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Romatsov M.G.,Ii Mechnikov North Western Medical University | Galimzyanov Kh.M.,Astrakhan State Medical Academy | Lokteva O.M.,POLYSAN Co. | Kovalenko A.L.,Institute of Toxicology | Stepanov A.V.,Research Experimental Institute of Military Medicine
Antibiotiki i Khimioterapiya | Year: 2012

Search for drugs efficient in prophylaxis and treatment of dangerous infections (especially arboviral ones) is rather actual, since no specific therapy is available. Many-year investigations of interferon inductors showed that they had immunomodulating, antiviral and antiinflammatory effects and were low toxic. The present study demonstrated that the protective effect was the following: Venezuelan equine encephalitis (VEE) - cycloferon > amixin = ridostin, Rift Valley fever (RVF) - cycloferon > amixin > ridostin, predator pox (PP) - cycloferon > amixin = ridostin, that was obvious that cycloferon was the most active agent in the treatment of VEE, RVF and PP, thus making it possible to acknowledge its priority in prophylaxis and therapy of dangerous viral infections (DVT). Ribavirin in combination with cycloferon solution or cycloferon tablets provided shorter periods of the fever, minimized the intoxication syndrome, promoted earlier resolution of hemorrhagic eruption and lowered the frequency of complications, which was in favour of the disease prognosis.

Kimirilova O.G.,Astrakhan State Medical Academy | Romantsov M.G.,Ii Mechnikov North Western Medical University | Kharchenko G.A.,Astrakhan State Medical Academy
Antibiotiki i Khimioterapiya | Year: 2013

Cytochemical indices of peripheral blood leukocytes were investigated. The results allowed to estimate the level of the disease severity and to control the immunotropic therapy efficacy. Dysbalance of the interleukocytic microbicidical systems (IMS) of neutrophils reflected the nonspecific resisistance and the state of the phagocytic system as an objective criterion of the adaptation syndrome. Association of the deficiency of the IMS components and blood serum fibronectin were considered as a predisposition of bacterial complications. Cycloferon activated the phagocyte metabolic activity and promoted elimination of the main clinical symptoms of the disease (acute infective damage of the meninges, temperature elevation, intoxication signs), thus making shorter the hospitalization terms.

Pokrovsky V.I.,Central Research Institute of Epidemiology | Ugleva S.V.,Astrakhan State Medical Academy | Shabalina S.V.,Central Research Institute of Epidemiology
Terapevticheskii Arkhiv | Year: 2011

Epidemiologists register a trend in the latest decades for expansion of the areas of natural-focal transmissive fevers morbidity in the Astrakhan region. This is explained by reconfiguration of natural landscapes as a result of increasing anthropogenic impact. The Astrakhan territory exclusively contains 4 types of landscape with evolutionally formed several natural foci of transmissive fevers: Crimean hemorrhagic fever, West Nile fever, Astrakhan rickettsial fever, Q-fever. Early diagnosis of these diseases determines further treatment, prophylactic policy in the infection focus.

Dzhumagaziev A.A.,Astrakhan State Medical Academy | Raiskiy D.V.,Astrakhan State Medical Academy | Dzhalmuhamedova E.I.,Astrakhan State Medical Academy | Bezrukova D.A.,Astrakhan State Medical Academy
Human Ecology | Year: 2014

The monthly incidence of acute bronchitis, acute pneumonia and acute otitis media in orphanages' children (192 children from 0 to 5 years old living under conditions of combined effects of anthropogenic stress and iodine deficiency) has been compared before and after immunization with pneumococcal vaccine to unvaccinated children, and according to 10-year statistical reports - To urban children of the same age groups constantly living in families. During 18 months of observation in two orphanages in babies groups (0-2 y. o.) immunized with pneumococcal conjugate vaccine, reduced incidence of acute respiratory diseases, acute bronchitis, decreased incidence of acute pneumonia and otitis media was noted. We have concluded that immunization against pneumococcus promoted the babies and children's resistance.

