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Kalimoldayev M.N.,Institute of Information and Computational Technologies | Jenaliyev M.T.,Institute of Information and Computational Technologies | Abdildayeva A.A.,Institute of Information and Computational Technologies | Elezhanova S.K.,Atyrau State University
AIP Conference Proceedings | Year: 2015

The questions about the decision of optimal control problems for nonlinear system of ordinary differential equations have been considered in this work. In particular, the model considered in this paper describes the controlled processes in electric power systems. Proposed solution methods follow up the principle of expansion of extreme problems based on V.F. Krotov's sufficient conditions of optimality. Numerical experiments shows sufficient efficiency of the used algorithm. © 2015 AIP Publishing LLC.

Zhussipbek G.,Suleyman Demirel University of Kazakhstan | Assanova S.,Al Farabi Kazakli National University | Aymuratov S.B.,Atyrau State University | Toktarbekova L.N.,Institute for Philosophy | Abdiramanova A.T.,Kyzylorda State University
European Journal of Science and Theology | Year: 2017

There are a number of either simplistic and stereotypic views about the Islamness doctrinal or theoretical Islam, formed by ‘ijtihads’ (‘Ijtihad’ means independent, based on reasoning, interpretation of the issues were not openly covered in the primary sources of Islam) and Muslimness (embodiment of doctrinal Islam or Islamness in a particular identity) of Kazakhs, historically a major Central Asian Muslim nomadic group. This paper, first, tries to shed light on a fact that Kazakh religious perceptions and identity are in line with core Sunni Islamic doctrinal understandings characterized by spirituality, xenophile and being depoliticized. Second, this paper searches for a nexus between inclusiveness of Kazakh Muslimness and historical and civilizational foundations of Kazakhness. Although the Muslimness of Kazakhs, like all post-Soviet ethnic groups bears heavy stain of Soviet period, the historical and civilizational Islamic heritage of Kazakhs could not be totally erased and transformed by Soviet period. The paper contends that the official policy of Kazakhstan adopted after its independence paves the way of building inclusive national and inclusive religious identities and incrementally promotes adoption of core liberal values, particularly in the field of education and culture. If traditional Kazakh religious identity is revived, the negative scenarios concerning the dominance in future of ethnic-based exclusivist Kazakh nationalism and rise of exclusivist Islamic interpretations among the country’s Muslim community can be successfully neutralized. © 2017, Ecozone, OAIMDD. All rights reserved.

Nasirov R.,Atyrau State University | Sljusarev A.P.,<<Institute Of Geological Science Named After Kisatpaev | Samatov I.B.,<<Institute Of Geological Science Named After Kisatpaev | Kuspanova B.,Atyrau Oil and Gas University | Nasirov A.R.,Atyrau State University
News of the National Academy of Sciences of the Republic of Kazakhstan, Series of Geology and Technical Sciences | Year: 2017

It is shown that the results of a comprehensive study of the paramagnetic properties of rocks and chloroform extracts of these species by EPR-spectroscopy provide an opportunity to identify oil saturated and bituminous reservoirs in the geological cross-section of oil and gas wells. According to experimental studies, EPR spectroscopy method can be used to directly determining of the concentration of free radicals in the sample of rock (cuttings and core) taken during drilling in the carbonate sections of Tortay and Ravninnoe deposits (Emba region). In the central part of the EPR spectra of rocks observed a single line without the hyperfine structure of the free radical (FR). The assignment of these lines to the organic material, in particular to the "coal radical" is confirmed by the presence of signal saturation at increasing the capacity of the “Varian E-12” EPR spectrometer. Oil that produced from the sections of well #4 of Tortay field (90 g/t) and well #8 of Ravninnoe field (117 g/t) characterized by conditionally vanadium content in the form of a vandyl complex and relates to heavy oil. We can assume that in well sections, organic substances (OS), which not contain vanadium complexes formed under oxidizing conditions, which does not contribute to the accumulation of vanadium in the organic matter in the form of vanadyl ion. To test this hypothesis the extracts taken from rocks of Ravninnoe and Tortay deposits studied by IR spectroscopy. Analysis of IR spectra selected bitumen showed a high degree of oxidation. Undoubted advantages of the used methodology are the rapidity, a small amount of rock being studied and no need for its destruction. © National Academy of Sciences of the Republic of Kazakhstan, 2017.

