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News Article | July 11, 2017

"This certification is proof of Artel's commitment to provide quality services and innovative solutions to meet – and often exceed – our customers' needs.  Our QMS team has already begun implementing the transition to ISO 9001:2015," said Paul Domorski, Artel's Chief Executive Officer. Since 1986, Artel has delivered a full portfolio of satellite and terrestrial network communications and infrastructure, systems integration, cyber security, risk management and IT solutions. Artel partners with Government and other industry leaders to enable customers all over the world to securely access and deliver content across all their networks and IT infrastructures―in every domain and environment. Effective July 1, 2017, please visit our new website at for additional information.

News Article | August 8, 2017

HERNDON, Va., Aug. 8, 2017 /PRNewswire/ -- Artel, LLC, announced today that it is building the highest availability and lowest packet loss network in Africa.  For almost a decade, Artel has operated a rapidly expanding, highly reliable, resilient network throughout the Middle East and...

Seyonic Sa and ARTEL Inc | Date: 2012-01-13

An air displacement liquid delivery system including a liquid delivery device, one or more sensors, a control unit, and a preprogrammable computing device, and a method for using the air displacement liquid delivery system. The one or more sensors are capable of obtaining information regarding conditions within and external to the liquid delivery device and sending this information to the control unit and/or the computing device. In turn, the control unit and/or computing device are capable of using this information to calculate one or more properties of gas contained within, and the air external to, the liquid delivery device, and one or more properties of a liquid that it is to be aspirated or dispensed by the liquid delivery device. The system may optimally control the performance of the liquid delivery device based upon any one or more of these calculated properties.

ARTEL Inc and Seyonic Sa | Date: 2011-01-13

A liquid aspirating and dispensing apparatus and method of using the apparatus. Among other elements, the apparatus includes a liquid handling device having one or more channel members, each of which has a removable liquid holding tip attached, and a signal transmitting device. A signal transmitted from the signal transmitting device may be used in a variety of ways to yield information regarding the performance of the apparatus. This information may be provided via direct detection of the signal by an operator of the apparatus. Alternatively, the signal may be detected by a programmable signal detecting device, interpreted by the apparatus, and then displayed in a form that is understandable to the operator. Furthermore, the liquid holding tip may be modified to enable different forms of signal transmission.

An apparatus used to calibrate microtiter plate readers. The apparatus includes one or more structures having two exterior surfaces wherein one of the exterior surfaces is coated with a coating selected to establish on that surface a reflection loss that mimics reflection loss at an air-liquid interface, and the other of the two exterior surfaces is coated with a coating selected to establish a reflection loss on that surface that mimics the reflection loss at a bottom surface of a microtiter plate. The apparatus may be a single layer, a multi-layered composition or a container. The apparatus is an artifact that may be used to calibrate a plate reader by mimicking a solution-filled microtiter plate. The artifact may be used for a plurality of liquids, including water. The artifact produces reflection losses more closely mirroring reflection losses expected for a liquid-filled microtiter plate well.

A system and related method for improved liquid delivery evaluation using a solution containing one or more dyes such that the solution exhibits multiple distinct detectable light absorbance spectral features for calibrating or testing over extended volume or dilution ranges are described. The system includes: a photometric instrument capable of measuring optical absorbance at multiple wavelengths; one or more sample solutions to be dispensed using the liquid delivery system whose performance is being tested or calibrated; and vessels optionally pre-filled, or filled by the user, with diluent solution. The sample solutions contain one or more dyes, chosen so that multiple distinct detectable light absorbance spectral features, such as peaks and/or valleys and/or plateaus of the solution can be distinguished for volume or dilution ranges of interest. The concentrations of the dyes may be chosen so that a large volume delivery device is calibrated using a spectral feature in the solution with a low absorbance per unit pathlength, while a small volume delivery device is calibrated with the same sample solution but using a different spectral feature with a high absorbance per unit pathlength.

The invention provides ways to determine the impact of diluting a solution wherein the diluting may be carried out for any of a variety of purposes. In one embodiment, the method enables accurate volume dispensation calculations independent of meniscus shape. In another embodiment, the method enables accurate determination of plate washing efficiency. In yet another embodiment, the method enables the accurate determination of dilution ratio over a plurality of dilution steps. The methods described may be carried out using one or more systems arranged to perform the steps. A kit of the invention includes instructions for carrying out the steps of the methods and, optionally, one or more solutions suitable for conducting photometric measurements.

A system and related method for determining the volume of a sample solution delivered by a liquid delivery device. The system includes devices for adding and removing diluent, the sample solution under analysis and a mixture of the two in a cell having a substantially constant cross sectional area and a known horizontal optical path length. The system includes one or more spectrophotometers to measure horizontally and vertically absorbance associated with two distinct chromophores. A first chromophore of unknown concentration is in the diluent and a second chromophore of known concentration is in the sample solution. The method determines absorbance horizontally and vertically of the first chromophore prior to adding the sample solution and then determining absorbance of the first chromophore horizontally and vertically and the second chromophore horizontally after mixing the diluent and sample solution together. That information is used to determine the volume of the sample solution added to the cell.


ARTEL Inc | Date: 2016-05-17

Scientific instruments, namely, air dispensing syringes, a sealing gasket, pressure sensors and computer software, sold as a unit, for measuring volumes, not for medical use.

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