the arrival of the virus in the Western Hemisphere. In just 9 months, CHIKV has spread to 22 countries in the Caribbean and Central and South America, resulting in hundreds of thousands of cases. CHIKV disease can be highly debilitating, and large epidemics have severe economic consequences. Thus, there is an urgent need for continued research into the epidemiology, pathogenesis, prevention, and treatment of these infections. © 2014, American Society for Microbiology. Source

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