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Aramli M.S.,Tarbiat Modares University | Kalbassi M.R.,Tarbiat Modares University | Nazari R.M.,Rajaeei Sturgeon Hatchery Center | Aramli S.,Ardebil University of Medical science
Animal Reproduction Science | Year: 2013

The effective short-term storage of semen is essential when processing multiple sperm samples and when semen must be transported from collection sites to hatcheries for the fertilization of ova, or to laboratories for cryopreservation. In the present study, the spermatozoa of Persian sturgeon (Acipenser persicus) were used to evaluate the effects of short-term storage on quality parameters (the percentage of motile cells and the total period of sperm motility), oxidative stress indices, and the ATP content. Spermatozoa cells exhibited >50% motility during 6 days of storage where the average total duration of sperm motility varied from 376.42 ± 80.86. s initially to 19.28 ± 10.96. s after 6 days. No motile spermatozoa were recorded after 9 days of storage. The levels of oxidative stress indices (TBARS and CP) and antioxidant activity (SOD) increased significantly with the storage time. The ATP content also decreased significantly after 2 days of storage. The results of this study may facilitate successful reproduction management and cryopreservation protocols for this endangered fish. © 2013.

Behroo L.,Ardebil University of Medical science
Journal of Pharmacy and Nutrition Sciences | Year: 2013

IgE-mediated allergic diseases are a major socio-economic problem caused by complex interactions between genes and the environment. In general, the production of IgE and allergic inflammation result from overexpression of Thelper 2[(Th2); IgE-producing T-lymphocyte lineage] type immune responses (type I hypersensitivity reactions) cytokines. On the average, it is estimated that 30-40% of the world population are now, being affected by one or more allergic condition(s) of which FOOD ALLERGIES, for the most part, account for this augmentation and consequently embrace a major portion of the affections(up to 20%). Of course, it should be noted that, the vast majority of reactions due to food allergy do not require hospitalisation and, thus, the true number of distinguished/reported cases is still, likely to be significantly higher. Virtually, any food protein can cause clinical syndrome in susceptible individual; however, only a small number of foods are responsible for more than 90 percent of allergic food reactions, and most patients are sensitive to fewer than three foods. In children, the most common foods causing reactions are egg, milk, peanuts, soy, wheat, tree nuts and fish. Adults most often react to peanuts, tree nuts, fish and shellfish. Despite allergy to food proteins having been known for many years, there is little information on whether food antigens are increased in these conditions and how much antigen is absorbed as well as, the biological activity of the absorbed allergen. One explanation could be the limitations of sensitive analytic methods for analyzing food proteins in human serum. On the other part, current curative cares under evaluation include strategies to block IgE or IgE synthesis and to interrupt the Th2-dependent allergic cascade. Altogether, the thing of noteworthy is that, a determined effort using the best appropriate food allergy diagnostic technics would be certainly required in order to, produce the most clinically effective/safe patient results and, develop any effectual/promising therapeutic approaches for IgE-mediated food allergies owing to their epidemic worldwide increase in prevalence and morbidity. © 2013 Lifescience Global.

Asl M.E.,Ardebil University of Medical science
Middle East journal of anesthesiology | Year: 2011

Postoperative shivering is one of the common problems following general anesthesia and may lead to multiple complications. The aim of this study was to examine the preventive effects of Ondansetron and Meperidine on postoperative shivering. This randomized placebo-controlled double blind clinical trial included 90 patients scheduled for elective gynecologic operations, randomly divided to three groups. Ondansetron (4 mg), Meperidine (0.4 mg/kg) and 2 cc normal saline (as a control group) were administered immediately before the induction of anesthesia. Anesthesia induced equivalently for all. Patients were observed in terms of vital signs, side effects and shivering. Postoperative shivering was observed in 13.3% of patients in Ondansetron group and 20% of Meperidine group, significantly lower than the controls (50%). The reduction of core and dermal temperature during the anesthesia and recovery, changes in systolic and diastolic blood pressure and heart rate were similar in all three groups. The incidence of nausea was similar among the three groups of study while vomiting occurred in 6.7% of the Meperidine group and 3.3% of the controls but none in the patients receiving Ondansetron. Ondansetron can effectively reduce post operative shivering.

Pirzadeh A.,Ardebil University of Medical science | Doustmohammadian N.,Semnan University of Medical Sciences | Khoshbaten M.,Tabriz University of Medical Sciences | Doustmohammadion S.,Tehran University of Medical Sciences
Asian Pacific Journal of Cancer Prevention | Year: 2011

Objective: To investigate the possible role of Helicobacter pylori as a cause of squamous cell carcinoma of larynx in a case-control study in an otolaryngology ward at an academic university. Subjects and Methods: A total of 65 patients with laryngeal cancer and 65 matched cancer-free controls underwent esophagogastroduodenoscopy and biopsy of antral and body regions of the stomach for evaluation of Helicobacter pylori infection. Results:The proportion of subjects with a positive rapid urease test for gastric infection was similar between the two groups (49.2 % in cases vs. 40% in controls). However, a positive rapid urease test for body was less frequently seen in patients with laryngeal cancer whereas a positive rapid urease test for antrum was significantly higher (P=0.04). Conclusion: Our study failed to show Helicobacter pylori as one of the etiologies of laryngeal cancer. However, it supported the hypothesis that colonization of Helicobacter pylori only in the gastric body might have a protective effect against laryngeal cancer with decreasing gastric acid while antral Helicobacter pylori, increasing gastric acid due to G cell hyperplasia, may be a predisposing factor for laryngeal cancer, with acid reflux as a possible underlying etiology.

Sadighi A.,Tabriz University of Medical Sciences | Elmi A.,Tabriz University of Medical Sciences | Jafari M.A.,Tabriz University of Medical Sciences | Sadeghifard V.,Ardebil University of Medical science | Goldust M.,Tabriz University of Medical Sciences
Pakistan Journal of Biological Sciences | Year: 2011

Tibia fractures are the most common type of long bone fractures in US. This study aimed at comparing the therapeutic results of closed tibial shaft fracture with intramedullary nails inserted with and without reaming. In this randomized clinical trial study, 60 patients with a fracture of the tibia were examined. The patients were randomly divided into two groups. Thirty patients treated through inserting intramedullary nail with reaming technique (group A). The other 30 patients treated through inserting intramedullary nail without reaming technique (group B). After operation physical examination and control radiography were taken up to 6 month and results were compared. Sixty patients suffering from closed tibial diaphysis fractures were studied. Mean age of the group A and B were 40.24±12.32 and 38.42±14.28, respectively. Group A consisted of 24 (80%) males and 6 (20%) females while group B consisted of 24% females and 76% males. Considering fracture based on OTA criteria (p = 0.4) and severity of soft tissue damage based on Tscherne classification (p = 0.6), there was no statistically meaningful difference between groups A and B. The study demonstrated that degree of horizontal displacement, mean time of surgery, post-operation infection, organ shortness at the end of the follow-up period, organ deviation in patients of the group A was significantly more than that of the group B. Time required for callus formation (mean time of union), mean time of full weight bearing time and mean time of return to normal activities in group B was significantly more than that of the group A. © 2011 Asian Network for Scientific Information.

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