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Turganova M.,Astana Medical University | Abduldayev A.,Astana Medical University | Kalinichenko A.,Astana Medical University
Research Journal of Pharmaceutical, Biological and Chemical Sciences | Year: 2016

Sexuality is one of the fundamental factors that influences on quality of man's life. Sexual and reproductive functions disorders lead to emotional distress and physical suffering of a couple, strain in relations, depression, disharmonious marriages and even divorces. Researches on reproductive health were conducted in Kazakhstan earlier, but analysis of population awareness about issues of sexual health has not been studied yet. Study data on opinion research of population of Astana about reproductive and sexual health is presented in the article. 7135 respondents took part in the research, 3542 of them were men (48,2%) and 3593 of them were women (51,8%). The average age of men comprised 30,3±18,9 years old, and women 37,4±11,2 years old. Such social aspects as marital status, social background, living conditions of Astana population of reproductive age were studied. Reproductive attitudes and behavior, and other issues related to reproductive and sexual health of people of reproductive age were analyzed.

Tsoy N.O.,Astana Medical University
World Applied Sciences Journal | Year: 2013

According to data of foreign authors, one of the controversial factors in the pathogenesis of acne in teenagers is the eating of fat, normal and low-fat milk and dairy products with prepared from skimmed milk. It is known that the basis of nutrition of the Kazakh people is products of animal origin, among which there are about 260 kinds of dairy products. This led to the goal of the study on the influence of milk and milk products in the severity of acne in young people. Material and Methods: cross-sectional study of 182 respondents using a specially designed questionnaire. The participants were divided into two matched groups; the only difference was the presence / absence of acne elements. Results: The risk of acne occurrence is significantly higherfor people with the highest milk and dairy product consumption level than for people who consume such products much less often. There is a strong reliable correlation between milk and dairy product consumption frequency and the risk of acne occurrence and development. Pathogenetic influence of milk and dairy products upon acne is proved. The power of influence is 0.22 (22%) for females and 0.13 (13%) for males. © IDOSI Publications, 2013.

PubMed | Odessa National Medical University and Astana Medical University
Type: Journal Article | Journal: Surgical endoscopy | Year: 2016

Laparoscopic greater curvature plication (LGCP) is a new restrictive bariatric procedure, which has a similar restrictive mechanism like laparoscopic sleeve gastrectomy (LSG) without potential risk of leak. Aim of the study was to compare 2-year outcomes of LSG and LGCP.Multicenter prospective randomized trial was started in 2010. A total of 54 patients with morbid obesity were allocated either to LGCP group (n=25) or LSG group (n=27). Main exclusion criteria were: ASA>III, age>75 and BMI>65kg/m(2). There were 40 women and 12 men, and the mean age was 42.66.8years (range 35-62). Data on the operation time, complications, hospital stay, body mass index loss, percentage of excess weight loss (%EWL), loss of appetite and improvement in comorbidities were collected during the follow-up examinations.All procedures were completed laparoscopically. The mean operative time was 92.015min for LSG and 7319min for LGCP (p>0.05). The mean hospital stay was 4.01.9days in the LSG group and 3.81.7days in LGCP group (p>0.05). One year after surgery, the mean %EWL was 59.515.4% in LSG group and 45.817% in LGCP group (p>0.05). After 2years, mean %EWL was 78.920% in the LSG group and 42.418% in the LGCP group (p<0.01). After 3years, mean %EWL was 72.822 in the LSG group and only 20.523.9 in the LGCP group (p<0.01). Loss of feeling of hunger after 2years was 25% in LGCP group and 76.9% in the LSG group (p<0.05). The comorbidities including diabetes, sleep apnea and hypertension were markedly improved in the both groups after surgery.The short-term outcomes demonstrated equal effectiveness of the both procedures, but 2-year follow-up showed that LGCP is worse than LSG as a restrictive procedure for weight loss.

Zhumambayeva S.,Astana Medical University | Rozenson R.,Astana Medical University | Tawfik A.,Mansoura University | Awadalla N.J.,Mansoura University | Zhumambayeva R.,Semey State Medical University
International Journal of Pediatric Otorhinolaryngology | Year: 2014

