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Singapore, Singapore

Asm Technology Singapore Pte Ltd | Date: 2012-11-09

Disclosed is a method of detecting a bonding failure of a wire bonder, which comprises a bonding tool operative to form an electrical connection between a semiconductor die and a substrate using a bonding wire. The method comprises the steps of: forming a first wire bond on a first surface located on the semiconductor die using the bonding tool and the bonding wire; forming a second wire bond on a second surface located on the substrate using the bonding tool and the bonding wire such that a wire loop connects the first and second wire bonds, wherein the first surface is not electrically-conductive; moving the bonding tool in a direction away from the second wire bond to break the bonding wire from the second wire bond; detecting whether the second wire bond remains bonded to the substrate; and determining an occurrence of the bonding failure if the second wire bond is no longer bonded to the substrate.

Asm Technology Singapore Pte. Ltd. | Date: 2012-01-13

A method of recovering a bonding apparatus from a bonding failure to resume a normal operating state for semiconductor chip fabrication is disclosed. The bonding apparatus comprises: i) a bonding tool for bonding a wire between a semiconductor chip and a substrate; and ii) a position sensor. Specifically, the method comprises the steps of: a) the position sensor determining a position of the bonding tool when the bonding tool contacts a surface to bond the wire to the substrate; b) the bonding apparatus detecting a bonding failure caused by detachment of the semiconductor from the substrate based on the position of the bonding tool; and c) the bonding apparatus detaching the semiconductor chip from the wire.

ASM Technology Singapore Pte Ltd | Date: 2015-06-25

A method of dicing a plurality of integrated devices included in a semiconductor substrate using laser energy comprises the steps of directing a first laser beam onto a cutting line along the substrate to ablate a portion of the substrate located along the cutting line to be diced, the portion of the substrate that is ablated forming a recast material adjacent to the cutting line of the substrate that has been diced. A second laser beam is directed onto another portion of the substrate adjacent to the cutting line to conduct heat processing of the recast material formed adjacent to the cutting line.

ASM Technology Singapore Pte Ltd | Date: 2015-05-13

A semiconductor package testing apparatus comprises a package holder for holding a semiconductor package and which is positionable together with the semiconductor package at a test contactor station. There are probe pins located at the test contactor station for contacting a bottom surface of the semiconductor package and which are configured to apply an upwards force on the semiconductor package during testing of the semiconductor package. A restraining mechanism that is movable from a first position remote from the package holder and a second position over the package holder is configured to restrict lifting of the semiconductor package by the probe pins during testing of the semiconductor package when the restraining mechanism is at its second position.

Asm Technology Singapore Pte Ltd | Date: 2014-10-14

An apparatus for radiatively scribing a substantially planar semiconductor substrate along a scribelane that extends between opposing rows of semiconductor devices on a target surface of the substrate, said scribelane having a length extending parallel to a first direction and a width extending parallel to a second direction, these first and second directions lying respectively parallel to X and Y axes of a Cartesian coordinate system, comprising:

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