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Paris, France

Areva is a French multinational group specializing in nuclear and renewable energy headquartered in Paris La Défense. It is the world's largest nuclear company. Its nuclear technology business group was created by absorbing the nuclear business line of German company Siemens; it has developed the EPR, an advanced 3rd generation pressurized water nuclear reactor.The corporate name "Areva" is inspired by the Trappist Santa María la Real monastery in Arévalo in Spain. Wikipedia.

The instant invention provides a method of identifying lead-bearing crystalline phases or compounds in deposits formed on surfaces, such as the heated surfaces of nuclear power plant systems. A deposit sample or specimen is obtained and examined to obtain an image, an area elemental composition spectrum, and an x-ray elemental map to identify a location containing a lead-bearing species of interest. Electron backscatter diffraction is then used to obtain a characteristic diffraction pattern from the location, which is compared to a library of known diffraction patterns to identify any lead-bearing crystalline phases or compounds present in the location. Finally, any potential phase or compound of the lead in the deposit sample is identified by comparing the elemental composition spectrum with the electron backscatter diffraction crystalline compound identification.

A nuclear plant has a containment shell and a pressure relief line passing out of the containment shell and sealed by a shut-off valve, and through which a pressure relief flow can flow during relief operation, such that it is configured for particularly reliable management of critical scenarios where there is a considerable pressure increase within the containment shell at the same time as the release of hydrogen and/or carbon monoxide. A gas flow treatment device is provided upstream from the respective pressure relief line, and contains a flow duct and has a lower inflow opening and an upper inflow/outflow opening. Catalytic elements for eliminating hydrogen and/or carbon monoxide are arranged in the flow duct above the lower inflow opening. During a critical fault, the flow duct is flowed through from bottom to top by a gas mixture present in the containment shell by the principle of natural convection.

A concrete storage module (

Areva | Date: 2015-02-27

A beam assembly contains a substantially straight beam, which is arranged between two bearings and extends in a longitudinal direction. The beam assembly contains at least three segments, which are arranged one behind the other in the longitudinal direction and which are connected to each other by two head plate joints. The three segments include a middle segment and two outer segments. The bearings are prevented from moving in the longitudinal direction. The beam assembly permits controlled relief of thermal constraining forces while the load-transferring function is simultaneously maintained and while external dynamic forces are evenly distributed within the construction. Accordingly, this is achieved in that the middle segment has a middle segment head plate at each of the two ends of the middle segment and each of the two outer segments has an outer segment head plate at the end of the outer segment directed toward the middle segment.

An emission monitoring system for a venting system of a nuclear power plant is configured for low consumption of energy while having high reliability of measurement results. The emission monitoring system has a pressure relief line connected to a containment and contains a high-pressure section, a low-pressure section, and a sampling line, which, on the inlet side, opens into the low-pressure section of the pressure relief line and is guided from there to a functional path through which steam flows. An ejector containing a pump fluid connector, a suction connector and an outlet connector is provided. A pump fluid feed line has an inlet side opening into the high-pressure section of the pressure relief line and is guided from there to the ejector and connected to the pump fluid connector. A sample return line is guided from the functional path to the ejector and connected to the suction connector.

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