Aleksandrov V.M.,JSC TANDEM | Ponomarev A.A.,Tyumen Industrial University | Imashev G.,Atyrau State University | Makhatova V.E.,Atyrau State University | Shakibayeva A.N.,Atyrau State University
Journal of Industrial Pollution Control | Year: 2017

At the moment, the actual direction in the chain of petrophysical drill sample analysis is an approach called "Digital core-sample" or "Digital petrophysics". However, the majority of Russian oil and gas industry companies prefer traditional methods of laboratory analysis, due to the lack of information about the possibilities of this approach. Comparative characteristics of the established laboratory methods effectiveness for determining terrigenous container rocks' capacitive properties (Nuclear Magnetic Resonance, Preobrazhensky method; Gas Volumetric method) with the method of computer microtomography (micro-CT). Getting recommendations in the selection of test methods of open porosity evaluation in non-standard collectors - with low filtration properties to 1 mD and containing high-viscosity oils and bitumen. The open porosity (FVF) in helium was determined by the "Coretestsystems" company permeameter-porosimeter AR-608; FVF was determined by a Nuclear Magnetic Resonance (NMR) - Spectrometer Chromatec 20M, manufactured by ZAO SKB "Chromatec"; by Preobrazhensky method - according to the procedure, in the laboratory. FVF was determined by micro-CT method of "Bruker microCT" company's microtomograph - SkyScan 1172. Comparative analysis of methods for determining container rocks' capacitive properties has shown that standard laboratory techniques: Preobrazhensky method, Gas Volumetric Method are affordable, effective and simple. However, in the case of determining of open porosity in low-permeability container rocks containing highviscosity oil qualitative sample preparation cannot be conducted. As a result, the FVF values are underestimated. The most effective methods in the unconventional container rocks' analysis are Nuclear Magnetic Resonance and computer microtomography. In case of a clay material high content in the container rocks, the nuclear magnetic resonance method does not give reliable results. This is confirmed by modern Russian scientists and present experimental work.

Abykanova B.,Atyrau State University | Tashkeyeva G.,Al-Farabi Kazakh National University | Idrissov S.,Atyrau State University | Bilyalova Z.,Atyrau State University | Sadirbekova D.,Kazakh National University named after Abai
International Journal of Environmental and Science Education | Year: 2016

Modern reality brings certain corrections to the understanding of forms and methods of teaching various courses in higher educational institution. A special role among the educational techniques and means in the college educational environment is taken by the modern technologies, such as using the techniques, means and ways, which are aimed at student’s active participation and involvement in the educational and mentoring process, i.e. using the interactive methods in education process. Educational environment, which is aimed at activation of students’ creative activity on the basis of using interactive educational forms, methods and means, facilitates the development of students’ knowledge and abilities to work with information sources, communication with the pedagogic process participants and development of problem-solving skills, i.e. leads to the development of the key competencies-informational, communicative and problem-solving competences. © 2016 Abykanova et al.

Kulmagambetova S.S.,West Kazakhstan State University | Iskindirova S.K.,Aktobe Regional State University | Kazhiakparova Z.S.,West Kazakhstan Innovative Technological University | Bainiyeva K.T.,Atyrau State University | Pandya C.,Divine Culture University
International Journal of Environmental and Science Education | Year: 2016

The present rapid technological progress and the post-crisis period determine the increasing demand for revision of existing concepts and strategies aimed at maintaining global development. This article describes pedagogical technologies, indicates the need to reform the outdated education systems or to reject them completely in order to improve productivity of students. The authors provided a comparative analysis of pedagogical technologies used in higher educational institutions, their strengths, weaknesses and development prospects. The study considered the approaches suggested by domestic and foreign researchers, clarified definitions, classification, typology, as well as specific features and setbacks of pedagogical technologies. The authors developed a training system, which implies direct involvement of each student into the learning process. The study specified the purpose of learning, which implied development of student creative abilities to get new experience. The authors proposed substitution of "authoritarian" relations between the student and the teacher for "partnerships" that could improve their relationship, mutual understanding and general efficiency. Comparison of pedagogical technologies provides their detailed description, the ability to select the most appropriate methods and approaches based on the requirements of relevant disciplines that will meet the highest quality standards for students and teachers. © Kulmagambetova et al.