Introduction the first months of life are the most vulnerable period in allergic disease development and it is not clear enough whether inhalant pollen allergen exposure predisposes the risk of consequent allergic reactions. Objective: To study the clinical and epidemiological criteria of hay fever with special emphasis on investigation of the relationship between the date of birth and seasonal allergic rhinitis development in children and adolescents in Kazakhstan. Methods: The prospective hospital based study was conducted during pollen season from the beginning of May to the end of October in two consequent years 2010 and 2011. 184 children and adolescents at the age of 1--17 years underwent consultations and skin prick tests in the allergological center "Umit" (Astana, Kazakhstan). Special allergological questionnaires were developed and adapted for local residents. The assessment of symptoms severity was performed using a scoring system. Skin prick tests were performed in 112 patients. The number of patients was explained by the age limitations. Correlation analysis between skin prick test results and the month of birth were performed. Results: It was found that in summer months there were the highest number of patients with seasonal allergic rhinitis 68 (36.9%), followed by spring 44 (23.9%), then autumn 37 (20.1%) and the lowest percent of patients 35 (19.1%) was born in winter. Rhinoconjunctival syndrome was diagnosed in 180 (97.8%) patients, pollen induced bronchial asthma in 76 (41.3%) and pollen induced urticaria in 35 (19.0%) patients. Mono sensitization among Kazakhstan children and adolescents was determined only to several species of the plants, mainly to Artemisia Absinthium (68.2%) and Sunflower (25.7%), whereas multiple sensitization to the mix of weeds was determined in 75 (66.9%) patients, to the mix of meadow grass in 33 (29.4%), mix of meadow grass. +. mix of weeds in 25 (22.3%) and mix of trees in 9 (7.1%) patients. The mean of symptoms severity of total scoring (24) was 15.5. The mean of IgE level in blood tests was 323.2. IU/ml. Conclusions: Our results proved that first months of life are the crucial period and inhalant pollen allergen exposure, particularly to the weeds pollen, predisposes the risk of consequent allergic reactions development in children and adolescents in Kazakhstan. This fact may predetermine the risk of consequent allergic reactions development and the awareness of patients about it helps to prevent following severe clinical manifestations. © 2013 Elsevier Ireland Ltd.

Dehaen W.,Catholic University of Leuven | Mashentseva A.A.,Catholic University of Leuven | Mashentseva A.A.,Eurasian University | Seitembetov T.S.,Astana Medical University
Molecules | Year: 2011

This review covers the chemistry of allobetulin analogs, including their formation by rearrangement from betulin derivatives, their further derivatisation, their fusion with heterocyclic rings, and any further rearrangements of allobetulin compounds including ring opening, ring contraction and ring expansion reactions. In the last part, the most important biological activities of allobetulin derivatives are listed. One hundred and fifteen references are cited and the relevant literature is covered, starting in 1922 up to the end of 2010. © 2011.

Sinyavsky Y.A.,Kazakh Academy of Nutrition | Tsoy N.O.,Astana Medical University
Voprosy Pitaniia | Year: 2014

Currently, one of discussed questions of acne etiopathogenesis is alimentary factors, in particular, national dietary habits at different regions and the role of diet. The purpose of this research: from the standpoint of evidence-based medicine to reveal the influence of dietary intake (energy value of the diet, macro-and micronutrients content) on the actual severity of acne in young people. We observed 180 respondents aged 15 to 25 years. The main group included 90 patients with moderate to severe acne, who were treated at the Center for Dermatology and prevention of sexually transmitted diseases in Astana, including 38 girls and 52 boys, mean age 20,5±4,3 years. The control group consisted of 90 apparently healthy subjects (36 girls and 54 boys, mean age 19,8±4,2 years) without even a single manifestation of non-inflammatory or inflammatory acne elements. Studying the actual food consumption was carried out by a 24-hour (daily) food recall using specially designed questionnaires and albums. Results: regular meals with excess energy value significantly contributes to the progression of disease severity in young people with acne [the power of influence in young men was 0,43 (43%), girls - 0,42 (42%)], the excess of the normal daily requirements for carbohydrates also significantly affect the severity of acne [the power of influence in young men -0,23 (23%), in girls - 0,35 (35%)], lack of vitamin A (retinol) and its provitamin (carotene) significantly affect the severity of acne (the power of influence in young men - 0,44 (44%) and 0,42 (42%), respectively, in girls - 0,46 (46%) and 0,31 (31%), respectively); in young men with severe acne vitamin D deficiency with a force of 0,3 (30%) significantly potentiates the inflammatory process; lack of zinc in the diet significantly affects the severity of the pathological process in severe forms of acne, the power of influence of this micronutrient in young men - 0,44 (44%), women - 0,34 (34%).

