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Merignac, France

A method of near real-time global geographical IP address automated lookup utilizes an automated system continually performing a plurality of IP address location discovery techniques including traceroute automation, global server triangulation other geo IP discovery techniques and rolling cross checks across the system to build and maintain a global geo IP database with known geo locations of IP addresses. The geo IP database may be utilized to request the geo location of a specific IP address, and if the geo location of the specific IP address is unknown the system attempts to acquire the geo location of the specific IP address using the IP address location discovery techniques.

Applied Technology Internet | Date: 2015-12-11

A method for enabling a consumer to remotely manage a media content subscription is described. The method includes transmitting, over a network from a computing device associated with a consumer, a request to set up an account. The request is received at a local point of presence having an address within the local media market in which a local media content provider is providing the media content subscription. The local point of present includes a storage device and a plurality of servers located within the local media market, with the plurality of servers being configured to execute computer programmed instructions to receive the request to set up the account and, in response, create a user profile and an account associated with the consumer. The method further includes transmitting, over the network from the computing device associated with the consumer, at least one of user profile information, account information, and subscription information, which is stored on the storage device of the local point of presence.

Applied Technology Internet | Date: 2015-09-23

An actor creates marketing offers in an offer and redemption system. On checkout at the merchant store or website, a customers payment method is tokenized and associated with a purchase transaction, the system produces a unique code on the receipt. A customer can create a unique profile ID and customer profile and associate past transactions associated with the tokenized payment method by entering a unique code off any receipt where that payment method was used in the transaction. An actor can utilize the system to create marketing offers based off of purchase behavior and attach those offers to a unique customer profile ID. Offers are associated with the unique profile ID and are delivered to the customer. Rewards can also be automatically redeemed when conditions of the offer are met. Customers may add multiple payment methods to the profile. Subsequent use of any of the payment methods in the profile will automatically associate qualifying purchase behavior, eligible offers, and reward redemption with the customers profile. The payment system interacts with the offer and redemption module or system to provide the offer and profile information to the customer, and to report and track offers and redemptions, providing a full circle, closed loop accounting for the merchant and other actors.

Applied Technology Internet | Date: 2015-10-29

A method and systems for information security threat identification, management, and analysis, including identifying and managing threats posed by senders of unsolicited e-mail, pirates, hackers, and virus-spreaders. Methods are provided for identifying and facilitating legal action against a sender of unsolicited e-mail. A secure evidence repository can be used for storing copies of and information regarding unsolicited e-mails in a forensically sound manner. A relational knowledge database can be used for storing copies of and information regarding unsolicited e-mails such that the information can be queried, manipulated, or analyzed.

Ion Beam Applications S.A., National Institute of Nuclear Physics, Italy and Applied Technology Internet | Date: 2015-08-24

The method of the invention comprises the steps of: providing a reference ion beamlet; determining in a phantom (

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