Duisenbayev A.K.,Kazakh-Russian International University | Baltymova M.R.,Aktobe Regional State University | Akzholova A.T.,Kazakh National Pedagogical University | Bazargaliyev G.B.,Atyrau State University | Zhumagaziyev A.Z.,Atyrau State University
International Journal of Environmental and Science Education | Year: 2016

The importance of the study of social education of the individual as an integral process covering all stages of human development, supported by factors of modern development of children, adolescents, youth in the conditions of reforming education. Currently, the scientific literature has accumulated a sufficient fund of theoretical knowledge, describing the essence of the process of socialization. However, analysis of numerous concepts of socialization shows that there is no single overarching theory of socialization. The greatest effect on the social personality formation provides an educational institution, the teaching staff opinion and the coeval’s influence. This underlines the particular social formation, and its distinction from the other educational concepts. Social Education provides a comprehensive personal development in a multicultural world condition. © 2016 Duisenbayev et al.

Abykanova B.,Atyrau State University | Bilyalova Z.,Atyrau State University | Makhatova V.,Atyrau State University | Idrissov S.,Atyrau State University | Nugumanova S.,58 grammar school
International Journal of Environmental and Science Education | Year: 2016

Creative activity of a pedagogic process subject depends on the pedagogue’s position, on his faith in the abilities to learn successfully, on encouragement of achievements, stimulating the initiative and activity. Successful learning by activating creative activity is possible with the presence of respectful attitude towards the pedagogic process subjects, creation of the conditions for potential capabilities and organization of educational process in such way where the subject feels emotional uplift, physical energy surge, feeling of success and confidence. In this case, learning would not be a burden but would rather become a joy of learning something new, making independent discoveries and achieving positive results in mastering the prospective profession. One of the psychological and pedagogic conditions for activating students’ creative activity in the educational process is using the system of educational-creative works. Despite the abovementioned significance of activating creative activity in the educational process, in our opinion, admitting its key role is related to exaggeration of its meaning, because even an ideal system of educational work does not always account for the specifics of structural components of students’ creative activity during studying a certain subject. Because of this, we contemplate the implication of educational-creative work system in the educational process not as a key factor but as a structural sub-system of factors, which affect the quality and the level of these works. © 2016 Abykanova et al.

Myrzasheva A.N.,Atyrau State University | Shazhdekeyeva N.K.,Atyrau State University | Tuleuova R.U.,Atyrau State University
International Journal of Pharmacy and Technology | Year: 2016

This paper is focused on development of a mathematical model,corresponding computational algorithms and a suite of applications in DELPHI high level object-oriented programming language for digital simulation and study of the thermomechanical state of AHB-300 heat-resistant alloy,with presence of local thermal insulation,heat exchange,temperature and axial forces with regard to jamming ends of the rod. With that,the coefficient of thermal expansion is the function of temperature field to the length of the rod of limited length. © 2016,International Journal of Pharmacy and Technology. All rights reserved.

Tutebayeva A.M.,Atyrau State University | Islam A.,Atyrau State University | Gasparyan G.,Atyrau State University
Life Science Journal | Year: 2014

Within translation theory, various models have been developed which claim to adequately comprehend and reflect the process of translation. Some of these models will be outlined and critically observed. The result of this critical review is that none of the suggested models is able to offer a psychologically valid reconstruction of the process of translation. The models offer idealized schematic arrangements showing the interrelations among those components which are, in all likelihood, involved in the process. At the moment, the media have a huge impact on society, the consciousness and people's perceptions. Modeling of the process is an imitation of a particular system by creating models, which are reproduced in the principles of organization and operation of this system. TV News texts consist of the text, image and sound and are equal to the amount of information.

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