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Siddangouda A.,Appa Institute of Engineering and Technology
Lubrication Science | Year: 2012

In this paper, the effect of surface roughness on the performance characteristic of porous inclined stepped composite bearings is studied. A generalised form of surface roughness is mathematically modelled by a stochastic random variable with non-zero mean, variance and skewness. The generalised average Reynolds-type equation is derived for the rough porous inclined stepped composite bearings with micropolar fluid. The closed-form expressions are obtained for the fluid film pressure, load-carrying capacity and frictional force. The results are presented for three different types of bearing system. The numerical computations of the results show that the negatively skewed surface roughness pattern increases fluid film pressure and load-carrying capacity and decreases the coefficient of friction, whereas adverse effects were found for the positively skewed surface roughness pattern. Further, the rough porous inclined stepped composite bearing provides the largest load-carrying capacity and the least coefficient of friction as compared with the porous plane slider and porous composite tapered concave bearings. Copyright © 2012 John Wiley & Sons, Ltd.

Mathapati B.S.,Appa Institute of Engineering and Technology
ICIME 2010 - 2010 2nd IEEE International Conference on Information Management and Engineering | Year: 2010

Extensive research has been done on reliable data forwarding in sensor networks. Existing protocols provide reliability at the cost of high energy consumption. In this paper, we propose to develop an Adaptive Energy Efficient Forwarding Protocol (AEEFP) with the aim of keeping the energy consumption low while achieving high reliability. In our proposed protocol, the data forwarding probability is adaptively determined based on the measured loss conditions. Since energy consumption is minimized, the network lifetime is maximized. Since the source rebroadcast the data, until the packet loss is minimized, high data reliability is achieved. By simulation results we show that the proposed protocol achieves high reliability while ensuring low energy consumption and overhead. © 2010 IEEE.

Siddangouda A.,Appa Institute of Engineering and Technology
Tribology in Industry | Year: 2015

In this paper, the theoretical study of squeeze film characteristics between porous parallel stepped plates with non-Newtonian micropolar fluid is presented. The lubricant in the film region and also in the porous is modeled as Eringen’s micropolar fluid. A non-Newtonian modified Reynolds equation is derived for porous parallel stepped plates and applied to obtain solution of squeeze film characteristics. Comparing with the classical Newtonian lubricant case, the influence non-Newtonian micropolar fluids are found to enhance the load carrying capacity and lengthen the approaching the time of porous parallel stepped plates. The load capacity decreases as the step height increases. © 2015 Published by Faculty of Engineering.

Naduvinamani N.B.,Gulbarga University | Siddangouda A.,Appa Institute of Engineering and Technology | Biradar S.N.,Cb College
Proceedings of the Institution of Mechanical Engineers, Part J: Journal of Engineering Tribology | Year: 2015

In this paper, a theoretical study of the combined effects of surface roughness and the variation of viscosity with pressure on the squeeze film lubrication between sphere and a flat plate is presented. Based on the Christensens stochastic theory for the hydrodynamic lubrication of rough surfaces, two types of one-dimensional surface roughness (radial and azimutal) patterns are considered. The generalized averaged Reynolds equation for Stokes couple stress fluids accounting for the pressure dependent viscosity is mathematically derived for the problem under consideration. The standard perturbation technique is used to solve the averaged nonlinear Reynolds equation and an approximate analytical solution for the fluid film mean pressure is obtained for the two types of one-dimensional roughness patterns. It is found that, the effects of couple stresses and pressure dependent viscosity variation are to improve the squeeze film characteristics. © Institution of Mechanical Engineers.

Jamkhandikar D.,NIMS University | Mytri V.D.,Appa Institute of Engineering and Technology
Proceedings - International Conference on Electronic Systems, Signal Processing, and Computing Technologies, ICESC 2014 | Year: 2014

World is emerging with trade practices in the global scenario. Trademarks today play a very critical and important role. Trademark registration and its evaluation for distinctiveness is becoming very tedious job for registration offices. Millions of trademarks had already registered and millions of applications are filed for trademarks registration. There are different techniques and approaches currently in use for distinctness check for trademarks. The proposed method is used for retrieval of trademarks and it uses the maxima of curvature zero crossing contours of Curvature Scale Space image (CSS) as a feature vector to represent the shapes of object boundary contours. The matching algorithm, which compares two sets of maxima and assigns matching value as a measure of similarity. The major advantage with CSS technique is that CSS representation of the image is robust with respect to noise, scale, and orientation changes of the image. Each retrieval takes a reasonable amount of computation time. The top most retrieved images by the system agree with that obtained by human perception. © 2014 IEEE.

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