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A system and method of advertising for determining a network location associated with a physical location. In one aspect, a system for performing this function is described which includes an advertiser module for accepting advertisements and a targeting criterion and computing a plurality of restricted identifiers satisfying the targeting criterion, an association module for receiving the plurality of restricted identifiers, associating the plurality of restricted identifiers with a plurality of non-restricted identifiers, and an intermediate module for associating the advertisement identifier with the plurality of non-restricted identifiers.

A method is provided for motion detection comprising acquiring a series of images of an audience in a viewing area comprising a current image and a previous image, determining a plurality of optical flow vectors, each representing movement of one of a plurality of visual elements from a first location in the previous image to a second location in the current image, storing the optical flow vectors in a current vector map associated with time information, and determining motion by calculating an intensity ratio between the current vector map and at least one prior vector map. The audience is in a theater or other venue having at least one view screen. A video camera captures images of the audience. Audience movements are interpreted and used to control images on the view screen.

Audience | Date: 2015-07-24

Systems and methods for facilitating and targeting of online ads to voters within a selected political demographic are presented. Audience targeting may be accomplished in several ways including: geo-targeting; contextual targeting; behavioral targeting; site placement; and targeted household television ads. This segment or neighborhood level targeting allows more granularity based upon, for example, hot topics and people interested in those topics based upon where populations of people live (i.e., the location of the household) and voter registration. In this manner, a candidate may delivery an ad in order to influence a select group of people in a particular location. In some embodiments, the ad is delivered by dropping and later reading a tracking cookie that associates the voters browser with political demographic information.

Audience | Date: 2015-12-02

Systems and methods for improving performance of a directional audio capture system are provided. An example method includes correlating phase plots of at least two audio inputs, with the audio inputs being captured by at least two microphones. The method can further include generating, based on the correlation, estimates of salience at different directional angles to localize a direction of a source of sound. The method can allow providing cues to the directional audio capture system based on the estimates. The cues include attenuation levels. A rate of change of the levels of attenuation is controlled by attack and release time constants to avoid sound artifacts. The method also includes determining a mode based on an absence or presence of one or more peaks in the estimates of salience. The method also provides for configuring the directional audio capture system based on the determined mode.

Audience | Date: 2015-09-25

Provided are systems and methods for reducing end-to-end latency. An example method includes configuring an interface, between a codec and a baseband or application processor, to operate in a burst mode. Using the burst mode, a transfer of real-time data is performed between the codec and the baseband or application processor at a high rate. The high rate is defined as rate faster than a real-time rate. The exemplary method includes padding data in a time period remaining after the transfer, at the high rate, of a sample of the real-time data samples. The padded of the data may be configured such that data can be ignored by the receiving component. The interface can include a Serial Low-power Inter-chip Media Bus (SLIMBus). Power consumption may be reduced for the SLIMBus by utilizing the gear shifting or clock stopping SLIMbus features.

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