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Cambridge, United Kingdom

Arecor Ltd | Date: 2014-03-13

The present invention is based on the surprising discovery that the inclusion of an anionic polymer in the adenovirus formulation enhances long-term stability of the vector composition. An aqueous formulation comprising an adenovirus vector and at least one anionic polymer is provided, together with methods of the preparation of a storage stable adenovirus aqueous formulation.

Arecor Ltd. | Date: 2013-03-15

There is provided according to the invention an aqueous composition having pH between 4 and 7 comprising (i) glucagon at a concentration of 0.05% w/v or more and (ii) a cationic surfactant selected from benzalkonium salts and benzethonium salts as solubilising agent in an amount sufficient to dissolve the glucagon in the composition.

Arecor Ltd. | Date: 2011-07-29

The present invention provides an aqueous solution comprising an antibody protein at a concentration of at least about 10 mg/m L and a stabilizing amount of polyethyleneimine.

Arecor Ltd | Date: 2013-01-30

The present invention provides an aqueous solution comprising an antibody protein at a concentration of at least about 10 mg/mL and an oligomer of ethyleneimine, wherein the number of repeating units of ethyleneimine (n) in the oligomer is in the range n=2-12.

Caves M.S.,University of Warwick | Derham B.K.,Arecor Ltd | Jezek J.,Arecor Ltd | Freedman R.B.,University of Warwick
Enzyme and Microbial Technology | Year: 2011

Glucose oxidase (GOx) from Penicillium amagasakiense has a higher specific activity than the more commonly studied Aspergillus niger enzyme, and may therefore be preferred in many medical and industrial applications. The enzyme rapidly inactivates on storage at pH 7.0-7.6 at temperatures between 30 and 40 °C. Results of fluorimetry and circular dichroism spectroscopy indicate that GOx inactivation under these conditions is associated with release of the cofactor FAD and molten globule formation, indicated by major loss of tertiary structure but almost complete retention of secondary structure. Inactivation of GOx at pH < 7 leads to precipitation, but at pH ≥ 7 it leads to non-specific formation of small soluble aggregates detectable by PAGE and size-exclusion chromatography (SEC). Inactivation of P. amagasakiense GOx differs from that of A. niger GOx in displaying complete rather than partial retention of secondary structure and in being promoted rather than prevented by NaCl. The contrasting salt effects may reflect differences in the nature of the interface between subunits in the native dimers and/or the quantity of secondary structure loss upon inactivation. © 2011 Elsevier Inc.

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