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Kyoto, Japan

A method is provided for suppressing, in a color reagent solution which is used to measure a component within a sample and which contains an oxidative color reagent dissolved therein, a background rise that occurs when the color reagent solution is stored. The method includes adjusting a hydrogen ion exponent (pH) of the color reagent solution so as to be strongly acidic. The hydrogen ion exponent is preferably adjusted to 2.9 or below or to 2.1 or below. The color reagent solution is preferably used to measure the degree of oxidative stress. The oxidative color reagent is preferably a phenylenediamine derivative.

A method for manufacturing a chip that includes a microchannel is described, wherein the method includes the steps of: fixing a cationic polymer having a quaternary onium group to at least one surface of each of a pair of resin substrates; and joining the resin substrates together on the surfaces on which the cationic polymer has been fixed.

A measuring apparatus for measuring a substrate concentration by using a sensor including an enzyme reagent layer includes a state detecting unit that applies a first voltage and a second voltage different from the first voltage to the sensor to detect a state of the enzyme reagent layer based on a difference between a first response current value obtained under application of the first voltage and a second response current value obtained under application of the second voltage.

ARKRAY Inc. | Date: 2015-12-09

A method for measuring a target object in a sample by using an oxidase, wherein the influence of dissolved oxygen in the sample can be corrected, is provided. The method comprises: obtaining measurement values by causing the target object in the sample to react with the oxidase under different conditions of two or more types; and performing a correction based on the obtained two or more measurement values and a correction method preliminarily set so as to correct the influence of dissolved oxygen in the sample.

The present disclosure provides a novel primer reagent for detecting a plurality of variants of the ALK fusion gene.

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