Ploskonos M.V.,Astrakhan State Medical Academy
Klinichescheskaya Laboratornaya Diagnostika | Year: 2014

The article analyzes comparative assessment of vitality of spermatozoa by condition of permeability of membranes for eosin and propidium iodide and comparison of results acquired using technique of light and fluorescent microscopy. The comparison of data of light microscopy with eosin staining with data of fluorescent micivscopy with propidium iodide staining demonstrated that percentage of content of spermatozoa separated from ejaculates of 28 fertile males and stained with eosin was reliably higher (34.8±3.2) than percentage of content of spermatozoa with stained with propidium iodide (21.1±4.0). After incubation of spermatozoa under room temperature during 24 hours percentage of unviable cells with stained eosin also was higher than in case of propidium iodide staining correspondingly (44.5±3.3% and 34.7±3.6%). The analysis of vitality of spermatozoa under damaging effect of oxidative stress on cell membrane developed by 4 hours incubation with 200 mkM of hydrogen peroxide (H202) demonstrated that under staining of spermatozoa with propidium iodide significantly higher percentage of damaged cells is detected. In such cases, eosin staining is less suitable for detection of vitality of spermatozoa (73.6±5.8% against 51.7±6.4%). The carried out experiment demonstrates that in case of detected effects on spermatozoa (for example, effect of oxidative stress) the light microscopy insufficiently adequate reflects degree of damage of membranes of spermatozoa. The fluorescent microscopy delects a higher percentage of spermatozoa with damaged membrane.

Alieva A.A.,Astrakhan State Medical Academy
Klinichescheskaya Laboratornaya Diagnostika | Year: 2015

The study was carried out to analyze dynamics of diaphorase and esterase activity of neutrophils of blood in patients with chronic viral hepatitis C of lower degree of activity depending on gender characteristics in dynamics of treatment. The examination and treatment were organized concerning sampling of 113 patients with chronic viral hepatitis C of lower degree of activity. The diaphorase and esterase activity of neutrophils in dynamics of treatment was detected. The analysis of diaphorases was carried out according R.P. Nartsissov technique. The content of esterase was estimated by V.M. Wachstein-F.G. Wolf technique. The count of results was implemented using Kaplow semiquantitative technique. In patients with chronic viral hepatitis C of lower degree of activity prior to treatment the activity of NAD-diaphorase was. lowered both in males and females. The activity of NADF-diaphorase prior to treatment significantly exceeded standard in males and matched standard in fernales. The application of basic therapy resulted in qualitative redistribution of cellular composition of reacting cells. All of them reacted following medium degree of activity (b). At that, average cytochemical indicator of reaction was normal in males and in females increasing of activity was observed. The activity og both diaphorases after application of complex therapy (basic therapy and cycloferon) totally returned to normality both in males and females. The esterase activity prior to treatment was decreased in males and increased in fernales (alpha-naphthylacetate esterase) and vice versa (alpha-naphthylbutyrate esterase) was increased in males and decreased infernales. After application of basic therapy in males increasing of esterase activity was registered and total redistribution of qualitative composition of reacting neutrophils (from degree "a" to degree "b"). Infernales after treatment the activity of alpha-naphthylacetate esterase was decreased and alpha-naphthylbutyrate esterase was increased. The redistribution of qualitative composition of cells was absent. The application of cycloferon brings to normality the activity of alpha-naphthylbutyrate esterase in males and activity of diaforaselpha-naphthylacetate esterase infernales. Inpatients with chronic viral hepatitis C of lower degree of activity the differences in diaphorase and esterase activity of neutrophils depending on gender characteristics in dynamics of treatment are observed.