Dauletova G.S.,Astana Medical University | Karp L.L.,Astana Medical University | Absattarova K.S.,National Research Center for Maternal and Child Health
Iranian Journal of Public Health | Year: 2012

Background: In Kazakhstan, as in many other countries, a transformation of the traditional stereotypes of reproductive behavior, and change the types of family relationships is occurred. It is caused by social status changes, by the transformation of women's valuable orientations and social-role attitudes. The objective of this study was to identify the indicators of reproductive units and the motives for having children in the family. Methods: Designed questionnaires were used to study the regulation of fertility in young families, and women's views about the ideal, desired, and expected number of children per family. The survey covered 1017 respondents aged less than 39 years. Results: Expected number of children in the family depends on living conditions. The average expected number of children per family increases with improvement of living conditions and with increases in income. Statistically significant differences in the average expected number of children in families with a satisfactory and good income compared to poor income (P <0.001). Revealed the predominance of the expected, desired and ideal number of children among women of Asian ethnic group and on the desired and ideal number of children the differences were statistically significant (P <0.05). By mathematical formula that based on a poll can be calculated probability of birth of each child in the family. Conclusion: Reproductive attitudes of Astana women depend on age, educational level, income, professional employment, marital status, and ethnicity. The findings confirm the hypothesis that family plans are largely exposed to specific conditions of life.

Ospanov O.B.,Astana Medical University
Obesity Surgery | Year: 2016

Background: This video demonstrates laparoscopic band-separated one anastomosis gastric bypass—combining the advantages of banding and gastric bypass without stapler and cutter use. This is basically a gastrojejunal loop bypass above an obstructive band in the upper stomach. Materials and Surgical Technique: An adjustable low pressure “Medsil” gastric band was introduced in the abdomen and retracted through the retrogastric tunnel. The front wall of the stomach below the band was displaced in the upward direction through the ring band, increasing the size of the anterior portion of the stomach pouch so that a gastroenteroanastomosis could be created at this point. Gastro-gastric sutures were placed to create a gastro-gastric plication around the band and hold it in position. The band tubing was exteriorized and connected to a special port, which was secured to the abdominal wall fascia. A jejunal loop was created about 200 cm from the ligament of Treitz and anastomosed to the gastric pouch by hand using Vicryl 2/0 sutures. Results: Between November 2015 and February 2016, the study was performed on 10 patients. The average operating time for all cases was 75 min (range 63–87). There was no morbidity or mortality. No complications were observed, including band erosion and band infection. Operation costs were about $2000 lower with this method than with standard gastric bypass surgery. Postop the patients lost weight by 3–4 kg per month. Conclusion: Preliminary results show that laparoscopic band-separated one anastomosis gastric bypass have feasibility, safety, efficacy, and reduced operating costs. © 2016 Springer Science+Business Media New York

Aubakirova A.,Astana Medical University | Kossumov A.,Astana Medical University | Igissinov N.,Astana Medical University
Iranian Journal of Public Health | Year: 2013

Background: The article provides the analysis of death rates in road traffic accidents in Kazakhstan from 2004 to 2010 and explores the use of sanitary aviation. Methods: Data of fatalities caused by road traffic accidents were collected and analysed. Descriptive and analytical methods of epidemiology and biomedical statistics were applied. Results: Totaly 27,003 people died as a result of road traffic accidents in this period. The death rate for the total population due to road traffic accidents was 25.0±2.10/0000. The death rate for men was (38.3±3.20/0000), which was higher (P<0.05) than that for women (12.6±1.10/0000). High death rates in the entire male population were identified among men of 30-39 years old, whereas the highest rates for women were attributed to the groups of 50-59 years old and 70-79 years old. In time dynamics, death rates tended to decrease: the total population (Tdec=-2.4%), men (Tdec=-2.3%) and women (Tdec=-1.4%). When researching territorial relevance, the rates were established as low (to 18.30/0000), average (between18.3 and24.00/0000) and high (from 24.00/0000 and above). Thus, the regions with high rates included Akmola region (24.30/0000), Mangistau region (25.90/0000), Zhambyl region (27.30/0000), Almaty region (29.30/0000) and South Kazakhstan region (32.40/0000). Conclusion: The identified epidemiological characteristics of the population deaths rates from road traffic accidents should be used in integrated and targeted interventions to enhance prevention of injuries in accidents.

Tsoy N.,Astana Medical University
World Journal of Medical Sciences | Year: 2013

According to data of foreign authors, the risk of development and severity of course of acne may be aggravated by the consumption of milk and dairy products, high-carbon or rich in hidden fats diet etc. The purpose of this study is to detect the influence of national eating preferences upon the development of acne of young people and to identify the pathogenetic importance of milk and dairy products for such patients. A case-control study was conducted with the participation of 523 students. Respondents were offered to fill in specially developed questionnaires-inquirers for establishing the dietary habits of the students or their eating preferences such as frequency of consumption of milk and dairy products, high-carbon food, chocolate, carbonated beverages. It was detected that the high-carbon diet increases the risk of acne occurrence; consumption of high-carbon food in the group of persons with skin pathology made up 67.7%, while in the group without acne it was 32.6%. Among the persons with the highest level of consumption of milk and dairy products the risk of acne development is significantly higher than among those persons, who consume such products significantly less frequently. © IDOSI Publications, 2013.

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