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Bremen, Germany

Atlas Elektronik GmbH is a naval/marine electronics and systems business based in Bremen, Germany. It is involved in the development of integrated sonar systems for submarines and heavyweight torpedoes. The company was a subsidiary of BAE Systems until December 2005 when it was sold to ThyssenKrupp and EADS. Wikipedia.

Agency: Cordis | Branch: FP7 | Program: CP | Phase: ICT-2011.2.1 | Award Amount: 8.52M | Year: 2012

The MORPH project advances the novel concept of an underwater robotic system composed of a number of spatially separated mobile robot-modules, carrying distinct and yet complementary resources. Instead of being physically coupled, the modules are connected via virtual links that rely on the flow of information among them, i. e. inter-module interactions are allowed by underwater communication networks at distant and close ranges and supported by visual perception at very close range. The MORPH supra-vehicle (MSV) is thus in sharp contrast to classical monolithic vehicles or even cooperative groups of marine vehicles that operate safely away from each other. These lack the capability of mutual support and multi-sensor interaction.Without rigid links, the MSV can reconfigure itself and adapt in response to the shape of the terrain. This capability provides the foundation for efficient methods to map the underwater environment with great accuracy especially in situations that defy existing technology: namely, underwater surveys over rugged terrain and structures with full 3D complexity. This includes walls with a negative slope, where precise localization of a single vehicle is not possible.The possible applications of the MSV cover a wide range of scientific and commercial areas such as monitoring of cold water coral reefs, oil and gas pipeline inspection, or harbor and dam protection. The common characteristic of these areas is the need for operating multiple, complementary instruments at very close range to unstructured underwater terrain while accomplishing proper geo-referencing at the same time.The MORPH concept requires qualitatively new behaviors such as adaptive sensor placement for perception and navigation, as well as environmental modeling in complex environments. On site view planning will lead to a solution well beyond the operational state of the art for underwater cliff surveys and other similar missions. A final demonstration on a vertical cliff, unfeasible automatically with todays technology, will validate the efficacy of the methods developed.

The invention relates to an activation device for an electric battery unit, in particular, for a battery part of a torpedo. The invention also relates to a battery unit with activation devices of this type. An activation device In order to guarantee a safe storage, ready for operation, and a safe activation of a battery unit, it is provided in accordance with the invention that the activation device

The present disclosure provides a method for clearing weapons that have been sunk in waterways using a weapon clearance appliance. The weapon clearance appliance comprises means for detachable connection to an unmanned underwater vehicle, so that the underwater vehicle is a safe distance away when the weapon is detonated. The volume of the weapon clearance appliance is chosen such that the buoyancy force which acts on the weapon clearance appliance under water compensates for the force of gravity acting on the weapon clearance appliance. Therefore, the weapon clearance appliance has neutral buoyancy, as a result of which, after the weapon clearance appliance has been released from the underwater vehicle, there is no need to retrim the underwater vehicle. Therefore, there is no need for trimming devices on the underwater vehicle.

Atlas Elektronik GmbH | Date: 2013-02-13

The invention concerns a group of vessels (

The invention relates to an underwater work system The invention furthermore relates to a method for operating an underwater work system. In order to create an underwater work system with an autonomous underwater vehicle and an unmanned relay vehicle floating at the surface of the water as well as a method for operating such an underwater work system, which provides an increased efficiency of the autonomous underwater vehicle

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