Ploskonos M.V.,Astrakhan State Medical Academy | Nikolaev A.A.,Astrakhan State Medical Academy
Gematologiya i Transfusiologiya | Year: 2010

The apoptogenic exogenous effects of polyamines (spermine and spermidine) in different concentrations on human peripheral blood lymphocytes were studied. The counts of apoptotic cells were evaluated by fluorescent microscopy using staining by fluorescence conjugate with Annexin V. It has been shown on the model of donor peripheral blood lymphocyte apoptosis that polyamines (spermine and spermidine) in physiological concentrations reduce lymphocyte capacity to apoptosis, while in higher doses they stimulate these cells' apoptosis, spermine exhibiting a more pronounced stimulatory effect. These effects are realized after 24-h incubation of cells with polyamines. Probable mechanisms of the effects are discussed.

Kasatkina S.G.,Astrakhan State Medical Academy | Panova T.N.,Astrakhan State Medical Academy
Terapevticheskii Arkhiv | Year: 2012

Aim. To study the time course changes in the parameters of endothelial dysfunction in patients with type 2 diabetes mellitus (DM) and subclinical hypothyroidism (SH) in the natural course of SH and during replacement therapy. Subjects and methods. All the examined patients were divided into 2 groups: 1) 67 patients received replacement therapy with euthyrox in a dose of 25 to 100 μg/day; 2) 60 patients were followed up. Results. At the moment of study inclusion, there was a close direct correlation between the levels of cholesterol and the aggregate intima-media thickness (IMT) (r=0.7) and between IMT and the levels of sICAM-1 (r=0.71) and sVCAM-1 (r=0.8). In the dynamics of the disease (following a year), the above correlations became weaker due to the performed treatment. A weak positive correlation was found between the aggregate IMT and the levels of sICAM-1 (/=0.2) and sVCAM-1 (r=0.3). Conclusion. In patients with type 2 DM, the presence of SH serves as an additional risk factor for endothelial dysfunction. Replacement therapy will be able to considerably retard the progression of the disease and to reduce the incidence of vascular events.

Aim: To evaluate the vascular endothelium in patients with cardiopulmonary disease, by studying the levels of endothelin-1 (ET-1) and C-type natriuretic peptide (CNP). Subjects and methods: Examinations were conducted in 212 dwellers of the Astrakhan Region, including 40 patients with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) concurrent with hypertensive disease (HD), 40 patients with COPD concurrent with coronary heart disease (CHD), 27 somatically healthy individuals, 35 patients with Stage II HD, 35 patients with Functional Classes II and III CHD, and 35 patients with moderate and severe COPD. Results: The patients with COPD concurrent with HD and CHD were found to have endothelial dysfunction manifesting itself in the overproduction of ET-1 and CNP. The level of CNP was statistically significantly higher in the COPD + HD group than in the HD and COPD groups whereas in the COPD + HD group the level of ET-1 remained comparable to that in the COPD and HD groups. This indicates that CNP is a more sensitive indirect marker of endothelial dysfunction and that nitric oxide deficiency is aggravated in the concurrence of COPD and HD as compared to a mononosological entity (HD, COPD). Conclusion: The concurrence of COPD and CHD is more unfavorable for the development and severity of endothelial dysfunction, which may lead to mutual aggravation syndrome, the rapider progression of the diseases, and the increased frequency of complications.

PubMed | Astrakhan State Medical Academy
Type: Journal Article | Journal: Bulletin of experimental biology and medicine | Year: 2012

We studied the effect of phenotropil (25 mg/kg intraperitoneally, 5 days) on the immune and psychoemotional state of Wistar rats with LPS-induced immune stress. Hyperactivity of the immune system in animals after treatment with Pseudomonas aeruginosa LPS (100 g/kg intraperitoneally, 3 days) manifested in a significant increase in the delayed-type hypersensitivity index, antibody titer in the reaction of passive hemagglutination, and phagocytic activity of peripheral blood neutrophils. Locomotor, orientation, and exploratory activities were reduced, while anxiety increased in animals with immune stress. Phenotropil exhibited the psychoimmunomodulatory effect under these conditions, which manifested in prevention of anxiety and fear response, increase in horizontal locomotion and exploratory behavior, and improvement of immunoreactivity.

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