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Sunnyvale, CA, United States

Applied Micro Circuits Corporation is a fabless semiconductor company designing network and embedded Power Architecture , and server processor ARM , optical transport and storage solutions. Wikipedia.

Applied Micro Circuits | Date: 2014-01-24

Various embodiments provide for a system on a chip or a server on a chip that performs flow pinning, where packets or streams of packets are enqueued to specific queues, wherein each queue is associated with a respective core in a multiprocessor/multi-core system or server on a chip. With each stream of packets, or flow, assigned to a particular processor, the server on a chip can process and intake packets from multiple queues from multiple streams from the same single Ethernet interface in parallel. Each of the queues can issue interrupts to their assigned processors, allowing each of the processors to receive packets from their respective queues at the same time. Packet processing speed is therefore increased by receiving and processing packets in parallel for different streams.

Applied Micro Circuits | Date: 2014-03-13

Various aspects provide a high frequency voltage supply monitor capable of monitoring high frequency variations of the voltage supply inside a microelectronic circuit substantially in real time. The voltage supply monitor can comprise a differential amplifier circuit having a substantially constant gain over a wide bandwidth, allowing the supply voltage variations to be amplified according to a known gain under a wide range of conditions. The amplified signal can then be sent to an output port for monitoring and measurement by an external display device.

Systems and methods that facilitate multi-word atomic operation support for systems on chip are described. One method involves: receiving an instruction associated with a calling process, and determining a first memory width associated with execution of the instruction based on an operator of the instruction and a width of at least one operand of the instruction. The instruction can be associated with an atomic operation. In some embodiments, the instruction contains a message having a first field identifying the operator and a second field identifying the operand.

Various aspects provide for generating a timeout signal based on a clock counter associated with a data request. An interface component is configured for receiving a data request from a master device and forwarding the data request to a slave device. A timeout component is configured for maintaining a clock counter associated with the data request and generating a timeout signal in response to a determination that a threshold level associated with the clock counter is reached before receiving a data response associated with the data request from the slave device.

Applied Micro Circuits | Date: 2014-08-22

Cable systems and assemblies integrate a reduced number of twin axial cables to transmit and received in a full-duplex transmission signals at transmission speeds greater than or equal to one hundred Giga bytes per second. The reduced number of twin axial cables comprise four or less twin axial cables, in which each pair forms a single twin axial full-duplex cable for passive or active communication of the signals at multiple different transmission rates concurrently. A processor can be integrated with the twin axial cables and operate to encode the signals for fast transmission speeds at the different transmission rates.

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