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Danbury, CT, United States

Peters D.W.,ATMI | Blair R.G.,University of Central Florida
Faraday Discussions | Year: 2014

Chemical vapor deposition (CVD) precursor chemicals are held to some of the highest purity levels in industry. Many metal reagents form stable, unbreakable adducts with the coordinating solvents that are necessary for solvating highly polar reagents. These adducts are undesirable and must be removed prior to usage. Herein we describe a mechanochemical approach to the synthesis of bis(n-propyltetramethylcyclopentadienyl)strontium that eliminates the use of strongly coordinating solvents. This method overcomes the solubility problems of the two reagents without the formation of stable, unbreakable adducts. We utilize a unique reactor geometry that facilitates mechanochemical syntheses while simplifying handling and allowing for "one pot" production. The synthesis was scaled to five hundred gram lot sizes in a six liter reactor. This technique is applicable to many syntheses and is linearly scalable - limited only by reactor size. © The Royal Society of Chemistry 2014. Source

A high dielectric constant (k40), low leakage current (10

Atmi | Date: 2013-09-27

In one aspect, the present disclosure relates to the substantially sterile transport of a substantially sterile substance using a liner-based assembly having an overpack and a flexible or semi-rigid liner disposed within the overpack configured for pressure dispense, and a connector securable to at least one of the overpack or liner. The connector may include a first port operably connected with a quick connector configured for substantially aseptic filling of the liner. The first port may be configured for substantially aseptic sealing after filling of the liner. The connector may be configured for substantially aseptic dispense of the substance of the liner via the first port after unsealing of the first port or via a second port. In some particular embodiments, the second port may be operably connected with a quick connector, and dispense of the substance of the liner occurs via the quick connector of the second port. The assembly may include one or more of a mixer, a sparger, a sensor, or combinations thereof, and may be arranged to form a bioreactor. Related methods are also described.

Atmi and Advanced Materials Technology, Inc. | Date: 2013-05-17

A cleaning composition and process for cleaning post-chemical mechanical polishing (CMP) residue and contaminants from a microelectronic device having said residue and contaminants thereon. The cleaning compositions include at least one quaternary base, at least one amine, at least one corrosion inhibitor, and at least one solvent. The composition achieves highly efficacious cleaning of the post-CMP residue and contaminant material from the surface of the microelectronic device while being compatible with barrier layers.

A mixing bag for use in bioprocessing in which a fluid is received and agitated using an internal fluid-agitating element driven by an external motive device is disclosed. The bag may include an integral sparger and sensor receiver. Related methods are also disclosed.

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