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Veldhoven, Netherlands

Asml Netherlands B.V. | Date: 2015-04-01

In a lithographic projection apparatus, a liquid supply system maintains liquid in a space between the projection system and the substrate. The liquid supply system may further include a de-mineralizing unit, a distillation unit, a de-hydrocarbonating unit, a UV radiation source, and/or a filter configured to purify the liquid. A gas content reduction device may be provided to reduce a gas content of the liquid. A chemical may be added to the liquid using an adding device to inhibit lifeform growth and components of the liquid supply system may be made of a material which is non-transparent to visible light such that growth of lifeforms may be reduced.

An inspection apparatus (

ASML Netherlands B.V. | Date: 2015-01-21

Actuation systems and lithographic apparatus which address the issue of uncontrolled return of common mode currents are provided. In an embodiment such systems aim to prevent the occurrence of corona and discharge between high voltage electric cables in low pressure environments. An exemplary actuation system includes an actuator module, a power source and power transmission cables. The actuator module includes an electrical motor and a first plurality of shielded cables configured to connect to the electrical motor at one end. The actuator module is located in a low pressure environment and each shield of the first plurality of cables is grounded. The transmission cables electrically connect the first plurality of cables with power supply, and include an extra cable configured to connect each shield of the first plurality of cables with the first extra cable, via a choke so as to provide a return path for common-mode currents.

Asml Netherlands B.V. | Date: 2015-12-09

Method of and apparatus for repairing an optical element disposed in a vacuum chamber while the optical element is in the vacuum chamber. An exposed surface of the optical element is exposed to an ion flux generated by an ion source to remove at least some areas of the surface that have been damaged by exposure to the environment within the vacuum chamber. The method and apparatus are especially applicable to repair multilayer mirrors serving as collectors in systems for generating EUV light for use in semiconductor photolithography.

ASML Netherlands B.V. | Date: 2015-09-10

An inspection apparatus comprises an illumination system (

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